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All other info is unconfirmed/unknown; Alicization anime to be four cours . Edit 2 : Really late, I know, but the PDF is replaced with high quality. Sword Art Online Volume 15 - Alicization Invading (Volume 2).pdf / Chapters List Sword Art Online Volume 14 - Alicization Uniting (Volume 0).pdf · up. View Sword Art Online Volume 15 - Alicization from MATH at Al-Sirat Degree College. Chapter 14 Sword Art Online Light Novel 15Alicization.

She questioned what was there and whether it was worth attempting to reach, considering the option of ending everything by taking Kirito's life as well as her own.

Unsure of what to do, Alice began to weep. Part 2 Alice spent the entirety of the following day writing letters to Selka and Garitta, apologizing and saying goodbye.

Because Eldrie had learned of her cabin, she could no longer stay there as she feared that Bercouli, whom she could not refuse, would come in Eldrie's place to persuade her to help the Defense Army.

After deciding to let Amayori choose their next destination, they went to sleep once more. Woken by Kirito's weak shaking, Alice pondered what was causing Kirito's unease, until she heard cries from Amayori. Rushing outside to find flames rising in the west, she quickly deduced that Rulid Village was under attack by the Dark Territory.

Unsure of whether she was strong enough to fight the Dark Territory and save the villagers, Alice stood petrified until she saw Kirito attempting to reach the three swords hanging on the wall. Inspired by his action, Alice equipped her armor under an overcoat and pulled her Fragrant Olive Sword from the wall, after which, she leapt onto Amayori and headed for the village.

Upon reaching the village, Alice was shocked to see that there were countless people who had not fled. Without hesitation, she jumped down from her dragon, landed next to Village Chief Gasupht and the wealthy farmer Nigel Balbossa and ordered them to evacuate the remaining villagers. Upon learning that the men were under orders from the guard chief, Alice proclaimed that she was an Integrity Knight, as she tore her overcoat to reveal her armor, in order to revoke the guard chief's order and have the villagers flee.

While the villagers were escaping, Alice summoned Amayori and had her attack with a heat ray, killing more than twenty goblins before the dragon returned to the sky. Having resolved herself to fight for what she chooses to fight for instead of what she is told to, Alice ripped off the bandage over her right eye socket, now throbbing in pain, before her eye regrew.

Part 3 One week after the attack by the Dark Territory, much of the burnt-down Rulid Village had been reconstructed. Alice and Kirito rode on Amayori's back, flying away from Rulid Village towards the east. After Koujiro Rinko consoled Asuna, relieving the tension in the room, Lieutenant Nakanishi reported on the several injuries and the damage to the hull. When Seijirou concluded that sinking the Ocean Turtle was not the intention of the invaders, he prompted Higa Takeru for ideas on their identity.

The invaders as they had no markings on their uniforms, thus Takeru could only state that they were not Asian. As the topic changed to their escort ship, the Nagato, Nakanishi reported that their command had judged that the personnel on the Ocean Turtle were taken as hostages, thus the Nagato was ordered to stand ground. Thus, Seijirou deduced that the attackers had contacts within the high-ranking officials that outranked officers from the Self-Defence Forces.

Part 2 Meanwhile, inside the main control room beyond the pressure-resistant barrier doors sealing the Light Cube Cluster, Gabriel Miller halted a conflict between Vassago Casals and Critter , forcing the team to focus on ideas to reach the cluster. As the team worked on resolving the issue, Gabriel reflected on his plan to steal the light cube of Alice, the first true bottom-up Artificial Intelligence , as well as the Soul Translator technology as commissioned, yet take possession of it for himself while abandoning his team.

He would then feign a failure of the operation and secretly construct his own artificial world using the stolen technology. In addition to Alice, Gabriel intended to inhabit the new world with Fluctlights of people such as SAO Survivors, especially the Clearers, due to their exceptional compatibility with virtual worlds.

After a moment of such thoughts, Gabriel enquired on Critter's progress, only to learn that nothing could be done aside from taking a peek into the world.

