Step-wise Procedure to be followed in DRT Proceedings. .. Q.3) Is the DRT having power under the RDDBFI Act, to adjudicate the. [Act, (51 of ) (hereinafter referred to as the Act)]; .. dated 25th. July, 7 Substituted for the words "where a Tribunal is located" by DRT (Procedure ). The Debt Recovery Tribunals (hereinafter referred to as the 'DRT') the Recovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 2.

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Recovery of Bank Due to Banks & Financial Institutions Act, (DRT. Act). Action under Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and. Chairperson, Presiding Officer and staff of Appellate. Tribunal and Tribunal to be public servants. Protection of action taken in good faith. Act to have. RELEVANT PORTIONS PERTAINING TO DRT/DRAT IN INTEREST ACT, (54 of ). An Act to regulate securitisation and reconstruction of financial.


For example, some systems calculate their productivity using total vehicle hours as the denominator and others use revenue hours.

Comparisons between DRT systems that use these different calculations for determining productivity are less meaningful since the measures are not measuring the same thing. Some of the differences in both terminology and calculation of measures have arisen over time, and some have come through common software applications and new calculations now possible with the powerful data capabilities of computer-assisted scheduling and dispatch systems that many DRT systems commonly use.

It is perhaps even more important to now establish com- monality of terms and definitions, as the use of software proliferates and opportunities created for yet new terms and calculation practices.

What one DRT system uses to compute a performance measure, miles, for example, may differ from another; the first system may use a figure based on odometer readings, while another calculates miles from pull-out in the morning to pull-in later in the day.

Which definition is the right one to use?

DRT performance measurement process. DRT systems that contract some service to taxi com- panies count the passenger trips provided by taxis, but not necessarily the revenue time, since taxi companies typically charge by mileage rather than time and may not report the time.

When the DRT system computes its productivity, the figure will be somewhat over- stated, as the taxi passenger trips are included, but the revenue time is not. If it does not also include the companions and Personal Care Attendants PCAs , its productivity will be somewhat understated. Second, DRT performance is affected by the type of riders it serves, its operating environment and other factors, some of which cannot be controlled. How can performance measurement account for such variables?

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A DRT system serving the general public in a small community has a different operating environment than does an ADA paratransit system serving a major metropolitan region, and the performance of the two systems will differ.

A DRT system that serves a large geographic area with a wide dispersion of ori- gins and destinations will have longer trip lengths than a system that serves a more compact service area with shorter trip lengths. Systems with longer trip lengths will not be able to serve as many passenger trips in a given amount of time, thus their productivity as measured by passenger trips per hour will be lower.

Third, goals and objectives for a DRT system may be contradictory, establishing a service dynamic where efforts to achieve one objective adversely affect achievement of another.

In a sim- ilar way, policies and procedures may also influence performance in contradictory ways. All of these will serve to undermine a tightly developed schedule and adversely impact on-time performance. However, depending on call volume and the number of call-takers, this may force call-takers to abbreviate some calls. To the extent that riders need more time on the phone to explain their trip needs or if they have special needs, the response time objective may work at cross purposes toward an objective of maximizing customer service.

Finally, DRT systems may also have policies, practices, or procedures that are contradictory.

If a DRT system routinely has its vehicles wait for longer periods of time at pick-up loca- tions, either because of the established wait time or because riders are slow in appearing for their trips, the travel times of other riders already on the vehicle will be adversely affected. Once a rider sched- ules her a. When this happens, the rider may be deemed a no-show, which then may require the DRT system to schedule another vehicle to go back and pick up the rider later.

Or the operator may be instructed to wait for the rider, typ- ically longer than the established wait time. In both cases, performance is negatively impacted. A DRT system may not be able to establish completely balanced and complementary objectives, policies, and procedures, given the nature of public transportation in general and DRT in specific.

Monetary limit for filing cases in DRT doubled to Rs 20 lakh

But clarity in establishing those objectives, policies, and procedures is important for effective performance measurement. If a DRT system strives to achieve a very high OTP percentage, for example, it should be clear that this will likely have a negative effect on productivity, other things being equal. Understanding the sometimes-conflicting nature of objectives, policies and procedures may help the DRT system focus on those most important areas or at least recognize that achievement in one performance area may hamper achievement in another.

This Guidebook can serve to help DRT managers and policy makers with that understanding.

Chapter 7 of the Guide- book includes information on the specific factors that influence DRT performance, identifying those that DRT systems can influence to improve performance. And, as any DRT manager knows, there are some factors that cannot be influenced, but rather should be recognized for their impact on ser- vice and performance.

Beyond helping with this understanding, a primary goal of the Guidebook is to provide a how-to resource for DRT performance measurement. What are the key data that should be used?

How are the data elements defined and what data are used for what measures? The Guidebook provides sample data from a wide range of DRT systems from around the country, providing reference points for DRT systems assessing their own performance.

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Addi- tionally, there is information gleaned from these sampled systems about actions and strategies to improve performance. Again, these data can serve as reference points for other DRT systems interested in similar types of actions that can be considered for improving performance. Remember the Big Picture Since the topic of DRT performance measurement necessarily involves such details as how to measure revenue hours, the mechanics of the process may sometimes overshadow the big picture.

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Acceptable file types include. To the extent that riders need more time on the phone to explain their trip needs or if they have special needs, the response time objective may work at cross purposes toward an objective of maximizing customer service.

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