In this introductory course to Excel, participants will explore Excel activities that Microsoft Excel , Microsoft Excel (Windows) .. PDF/XPS or Excel. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet applications that helps you To begin Microsoft Excel, Go to Applications > Microsoft Excel (Figure 1). that'll get you well on your way to 'Excel Guru Status' giving you not only the You can find more Microsoft Office training (including Excel, Word and Outlook.

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Excel is a spreadsheet program in the Microsoft Office system. You can class will focus on Microsoft Excel , but many of the topics are applicable to the. CFI's Excel Book is free and available for anyone to download as a pdf. Learn about the most important Excel shortcuts and functions to succeed in your career!. Description: Download Course Microsoft Excel Part 3 - Advanced Excel, PDF tutorial on 25 pages. Created: Size: KB.

Copy and Paste, 7.

How to use Paste Special, 8. Finishing your spreadsheet for this section, How to Add a Comment to a Cell, Review Number Two Processing: A Second Data Table, 3.

Learn Microsoft EXCEL tutorial database

Excel Scenarios, 4. Goal Seek, 5.

Absolute Cell References, 6. Create a Custom Name in Excel, 8. Excel Pivot Tables, 9. Pivot Tables, Part Two, Reference other Worksheets, Create a Business Invoice, Part One, The Average Function, 2. The Date Function, 3.

Time Functions in Excel, 4. A TimeTable Project, 5. Financial Functions, 6. The Student Averages Project Charts: How to Sort Data in Excel, 2. Then, move your mouse between two columns until you see the two-sided arrow and double-click.

Next, do the same for the rows. You will notice both columns and rows of the spreadsheet adjust to fit the data in your cells.

It will automatically adjust for the cell with the longest amount of data. Basic Formatting Excel offers a variety of ways to format your spreadsheets, from basic to advanced. Fonts, Shading, and Colors No matter what you decide to use Excel for, basic formatting of columns, rows, and cells can help you view your data easily. For instance, you may use the first row of a spreadsheet to insert headers.

Like in our example for a product sheet, you might use item number, product name, and price. To make that top row stand out better from a large amount of data beneath, you can format it easily.

Select the row and then apply your formatting using options on the Home tab.

Excel Book

Here, you may make the font bold, apply a fill shade, and color the font. Select the top row. Click the arrow next to the Fill Color and pick a color. Click the arrow next to the Font Color and pick a color.

Keep in mind that these instructions will apply to the entire first row. If you only have a few columns, you can follow the steps further above to only select certain cells in that row and apply the formatting to them alone.

Dates, Currency, and Decimals If you are creating a tracking spreadsheet, automatic formatting for dates, currency, and decimals is convenient. And you can apply each of these formatting rules in just a few clicks from the Home tab. Dates You may have a Date column on your spreadsheet for many reasons. When you enter the data, when you make a download, or when an item is due are all just examples. Select the column, row, or cell where you will enter the date.

Note that if you use the Long Date, which inserts words and numbers as shown below, you do not have to type it in manually. Method One Select the column, row, or cell where you will enter the currency. Under Number on your ribbon, click the arrow in the General Select Currency from the dropdown box. Method Two The second method allows you to choose the type of currency you would like.

Select the column, row, or cell where you will enter the currency. Under Number on your ribbon, click the arrow next to the Currency Select the type of currency you wish to apply. Whichever method you decide to use, any number that you enter into the applied columns, rows, or cells will automatically be formatted as that currency.

Decimals You can use the decimal formatting to adjust your currency or simple numbers. You can apply this formatting with these two steps. Select the column, row, or cell where you will enter the number. Under Number on your ribbon, click either the Increase Decimal or Decrease Decimal button depending on your current numbering format.

Additional Number Formats You will also notice under Number on your Home tab, many additional ways to format your numbers. As you progress with Excel, these may come in handy.

These options include times, fractions, percentages, and others. Plus, you can click the More number formats link at the bottom to see options like ZIP code, phone number, and custom choices.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

And if you are using Excel for a project like income and expenses or loan and debt management, you will appreciate the AutoSum feature. This uncomplicated formula tool can add, average, count numbers, or find the minimum or maximum for a column, row, or group of cells. By default, you should see the AutoSum button on your Home tab ribbon, all the way to the right.

You can also access it from the Formulas tab. If you just click the AutoSum button, it will automatically insert the sum function. But if you click the arrow for the button, you will see the other common formulas you can use mentioned above.

Say that you have a column of numbers you would like to add. First, click the cell where you would like the total to display.

Next, click the AutoSum button. Excel will automatically detect the numbers you want to add. SUM is the function. And C2:C7 are the cells that apply.

If this looks correct for you, just hit your Enter key.

Data Validation

The calculation will pop into the cell adding those numbers for you. The other options within AutoSum work similarly. Maybe you need to get the average of a group of cells.

First, click the cell where you want the average to display. Next, click the arrow for the AutoSum button. Again, Excel will automatically detect the numbers, highlight the cells, and provide the formula. Click the Enter key to insert the average. As we mentioned in the Basic Terms for Excel section, there are many formulas and functions that you can use. Some, like AutoSum, provide very simple and commonly-used calculations. Feel free to check them all out on the Formulas tab if you like to experiment.

And you will find a large variety of options both within Excel and on external sites. Drag Price to Values 3. Drag Company name to row labels No what happened to the pivot table? You can now analyze the data more easily.

Best Practices when working with Microsoft Excel

Try rearranging the fields in the pivotTable Field List and explore! You can also use dates or categories or whatever. Analyzing data is not that hard anymore! How to analyze trends? Link to a post on my website: Analyze trends using pivot tables If you change values in the table, the pivot tables does not automatically update the values.Moreover, all the material is free to download from this website.

CountIF, 4.

These resources provide a refresher on mathematics with plenty of real-world use cases:. Learning the basics of Excel is essential if you want a firm foundation for advanced functionality.

Microsoft Excel is used in all types of industries and professions.