Inhaling and exhaling deeply, Alice snapped open her eye like a breaking string. It was the opposite for Alice, whose body filled with tremendous power. A calm yet scorching blue flame. That was what she thought she had lost in the battle on the top floor of the Central Cathedral — the power that had allowed Kirito, Eugeo and Alice to revolt against the Highest Administrator of the Human World.

I command you all, scatter this formation immediately; the ones with weapons, lead the way to evacuate to the southern forest. There is no such Sacred Task in this village! As the thick fabric was removed, her golden armor and Fragrant Olive Sword instantly reflected the raging flames, shining with blinding light.

This was because, in this world, there were no humans who were able to impersonate Integrity Knights — that is, to deny the authority of the Axiom Church. The only people who could were Kirito and Alice, but even if she had escaped from the central capital to here, Alice had not give up her sword that confirmed her status as a knight.

Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 15

The noisy villagers immediately quieted down. The sounds of crossing swords on the northern defense line, and the screams of guards and goblins died down. This, is my true punishment. At the same time, it is — my true duty.

Nee-sama would never be a criminal. The ones with weapons, lead the way to the south gate!! Once you get out of the village, run to the forest south of the polders! But that was only for a moment. Immediately, the tough farmers protecting the boundary stood up together, and hurried the women, children and elderly inside the boundary to stand as well. This was the price of being granted power.

As Alice was committing that to memory, she pushed Selka on her back, prompting her to move beside Gasupht. Behind her, the villagers began to move as a whole. His eyes darted between the running villagers and his house that was about to be engulfed by flames. Deciding to leave him alone, Alice concentrated on the other villagers. Although she had finally gotten the villagers moving, there were about people. It would take time for everyone to leave the village, but the defense line was close to collapse, and the footsteps of the enemy were approaching from both east and west.

We should stay here and defend! I will stop them. How can you manage such a thing?! Ignoring him again, Alice spun and looked behind her: even though the line of villagers still extended back to the square, it was now a considerable distance from her. The gigantic dragon descended by splitting the sky dyed red with flames, and opened its mouth wide. From the depth of its throat, bluish white light flashed— Shuba! A blinding beam rushed out. From the west road, the beam of heat sliced through the central square in front of the standing Alice and the sitting Barbossa, cutting into the east road.

In a split second. Astonishing flames exploded in a straight line, releasing into the night sky. The goblins consumed by it were thrown into the air, shrieking. The dragon fire that instantly annihilated at least twenty invaders evaporated the water in the fountain at the center of the square; white steam permeated the surroundings.

Alice signaled for the passing Amayori to standby again, and checked behind her. Nygr Barbossa lay on the stone stab as though he was paralyzed; his eyes were about to burst out of their sockets. Showing up were the men of Rulid guards in leather-armor. The early retreat proved to be a correct decision, as the guards who numbered roughly ten had suffered wounds, but there seemed to be no heavy injuries.

Did I not tell them to stay here and defend?!


Jink blinked as though he just noticed her and looked her up and down several times. Why are you…? Are all of the guards here? Is there anyone you left behind? And yes, please take Barbossa-san with you as well. Where did the white Iums go—! Alice stared at the demihumans and gripped her sword handle with her right hand. The dragon could not repeatedly breathe fire.

Until Amayori could gather enough Thermal Elements again, Alice would have to face the main enemy force on her own. An Ium woman!! Kill and eat it!! So strong that existing can be considered a sin. Although the heavy impact traveled down her arm, there were no fractures of skin nor bone. She effortlessly gripped the blunt blade with her fingers and crushed it as though it were thin ice.

Glowing in golden yellow, the sword generated a wind that twisted the three goblins near it into its path and blew away the surrounding mist. Without even knowing what happened, four of the round yellow-eyed enemy soldiers were separated at the middle and landed on the ground. Alice stepped back to avoid the spray of blood and said to herself in her heart: — Highest Minister Administrator. You had been wrong after all.

