Death march kara hajimaru isekai Kyousoukyoku / Rhapsody in an PDF http:// Vol 2 PDF Death March is released by YP. YP does take their time to translate, yes i feel they are slow too. But part of the reason is also because they try to match their. Light Novel Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku by Hiro Ainana in epub and pdf.

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Welcome to the humble subreddit of the Death March series nanodesu~!. Nov 27, Sania Kingdom (4). Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Novel Ebooks: Epub and PDF Download Book Epub and PDF Direct. Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN), EPUB and PDF Download. Death Marching to the Parallel World Rhapsody • Desumachi • デスマーチから.

It's unrestricted in strange places. Continuing for a while, I finally found a different message log. A magic that does not exist in FFW. Summoning magic is only supposed to summon spirits or golems. Though the world part bugs me. It bothers me even for a dream. The [Level Up] messages continue on.

Since there's a time stamp, the order of message can't be wrong. In order it's [Skill Acquired] [Magic that belongs to the Skill Acquired] [Level up] In other words, this is the kind of RPG that does not let you automatically learn skill and magic as your level rise!

But it's alright, even if it's embarrassing inside a dream, let's continue the analysis. Even in this situation, my real body is properly taking a rest anyway! I close the log and decided to check the magic and skill tabs. It's troublesome to switch every time. Seems that [All Map Exploration] belongs to the Art category.

Are usable magic and skills registered? But I can't use it if I don't remember it anyway, this time the exclusive use of initial bonus seems to be an irregular pattern.

As a programmer I immediately deny the notion. My status has changed considerably. After all, my level has been raised to from 1. The limit in FFW should have been 50 at the time I went to sleep. Though we raised it to infinity when we ran stress tests for the server, so the memory from that time might've affected this dream.

Experience point is lined up to astronomical 9 digit number I don't feel like reading it. I want to have a comma splice for every three digits. Let's propose it for the next update.

FFW client stopped the value at 99 but there is no actual upper limit. During the time when we lift off level restriction the attribute value also rises accordingly In other word, the actual value might be higher here too? These were set to rise by a fixed 10 for each level. There are many approaches to reduce consumption by various skills. It's made this way since, according to the Planner, the adjustment is troublesome if we raise each one differently. In addition, availale skill points are also Did it decrease from the acquired skill earlier?

When I properly look at the skill column, both skills just now are greyed out.

Quick Look

Skill points become Easy to understand. When I try to tap on it again, [Maximum Level] message shows up. It seems that you can't meet the condition to use magic if you don't allocate points to the skill level. There are also many things added to title column. First [Monster Killer]. Yep, I understand this. Well, with this many dragons I can understand why such an impossible level-up to the range happened.

The map was dyed red before the attack earlier. Do you believe in god? There, the cause for god killer. I see, the meteor shower also killed the god. I see, I killed it Only 2 remain, god killing technique!! No no, why would I kill them? However, the log doesn't show damage so I don't know how powerful it was.

I guess there's no point questioning a dream. Since it's become easier to move, I raise my body.

What People Have Actually Read

I turned off the display icon for [Meteor Shower] in [Setting] since I don't want to become the enemy of humanity by carelessly clicking it. Oh right, I haven't used the the magic column yet. Now then, how do I use it.

I wonder if tapping it normally work. There is no particular change when I try to use [All Map Exploration]. MP become in the status.

Seems like it uses 10 MP. I added HP and MP to the basic indicator since it's annoying to check it every time. There's nothing reflected in the radar besides myself. It's nice that there's no enemy but mass killing like this is not funny. No, wait, it's normal for a game. Since there are no victims I guess it's okay?

I slowly tap on [Meteor Shower]. It feels like something is greatly pulling out my vigor. I saw my MP continue to decrease. It stopped after consuming exactly points. It didn't feel like this the first time I use it, guess it wasn't using my own magic power back then.

I look up at the sky. There's no meteorite yet.


