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A splendid and sumptuous historical novel from the internationally bestselling author, Philippa Gregory, telling of the early life of Katherine of Aragon.I w. "I am Catalina, Princess of Spain, daughter of the two greatest monarchs the world has ever known and I will be Queen of England."Thus, bestselling author . A stunning new unabridged recording, available on audio download* A splendid and sumptuous historical novel from the internationally bestselling author.

Then, like her warrior mother, Katherine must take to the battlefield and save England when its old enemies the Scots come over the border and there is no one to stand against them but the new Queen. Atria Books Imprint: Touchstone Publication Date: Many of her works have been adapted for the screen including The Other Boleyn Girl.

Her mo We want your feedback! Click here. Subjects Fiction Romance Historical Fiction.

Fiction Romance Historical Fiction. Publication Details Publisher: Email Address: Article Id: The Constant Princess is a historical fiction novel by Philippa Gregory , published in The novel depicts a highly fictionalized version of the life of Catherine of Aragon and her rise to power in England.

Miscommunication and misinterpretation makes their marriage initially cold and hostile, but they secretly turn it into a passionate marriage. The two plan for when they become King and Queen of England, but Arthur succumbs to the sweating sickness.

On his deathbed, Arthur makes Catalina promise to keep the pretense that they did not love each other and deny they consummated their marriage so she can marry his brother, Prince Harry , and become queen so she can carry out their plans. A year later, Arthur's mother, Queen Elizabeth, dies and Henry, who desires Catalina, the dowager princess, proposes marriage, ignoring the political disadvantages of marrying her and the political advantages of marrying her off to Harry, as pointed out by his shrewd mother, Margaret Beaufort.

Catalina accepts despite her parents' refusal, but when she learns that Margaret will have all the power of a queen while Catalina herself will do nothing but bear children for Henry, she rejects him and persuades him to betroth her to Harry.

Henry betroths the two, but he and the rest of the Tudor women and courtiers begin to neglect and mistreat a poverty-stricken Catalina, who can barely afford to keep her own household under the pretense that Catalina cannot have an allowance from the crown until her parents pay for the other half of her dowry.

He prolongs her poverty for years by claiming Harry is still too young to marry her, and demands a fully paid dowry before he can let her marry Harry.

Catalina learns of rumors that Henry has set aside the betrothal years ago and will instead form an alliance with Catalina's sister's family, and when this rumor reaches her father's ears, he practically abandons Catalina in England when he commands the Spanish ambassador for the dowry's safe return but no mention of his daughter.

Catalina's luck changes when Henry dies suddenly of his sickness and Harry disregards his father's warning and marries Catalina.

During her pregnancy, Catalina and the English doctors are in denial about a miscarriage, and she desperately turns to a Moor doctor, whose religion her parents have taught her to loathe.

She begins to see the error in her judgement of them, and accepts that she has lost her baby. She returns to court and hears of a scandal regarding one of her ladies-in-waiting and the king's friend William Compton, but slowly realizes that it is just a cover-up for Harry, who has taken Anne Stafford as a mistress.

Because Anne came to Harry a true virgin, he begins to suspect Catalina's claims of not consummating with Arthur when her actions differ from Anne's, but she manages to fool him and they reconcile.

Catalina becomes the Spanish Ambassador and bridges Harry and her father to invade France together, and Harry leaves her regent while he is away. During his absence, the Scots declare war on England, and Catalina successfully leads the English army to victory.

She sends Harry the seal of the Scottish king as well as a cryptic message that she is pregnant once again.Hardcover editions: He was never sure of his wife, Elizabeth. It was not long in coming.

She poured the wine quickly and held it to him. Granada might look small compared with the conquests that Ferdinand and Isabella had made, but standing behind Granada was the greatest empire in the world—the empire of the Prophet, praise be his name. For the first time in her life, the little girl had some sense of the danger he had run— mortal danger, and for nothing but glory and to be featured in some song.