You wanted to use such a method to control the power that was supposed to be distributed to everyone of the Human World. But power that is too unbalanced will corrupt and disturb the one using it and the ones around them. Even someone as yourself was consumed by overwhelming power and became something inhuman… With the Highest Administrator dead today, it was no longer possible to rectify that mistake.

Even so, she at least needed to use every last bit of this power for the people. Not as an Integrity Knight of the Axiom Church but a swordswoman who thought according to her own will and fought according to her own determination. As the two brave swordsmen had before. Maintaining her position to swing the sword all the way, Alice opened her left eye with determination. At the same time, the temporary defensive line that was constructed north of the square was completely destroyed.

The wide road was full of the main enemy force. Goblins that numbered more than fifty, and orcs that were numbered less but were covered in metal armor and clutching huge tridents. Seeing their yellow eyes that gave off bright and cold light, their screaming bodies that reeked of hatred and desire, the guards behind Jink and Nigel Barbossa let out moans of despair. If they were surrounded by such a tremendous number and attacked with spears from all directions, even a knight would not walk away with minor scratches.

What gave Alice her power was but a new realization. I will fight to protect my sister, to protect my parents, and to protect this world that Kirito and Eugeo wanted to protect. Alice clearly felt the self-doubt and powerlessness deep within her heart slowly evaporate in white light. That white light spread all around her body, all converging at her right eye that was covered with a black bandage, generating intense heat. But that was a pain she seemed to have felt before and made her feel slightly sad.

Alice grasped the bandage tied to her head and tore it off. She slowly opened the eye that had been closed for nearly half a year from that day. Red light radially flooded her black vision and became a flickering flame.

It created a double image with her left eye that captured the scene of endless burning homes, which dislocated and slowly disappeared— finally combining together. Alice looked with both eyes at the black fabric in her left hand.

This eyepatch that had been repeatedly washed and was slowly losing color was something Kirito had made by tearing a strip off of his own clothes. This piece of cloth that had protected the right eye that had been blown away along with the seal for several months, had reached the end of its Life; it began to slowly disappear from end to end as though it were melting in the air. Gazing at that ethereal yet beautiful sight, Alice realized it. In this half year, she had originally planned to protect and take care of Kirito, who had lost his right arm and spirit.

But the one protected was herself. I believe, from today on there will be all kind of confusion, frustration, and mistakes… but I will forge ahead. For you and for what I desire.

Her two eyes fixed ahead of her saw nearly a hundred Goblins and Orcs, screaming and shrieking as one, swarming into the square. Alice, who had to confront the enemy alone, felt not the slightest bit of fear in her heart. As long as I am here, the blood and massacre that you desire will not be realized!!

Now return through the cave from whence you came! Immediately after, the tall orc in the middle of the formation who seemed to be the generals, swung its axe and let out a savage roar. Even though it had not generated enough Thermal Elements to breathe out, but the mere sight of a flying dragon and a thunderous roar enough to scare the demihumans flew menacingly over their heads.

The troops, frightened by this, wavered even more than before. With a clear metallic sound, the golden blade split into countless small blades, dancing in the night sky as they reflected the fire. The first one to be engulfed in a mist of blood was the self-proclaimed Orc general. His entire body was permeated by several bursts of flowers, wasting his entire Life away in an instant; he fell back onto the ground with a trembling crash. The surrounding Orcs screamed endlessly and keeled over.

With another name of , it could split into hundreds of flower petals through the Armament Full Control Art, with each petal having enough power to go against a famous sword forged by a blacksmith. It was certainly not stoppable by crude cast-iron armor. The main invading force that had lost its general in an instant was significantly less enthusiastic. The advancing vanguard slowed immediately and stopped within 10 Mel of the entrance to the square. As the goblins at the very front were confused and unable to decide between desire and fear, Alice fiercely swung the sword hilt in her right hand.

Hundreds of flower petals flew into the air softly and formed a finely patterned wall between Alice and the enemy. Choose— will you march forward and surrender under a sea of blood, or will you turn around and run back to the Land of Darkness!