Considering before, it should be soon. And then groups of meteorites tore apart the cloud. What the heck is that.

It's times bigger than the earlier meteorites. I instinctively run before thinking. Of course toward the opposite side of the drop zone. I run as fast as I can with the continuous huge meteorite impact sound in the background. As if running through water, the air resistance is too strong.

It normally feels sluggish when you run in dream, is it just me? I rolled over to the other side of a table-like small wall of rocks. Even though I said small, it's about meter in radius so it will do fine as a shield. A tsunami of dust sweeps apart just right after I went into the shelter. People-sized rock occasionally roll through the dust cloud, my spine becomes a bit cold.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (LN)

I wonder how long it will elapse. When the dust cloud settled I climb the rock wall to see at the fall. Since the slope is pretty steep I tried jumping over 50 cm height.

I fly 5 meter feeling like hearing such SFX. Landing on the ledge of a rock with slight panic. How convenient. Even in a dream, I have pretty high adaptability if I may say so myself. I can see the collapse of a mushroom cloud in the distance. Most likely, it's sediment that got caught up on the fall. This would create crop failure and health damage disaster if this was the real world, due to reduction of sunshine. The Start of Wandering Life! My character name is Satou, but I'm Suzuki.

Since the dream continued with no sign of it being over, I decided to look for human habitation. Thankfully at the edge of the wide map, there looks to be some kind of highway. Three days since then. I've been been walking day and night yet am still only halfway there.

Death march kara hajimaru isekai kyousoukyoku light novel pdf

It decreased about each day. If this was a game, I should be okay for 28 days, more but I'm at my limit already. I'm not sure if it's because of my stat or dream, but I don't feel tired. I did get sleepy but I endured it. Right now I'm walking, even if I run the stamina decrease rate isn't really different.

If I jump around the stamina decreases faster than running but honestly, it's still within margin of error. Then why am I walking now? That's because I'm free. You don't understand? At the start I was singing a one man karaoke while running.

Originally my repertoire is small. I ran out of song immediately. The surrounding scenery is magnificent but unfortunately it rarely changes. Then, I decided to read the long log. I'm not a text mania but since it's painful to silently walk an aimless road I began reading the log from the very first entry.

Of course, it's hard to read text while running, so the I began to walk.

Absorbed with reading the log, I forgot my original purpose of getting onto the highway. What's that? Mystery words pop out. Then the log continue with loot and level up record. Common gold and equipment.

Then various dragon materials like horns, fangs and scales. Up to this I can understand the quantity and quality of the loot, but in contrast the remaining ones are strange. Lizardmen and Dragonewts corpses are stored in the storage.

Is it for Necromancer's use? Author Topic: It has a light novel adaptation that a with illustrations by shri and another aa sleeve with illustrations by Aya Megumu. The light novel currently has 6 volumes, while the web is on the 14th as often happens, the physical volumes and online do not match in size, so the first printed volume equivalent to the first two on the web and the third the third party. There are discrepancies between the Web and Light Novel and new characters in the latter.

Synopsis Suzuki, an adult programmer, suddenly realizes that he is thrown into a different world while wearing a casual clothes at level 1. Earn high and treasures after using magic, a meteor shower. After that he intends to make tourism in the different world, save 3 girls beast races, beautiful sisters purple hair and black and an eccentric elf long hair blond girl with several people while traveling.

Although there are occasional fights with demons and demon lord, this is a fantasy story that comforts the heart. Vol 1 - 5 http: Vol 1 http: September 20, , Thank you. Thank you for this but is this light novel or web novel? I'm kinda confused.Fantasy-like money appears! Satou, an adult programmer, suddenly noticed that he was thrown into another world wearing casual clothes at level 1. Common gold and equipment.

A dramatic work that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone and that usually contains a happy resolution of the thematic conflict. This tag is used if main protagonist s learn skills just by coming in contact with them. MP consumption is 1.

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