Yuen Method Self-Corrections - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Yuen Method Cheatsheet. Paul Wong - Yuen Method - Home Study Course - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. The Yuen Method™ is a cutting edge energetic technique which blends logic and intuition with a dash of quantum physics to identify and instantly strengthen.

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So, you've heard about Yuen Method® and strong and weak and watched some videos or maybe downloadd the Delete Pain and Stress book. Experience Immediate Results and Improvements. When you claim your free wellness package, you'll gain instant access to. Dr. Yuen's exclusive 5 Part. Dr. Kam Yuen, DC. Engineering graduate of Manhattan College, NY, a Peace Corp Volunteer. Graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College, LA. A doctor for over.

The results are immediate But what keeps us from moving toward our goals resides where we are consciously unaware, in our bioenergetic field.

This healing technique bypasses the conscious identification process and locates and corrects the energetic causes so you can easily and effortlessly move forward. When weak energy signals in the body are identified and optimized, you can experience immediate relief from physical pain, emotional issues, unproductive behavior, and more.

Chronic and painful conditions that have resisted all other healing modalities respond well to the Yuen Method.

Its adjusted protocol approach makes healing even faster and deeper than with the Yuen Method alone. Energetic Connections Our bodies send off signals that can be read by others because we are all made up of energy and are all connected by energy. This could be compared to a TV remote control changing the volume on your TV.

The remote sends signals to the TV telling the "weak'" sound to increase. Energetic corrections optimizations are done non-invasively and non-touch so treatments can take place on the phone or online as well as in person.

The X points in the diagram. If you continue to receive healing treatments this forward circling continues until you're through the spiral.

At that time you should be free from your problem. The corrections optimizations I do are permanent.

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So, if you do experience a recurrence of your symptoms after a healing session it's because you're further along in the spiral. You've moved to the place where the symptoms show themselves again. An Example There can be any number of reason why symptoms show themselves. So, there can be multiple spirals for a symptom.

I'll give you a real life example. A person had a chronic but intermittent stuffy nose.

At first every time her nose got stuffy it was related to some spinal misalignment. This continued for 6 months, with healing sessions taking place when her nose got stuffy, about every weeks.

Following this, on her next occurrence of a stuffy nose her spine was fine, no corrections were needed there. This indicates that spiral is complete. What presented itself now was an issue of giving and receiving.

Yuen Method Self-Corrections

When that was corrected she breathed fully. So yo see, each spiral of issues needs to be addressed for you to be completely free from your symptom.

Turning the switches back on restores the balanced flow of energy and with it, health.

You can find it at www. Experiments in Quantum Physics have shown that certain particles can effect each other at great distances, with no apparent connection between them. Physical proximity is not required, since One can also send positive energies into future space-time events or past space-time events, since the intent and the energies exist outside the human construct we call time.

I have also attended Matrix Energetics. The Yuen Method has become a way of life for me. It is automatic for me to instantly go to my midline and check energy. I view every person and every experience is an opportunity to master my skills. What do you say to people who are very skeptical about natural healing methods?

I don't argue with them.

I show them. I have provided hundreds of free demos, have been on several tele summits, radio shows and now have my own radio show The Truth Is Funny every Wednesday morning. I let the results and testimonials speak for themselves!

Hm Are You a Human?

What is the hardest thing you deal with as far as treating others? What is the easiest? I have the easiest job in the world. Go to the mid-line, find the weakness delete and strengthen.

Follow the next weakness…. Sometimes it takes a client time to perceive the shift, however I always can so I have no doubt that shift happens.

There is nothing too big to shift and often the smallest incidents have the most profound effect on people. I have always had a gift of being able to see potential in people, places and situations. Most people have no idea of how truly beautiful they really are.

Speak from your heart! Do not apologize for thinking outside the box and being you! You deserve to be heard! How has the Yuen Method helped you specifically?

The Yuen Method has empowered me in every area of life…. My creativity has soared to new heights, I am in the process of painting a series of inter-galactic dragons to create an oracle, I have published my art work and articles and am in the process of writing a book sharing my experiences as an energy mover for the last decade.Pain is a sign that something is wrong with the flow of energy within your body. Since Chinese Energetics works at the quantum energy level, beyond the conscious or even the subconscious levels of the mind, the technique's efficiency is completely unaffected by either the practitioner's or the patient's belief or skepticism.

As human beings we are unique, multidimensional individuals. Back To Top Q: What exactly is meant by strong vs. What is the best way to get in touch with Dr.

Back To Top Q: Can there be any negative side effects or adverse reactions? I also met his very open and welcoming team.

What is Yuen Method

We also have many levels of consciousness. There is no doubt that changes in internal, mental energy can create visually measurable external, physical changes. This may surprise you, but we support strengthening weaknesses related to symptoms as the Yuen Method strengthens weaknesses completely holistically.