Alice put her hand to her forehead, watching the faraway wheat fields, besides which rose Rulid Village. A week had passed since the attack by the Forces of Darkness. Extending from the northern homes, almost one fifth of the village had burnt down, but the village chief decided for everyone to temporarily pause their Sacred Tasks and change to manual labor, so reconstruction was proceeding very quickly.

Unfortunately, twenty one villagers had lost their lives because they were too slow during evacuation; a funeral had been held at the Church three days ago. After Alice was invited to a ceremony, she immediately rode her dragon towards the Cave of the North to confirm.

Within its depths, at the part nearest to the Dark Territory, Alice found evidence that there had been a long-term camp there. The invaders could not have cleared the cave in one night. Apparently troops had been sent from the Dark Territory and then their pathway exploded behind them. When Integrity Knight Eldrie was checking that entrance, there were already goblins that had infiltrated the cave and began to clear the path.

Before, neither goblins nor orcs would have scheme such a plan so thoroughly. Just from this incident it could be determined that this time, the invasion from the Dark Side was not just a scouting mission like before.

Once Alice left the cave, she did not immediately collapse the cave, but temporarily blocked the stream flowing out of the center of what used to be the White Dragon Nest, flooding the entire cave. Lastly, she released numerous Cryogenic Elements that she had set up, and used ice instead of rock to seal the cave.

This way, if neither Alice nor a Thermal Element user of the same caliber could melt the ice, there would be no way anyone could pass through that cave again.

I always felt that he had been preoccupied since this morning. Father is… really happy that nee-sama has returned. I think, then, I can definitely say it. That day will definitely come. She raised her head and firmly wiped away her tears with the sleeve of her monastic robes. She had considering leaving Kirito at the village with Selka.

But Alice still decided to take him with her. On the night of the attack one week ago, Kirito had definitely wanted to take up his sword and enter the village. It was his nature to fight for others. Then, the only thing that could bring back his heart was probably the battle to protect the Human World.

If there is a change, even if she had to tie him to her back, she would protect him to the death. Alice tightly hugged Selka for the last time. Be careful… Definitely come back, Nee-sama.

Nodding deeply to her sister on the ground, she turned her eyes towards the faraway blue sky. Gently casting away the rope, the dragon ran with tremendous force in the wheat field, oblivious to the weight of the two people and three swords on its back. There will definitely be a day when she would return to this village. Even if she wasted away on the battlefield, her heart would remain the same.

Amayori rode the rising air current, twisting into the sky. The wide land and forests, with Rulid Village shining in their center, and the figure of Selka who was running and waving with all her might; she engraved them deeply into her eyes— Alice turned the head of the dragon towards the eastern sky.

Chapter Attack on the Ocean Turtle — July 1 Even the self-proclaimed super genius Higa Takeru was unable to predict all that had happened in the past two hours. But, the current situation could be called extremely startling, and could only be described as dumbfounding. Unexpectedly, a delicate young woman of roughly eighteen or nineteen used her thin right hand to seize and hoist up the collar of a man fifteen centimeters taller than herself.

The tasteless Hawaiian shirt was gripped so tightly it was nearly torn apart; heels of sandals floated in the air. The mansion he lived in was grand and there was no end to his playgrounds, but what the young Gabriel loved most was his fathers collection storage. His father, the owner and manager of Glowgen Securities, the predecessor of Glowgen Defense Systems, had the hobby of collecting insect specimens and countless glass cases lined the vast storage. Gabriel would seclude himself in there when he found time, viewing the multicolored insects with a magnifying glass in a hand and immersing himself in absentminded fantasies as he sat on the sofa in the middle of the room.

Curious, deep emotions assailed the young Gabriel at times when he was alone in that dim room with its high ceiling, surrounded by tens of thousands of mute insects. Sword Art Online Vol. In the grasslands of Africa, the deserts of the Middle East, the jungles of South America, they energetically made their nests and hunted for food.

