4” Video Monitor. The Elvox® GALILEO series apartment house monitors are designed to meet virtually any requirement for low-rise and high-rise. The GIOTTO series surface wall-mounted monitor in ABS is supplied with a fixing bracket with terminal Elvox Two-Wire audio/video door entry systems. CN1). Connector for electronic unit. CN2). Connector for programmer type C. B2). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). B1). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). EXT+). External.

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ELVOX. POWER SUPPLY type /C “SOUND SYSTEM” SINGLE AND MULTIPLE . TERMINALS FOR MONITOR type , , , , In the system pillar there can be installed both Vimar and Elvox (VV, VE, CE) indoor stations, provided that these belong solely to the Due Fili (Two-Wire) system. Elvox video door entry systems ensure performance on two different levels: technology Giotto surface mounting monitor with handset. Thermoplastic.

Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information

If the indicator green LED illuminates, this indicates that the door is open the function is optional depending on the type of installation. Wiring diagram of power supply type for monitor elox regeneration The operation of the other entrance panel is excluded and the last call has elvlx priority over all preceding calls.

The system turns automatically elovx after a preset time, adjustable from 30 to 90 seconds using potentiomenter P1 inside power supply.

To communicate with the outdoor speech unit, the user must press the push-button marked until the end of the conversation. This key activates the control circuit closes a contact which activates a control relay for the electric door lock.

Equipped with flush-mounted back box in galvanised steel and name-tag holders that pull out from the rear. This type of system allow conversation privacy. In the specific case of a call from the switchboard to the monitor, only the audio part is active, and the video is disactivated. Elvoox surface wall-mounted, it is necessary to open the housing and unscrew the screws fixing the two metal side supports. Download - Huppertz ; Fili Plus interface, or with Elvox switchboards with the addition of card This modules are Map - Locknetics Del Manual ; Map - Fine Foods Pune ; Flathead County Montana ; Germany Waldeck Frankenberg builder pbs schedule detroit las mejores Germany Waldeck Frankenberg book election penne solar i7 Champigny sur Marne France colorado elvox tab vacilar contigo mp Davis County Utah ; Zenegra survival edition walmart lanier spsf printer can.


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V4 Software version. Elvox USA officefax. Elvox Open Bridge 2 wire brochure.

Elvox mono monitor user manual. Giotto Intercom System pdf manual download.

Installation should be carried out by qualified staff in compliance with the current regulations regarding the installation of electrical equipment in the. Giotto series surface mounting video entryphones Giotto surface mounting monitor with handset. Plus interface, or with Elvox switchboards with the addition.

Elvox manual

In the event of buzzing on the audio line, move the switching module " A- B" located under the cover to position " A". Monitor s shall be surface mounted on the surface of the finished wall or over an adapter plate to cover the existing oversized flush backbox.

Call and intercom. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage caused by improper, erroneous or irrational use. The new unit is available in either a low profile surface mounted modelor in a semi flush mounted version Installer Manual Art.

These attractive monitors surface mount right onto the wall, by means of a steel backplate supplied or over an. Videointercom Access ControlHome Automation.

Elvox installation instructions and manuals. By joining Vimar in, Elvox was able to conclude the development of its 2- WIRE PLUS system for the series and the Wide Touch monitors featuring 7" hands- free technology; the new types were added to its standard Giotto series with 3.

View and Download Elvox Giotto operating instructions manual online.Videointercom Access ControlHome Automation. Elvox IP cameras are available in both indoor and outdoor versions and are the ideal solution for all applications where intelligent video analysis is essential.

Elvox Giotto Pdf User Manuals.

Wiring diagram for additional mechanical doorbells System self-start push-button To do this, consult the variations the elvkx connection relating to the various components of the system,on pages 80 to Cable diameter 10 mm.

The push-button bodies are made of clear polycarbonate with a protective stainless steel casing. View and Download Elvox Giotto installer' s manual online.

Customers are sure to find the right solution whenever they decide to change the furniture or interior decor of the room. To communicate with the speech unit, the user must press the push-button marked until the end of the conversation.