DOWNLOADS. Stripping the Gurus: Sex, Violence, Abuse and Enlightenment ( zipped mobi; zipped epub). The original PDF from / is also still. Stripping the Gurus is superb—one of the best books of its kind I have ever read. The research is meticulous, the writing engaging, and the overall thesis. The inclusion of any particular individual in Stripping the Gurus is not meant to suggest or Web: ISBN (pdf).

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Stripping the Gurus by Geoffrey D. Falk, , is an important Stripping the Gurus abuse enlightenment ebook PDF e-book Archives. Published by Million Monkeys Press P.O. Box A Bloor St. W. Toronto, ON M5S 3C9 Web: ISBN (pdf). for downloading it from there; the download is very cheap Biology Questions and A.

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Stripping the Gurus: Sex, Violence, Abuse and -

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He said in an interview with John Wood of the Boston Globe: 'You see - here I want to be very frank - people come to me and ask me about this, and they say, "What's your opinion about a Perfect Master? Is there one, is there two?

Because perfectness is one, not two, not three So, there is one Perfect Master in this world. And because he is perfect, that's it.

He is perfect. You just can't divide perfect.

I think it's funny saying that; it's just as funny as saying that the car had tires on top, and car had tires on the bottom. That's just like saying there are two Perfect Masters.

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You are just dividing perfectness into two - you can't do that. There has to be one Perfect Master, because perfectness is infinite, you just can't divide it. It has to be one. He says all other "Masters" and "gurus" are weeds , preventing people from coming to the truth.

He claims he reveals an experience and not a set of beliefs or a religion.

Some gurus and their followers appear more attractive and inspiring than Prem Rawat and his students. Many have attracted far more followers.I am terribly scared of women..

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