However, they were caught by a harvester at some point, treated with chemicals, and exchanged hands numerous times through commerce before neatly arranged in these glass cases at the Millers. In other words, while this room was a collection room of insect specimens, it was also a gigantic cemetery filled with tens of thousands of massacred corpses Gabriel lowered his eyelids and imagined what would happen if the insects around suddenly came back to life.

Their six legs would desperately scrape the air, their haptic perception and wings quivering. The myriad buzzes overlapping and surging towards Gabriel as parched ripples. Buzz, buzz. His eyelids flashed open.

The legs of the green rhinoceros beetle fixed in the corner of the case before him seemed to move; he leapt off the sofa. He rushed over to the case, absorbed in the sight, but the insect was a lifeless specimen once more by the time he reached.

Its carapace, legs with sharp thorns growing over them, and compound eyes that resembled a miniscule mesh were emerald green and as glossy as metal. Gabriel pondered on exactly what once powered that delicate body, granting it mobility.

His father told him that insects lacked a brain like that of humans. He asked, how did they think then, and his father showed him a certain video. It captured praying mantises in the act of mating. The small male had held down the plump female from her back, their reproductive organs joined.

The female remained motionless for a moment, but then abruptly grasped the males upper body with her two scythes, crunched down on his head, and began feeding without any prior warning. The female then shook her scythes and fled at once, as fast as she could. Despite the complete lack of its head, the male praying mantis walked along the grass blade, up a branch, and mechanically continued its escape.

His father spoke while pointing at the clip. The nerves spread over the entire bodies of insects, including praying mantises, served a purpose similar to a brain. Hence, they could live for some time even after they lost their head which was no more than a sensory organ. Gabriel spent the several days after he watched that video wondering exactly where praying mantises had their souls then. If they could live on even with their heads eaten, losing all of their legs should be of no particular issue.

Then perhaps their abdomen? Or their chest? But even with their soft abdomen crushed or their chests pierced through by a pin, insects would continue struggling for a time, their legs squirming vigorously. If they did not die immediately no matter which part of their body they lost, could it be that the praying mantiss soul was faintly spread out through its entire body? Eight or nine years old then, Gabriel concluded so after numerous experiments conducted on the insects he caught around his home.

The soul, that mysterious power that moved these partially mechanical beings known as insects, stubbornly remained within them no matter which part of their body was demolished. But it would consider it a lost cause and surrender after a certain point, deserting its vessel.


Gabriel fervently desired to see that fleeing soul, and to capture it if possible. However, he couldnt even see that something slipping out from the insects bodies, let alone capture it, no matter how hard he stared into the magnifying glass, no matter how carefully he carried out his experiments. His modest wish showed no results even after spending much time and zeal in the secret laboratory he made deep in the dense forest behind his mansion.

The young Gabriel instinctively knew his wish would not be agreeable to his parents. That was why he made no further questions in a similar vein to his father 7 P a ge Sword Art Online Vol.

But his desires seemed to heighten with his attempts to keep them under wrap. Gabriel had a friend of the same age with whom he was on extremely good terms back then.

The girl was named Alicia Klingerman and the only daughter of the entrepreneurs living in the mansion erected on the adjacent plot of land. They attended the same elementary school and got along well, as did their families. She was shy and obedient, preferring to read books or watch videos at home than to play until muddy outside. Naturally, Gabriel hid his secret experiments from Alicia and spoke nothing of insects and souls.

Nevertheless, he couldnt stop thinking about it. Gabriels imagination pondered, time after time, where Alicias soul could be as he quietly peered into her face from the side while she smiled like an angel, absorbed in reading her novels.

Insects were different from humans. Humans could not live on without their heads. Thus, a humans soul should be in their head in their brain. But Gabriel had already learnt that brain damage did not lead directly to loss of life via the internet on his fathers computer.

There was a construction laborer who survived with a thick iron pipe piercing in from the chin and out the head; there was a doctor who tried to cure mental illness by ablating a portion of a patients brain.

So, was it somewhere in the brain? Gabriel wondered so as he looked at Alicias brow, fringed by her fluffy blonde hair. Alicias soul lay hidden beyond that smooth skin, beyond that hard skull, and beyond even those soft brain tissues. He would definitely end up marrying Alicia, or so the Gabriel childishly envisioned. Then he might get the chance to see Alicias soul with his own eyes one day. Words couldnt possibly describe how beautiful the soul of the angelic Alicia was. Half of Gabriels wish was granted, sooner than he ever expected.

The waves of recession swallowed even Pacific Palisades on the suburbs of Los Angeles. A great number of stately mansions were offered for sale and the number of high class automobiles driving down the streets visibly fell. It was fortunate Glowgen Securities had solid administration and managed to restrain the effects to a minimum, but the corporation managed by the neighbors, the Klingermans, fell under heavy debt as their investments were in real estate.

With their fortunes, including the mansion, gone by April the next year, they decided to depend on their kin who worked in agriculture and move to Kansas City far in the Midwest.

SAO - Volume 15 Alicization Invading

It saddened Gabriel. Intelligent beyond his years as a child aged ten, he understood he could not help Alicia as a ten-year-old child and could clearly imagine what severe circumstances she would face from now on. A mansion guarded by flawless security, a skilled cook to prepare each days meals, and a school filled with affluent white children; these privileges would vanish from Alicias life forever, replaced by poverty and manual labor.

And what Gabriel couldnt stand most, was how Alicias soul, which should have been his one day, would be hurt by some unknown person and lose its brilliance. So, he thought to kill her. On the day Alicia said her farewells at school, Gabriel invited her to the forest behind his home after she got off the school bus home.

Deftly dodging every security camera set up along the road and fences, he ensured no one was looking while he entered the forest and walked over fallen leaves to avoid leaving any tracks, guiding Alicia to his secret laboratory surrounded by thick scrubs. Utterly unaware of the countless insects that had died there, Alicia immediately returned the gesture when Gabriel wrapped his arms around her slender form.

Whispering that he would grant her that wish in his heart, Gabriel stuck his right hand into his shirt pocket and took out the tool he prepared in advance. What his father had used to deal with the insects: a four inch needle made from steel with a wooden grip. Gently inserting the sharp point into Alicias left ear, he first held her right ear with his left hand before penetrating through to its base without the slightest hesitation. Alicia blinked her two eyes, not comprehending what had happened, before her body underwent violent convulsions.

Her open blue eyes abruptly lost their focus seconds later, and Something like a small cloud, glittering brightly, appeared from the middle of Alicias smooth forehead. That drifted, airily, as it approached Gabriels brow and entered, just like that, without any resistance whatsoever.

The fine sunlight of that spring afternoon that had engulfed his surroundings disappeared. It seemed as though rays of white light had descended through the branches of those tall trees; he could hear even faint chimes. Tears poured from Gabriels eyes from the inexpressible exaltation. He was now looking upon Alicias soul that was not all, he could see even what Alicias soul could, that was what Gabriels instincts told him.

The small, glittering cloud passed through Gabriels head in several seconds that felt like an eternity and continued on its ascent, as though guided by the light from the skies, before vanishing at last. The spring sunshine and the chirps from small birds returned to his surroundings. Hugging onto Alicias body, with both its life and soul now absent, Gabriel pondered on whether that earlier experience was reality or a hallucination brought about by overwhelming stimulation.

And knew that no matter which it was, he would spend the rest of his life in pursuit of what he had just seen. Next, after a careful inspection of his own body, he pinched up two strands of blonde hair stuck on himself and tossed those into the hole as well.

The needle was washed clean before returned to his fathers toolbox. Not even the local polices earnest investigation found any clue to the Alicia Klingerman Disappearance Incident and the case eventually went cold.

Having awoken from his short and deep recollection, the twenty-eight years old Gabriel Miller took his sight off himself, reflected in the mirrored glass, and walked to his work desk by the wall in the west.

The moment he sat on reclining chair made in Norway, a phone icon lit up on the thirty inch display panel embedded on the desks glass surface. With a tap, it showed his female secretarys face while her voice flowed out.

COO Ferguson had requested for you to accompany him for dinner tomorrow. How shall I reply? Gabriel immediately replied and his usually collected secretary showed a somewhat troubled expression. As one among the over ten officers, Gabriel could hardly afford to turn down this invitation for a mealnormally.

However, his secretarys bewildered expression vanished before a second passed and her calm voice continued.

I will do as you say. He could guess at what Ferguson wanted. It must have been to stop Gabriel from participating in that particular operation he had already scheduled. That old fox must be wishing for him to nonchalantly set off to some dangerous place to earn a spot on the KIA list.

After all, Gabriel was the previous presidents own child and the majority shareholder. Of course, Gabriel himself was aware of how foolish it would be for an officer to participate in an operation where live bullets flew about. Even if he did have prior experience, a CTOs job was to plan out the entire operation from the safety of the main office without any need to expose himself to the dangers of the battlefield.

However, no matter the costs, he had to participate in this operation that had to be kept under complete and utter secrecy.

After all, it was an issue related to what Gabriel had staked his life to seek out ever since that day he saw Alicias soul. The operations client was not the Department of Defense regardless how they would benefit. The two NSA agents who visited this room a month ago managed to surprise Gabriel, who could hardly claim to be emotional, numerous times. Firstly, the operation was completely unlawful. After all, a combat team from Glowgen would board a navy submarine and launch an assault on a warship belonging to Japan, an allied nation.

There was no need to concern themselves over any fatal casualties of that ships crew either. And the objective of the operation was to steal a certain technology. Upon hearing the details, Gabriels voice leaked out slightly, overwhelmed by surpriseor perhaps delight.

It was fortunate the agents did not notice, however. Soul TransLation technology. A wondrous machine capable of deciphering humans souls developed by a small organization called Rath in the JDSF. Gabriel had held a strong interest in the full-dive technology born in Japan for some time now in his pursuit of souls.

He even obtained a set of the demonic device, the Nerve Gear, that should have been disposed of without a 12 P a g e Sword Art Online Vol.

Gabriel expected development on full-dive technology to wane due to the commotion caused by that death game. However, they had quietly continued their research and finally drew near the secrets of the human soul. The request from NSA felt like destiny to Gabriel. Glowgen DS might be one of the larger private military companies around, but that was all they were; they could hardly decline the NSA who now held even more power than the CIA in the first place.

The vote for the contract was passed with a lead of two in the emergency board meeting. To prevent information from leaking, it was decided that the combat team would consist of contract employees specializing in wet work with their own dark histories to cover up Gabriel volunteered himself as the operation commander.

Naturally, the fact that Gabriel was an officer in Glowgen was hidden from the combat team. Those people would likely betray the company at the drop of a hat if they knew, abducting Gabriel for a ransom. Gabriel had to go even with such risks.

The NSA agents mentioned. That Rath had succeeded in not just deciphering the human soul, but also cloning it through STL technology. That if that artificial soul given the codename A. He didnt care if disputes arose in the Far Eastor anywhere else in the world. But Gabriel was convinced the moment he heard the name Alice.

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He would make that his own. He would procure that small media storage device, known as the light cube, with that soul on board at all costs. A faint smile appeared on his lips without his notice. The name of the company established by Gabriels father, Glowgen, was coined together with the meaning of bringing forth light. It seemed his father had the light of happiness in mind, but what came to mind for Gabriel, his successor, was no other than that golden brilliance drifting out from the dying Alicias brow.

Bringing forth light. Or the soul, in other words. It was fate, all of it. Gabriel and the eleven in the combat team would fly to Guam a week later and invade Japanese waters on a nuclear submarine from a naval base there.

Before the operation began, they would switch to a small submarine onboard and carry out an assault on the objective, the giant ocean research mother ship, Ocean Turtle. They might occupy it without shedding blood, or with casualties resulting on either sideor perhaps both, even. Still, Gabriels beliefs were unshaken. He knew he would get his hands on Alice and the STL technology. He just needed a simple copy of the light cube and documents from the NSA. A little longer it was just a little longer.

He would grasp the true essence of the soul that eluded him despite his multiple experiments on other humans, since Alicia, in just a little longer. He would be able to see that beautiful, gleaming cloud once again. Your soul will be so sweet Gabriel whispered once more, this time in Japanese, and shut his eyelids.

The first he rode was an antique Barbel-class diesel vessel where the stench of oil and noise followed along no matter where one went in her stiflingly cramp space. In comparison, the Seawolf-class that cost more than any other submarine in the world was practically a Rolls-Royce.

Giuliani had showered the ship and her crew with love ever since he was appointed as her captain in Through tough training, the high yield strength steel hull, her S6W reactor, and the hundred and forty crew members were bonded like a single being, capable of swimming as she liked in any ocean as long as it had the depth.

Jimmy Carter was practically Giulianis daughter. It was a pity he had to step down from active duty soon, forced to either work on land or an early retirement, but the successor he recommended, the executive officer, Guthrie, would definitely command the ship brilliantly.

As though to disgrace Giulianis last years, a single, curiously perilous order was handed down a mere ten days ago. Jimmy Carter was a ship planned for support on special operations and possessed a variety of methods to cooperate with the SEALs. The midget submarine ASDS carried on its afterdeck was one among those. There were countless times she cruised deep in foreign waters with those from the SEALs aboard.

But the objective was always for keeping the peace of the states or the world and those men on board definitely felt the same sense of duty as Giulianis subordinates as they went into the jaws of death. However, as for that bunch who boarded from Guam two days ago Giuliani went to see the faces of his guests at the rear section only once, but that was enough for him to get on the verge of ordering his subordinates to kick them 15 P a g e Sword Art Online Vol.

The tens of men lay down on the floor without any sense of order, some blared noise from their headphones while others made merry, gambling over card games; not to mention the empty cans of beer scattered everywhere.

There were no proper seamen in that bunch. It was doubtful they were even from the military. There was only one who seemed to have some notion of courtesy, that tall commanding officer who apologized to Giuliani for their disturbance in order.

However, that man with those shockingly blue eyes While holding the right hand he offered and meeting his eyes, Giuliani tasted a sensation he had forgotten for a long time.

That was from, yes, long before he entered the navy. He was swimming in the ocean at Miami, his homeland, when a giant great white raced straight past his side.

He was fortunately unharmed, but Giuliani saw that sharks eyes right before him. Those eyes devoured all light like a bottomless pit. That same hollowness extended out deep within that mans eyes Captain, a reading from the bow sonar! The sudden noise from the sonar technician pulled Giuliani out from his thoughts.

Its the turbine from a reactor, were matching now it matches, its definitely the target mega-float. Fifteen miles.

Bringing his mind back, he quickly gave instructions from the combat command post, the captains seat. Right, keep this depth and drop her speed to fifteen knots. The order was echoed and he felt an instant of deceleration. Wheres that Aegis-equipped escort ship? Giuliani stared hard at the two light points shown on the large display in front.That was only natural.

Praises to its inventor, Akihiko Kayaba. Going down the long staircase from there, she went past the elders who continued chanting arts, and reached the grand staircase from where she headed straight towards her master in swordsmanship who she had left in the large bathtowards where Integrity Knight Commander Bercouli Synthesis One was. There was a construction laborer who survived with a thick iron pipe piercing in from the chin and out the head; there was a doctor who tried to cure mental illness by ablating a portion of a patients brain.

At the end of that discussion filled with utmost disorder, the knights chose to follow their commanders orders for the time being, thanks to Bercoulis popularity and ability, as well as perhaps the unbroken operation of the piety module. Gabriel resolved himself to spend the rest of his life in pursuit of that which he had just seen, even if it was merely a hallucination.

Alice tried to berate her with a poke to her forehead with her finger, but Selka nimbly dodged it and jumped into Alices bosom. Alice stared at the demihumans and gripped her sword handle with her right hand. It was fate, all of it.

Alice let out her voice to shake off that moment of contemplation and moved the wheelchair on, out from the front of the residence.