The Opal Deception (Artemis Fowl, Book Four) · Read more Eoin Colfer - Artemis Fowl 04 - The Opal Deception. Read more. After his last run-in with the fairies, Artemis Fowl had his mind wiped watched by his cunning old rival, Opal Koboi the evil pixie has spent the last year in a. Artemis Fowl Eoin Colfer. Books. Artemis Fowl. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf The Opal Deception. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf.

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Artemis Fowl · THE ARCTIC Incident · The Eternity Code · The Opal Deception · The Lost Colony · The Time Paradox · The Atlantis Complex · The Last Gaurdian . Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception Graphic Novel PDF/EPUb by Eoin Colfer. gt7fhndlidWR - Read and download Eoin Colfer's book Artemis Fowl: The Opal. Read Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next.

Artemis is rescued from the scene of the bio-bomb attack by Holly. She tells him who she is, in hopes to ignite his memory. He does not regain his memories of the past adventures but agrees to help her for a fee.

They are then recaptured by Koboi and thrown into a troll -infested abandoned fairy theme park known as the "Eleven Wonders of the Human World" containing scale-models not only of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World but also the additions of Abu Simbel , Borobodur , Rapa Nui and the Throne Hall at Persepolis. After a desperate battle against the troll hordes on a model of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, they are rescued by former criminal Mulch Diggums and Butler.

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Holly and Artemis become friends "bonded by trauma" and Artemis says he feels that he doesn't need money to help a friend.

Opal then proceeds with her plan to help renowned Italian billionaire environmentalist Giovanni Zito send a probe downward by mesmerising him that she is his pampered adopted daughter Belinda Zito, which, according to Koboi's plan, will cause the humans to find the fairies and start an inter-species war, leading to fairy genocide.

After being rescued, Mulch gives Artemis the disk that had been passed off as a gold medallion, which Butler was given earlier in the book. Artemis views the disk and regains his memories. He is overcome with the guilt of what he had done to the fairies but to Holly the most and for the first time, he apologizes for kidnapping her.

He realises that Holly, Butler, and Mulch were the only friends he had. Together, the four friends take on Opal Koboi, knowing that they are the only ones that know she's escaped. It becomes a more difficult task with the LEP on their tail, who still thinks Holly is the one who killed the Commander.

The new Commander refuses to believe anything, despite the fact that everyone knows Root was like a father to Holly. Afterwards, the story follows the struggle over the probe, which is closing in on the E7 chute.

The probe eventually misses the chute, and Koboi crashes into a woman's vine field. She uses her last bits of magic to mesmerize the woman that she is Belinda, her child. However, she is frustrated by Commander Root's replacement, Ark Sool , so she resigns and starts a private investigation firm with Mulch Diggums.

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Kindle Edition Verified download. Artemis Fowl II, in the debut book of this series, is the very definition of someone willing to do anything it takes even a little kidnapping and ransom-demanding for what is ultimately a good cause trying to save his mother.

One of my favorite things about this series is that Artemis, being a genius, has a very large vocabulary. The diction in this book is a lot more advanced and complex than many other middle grade books and I personally used it as a benchmark in my own writing for not talking down to a young audience which I find many, many middle grade and even young adult books do. Colfer has found that great sweet spot to challenge young readers without dismissing their capabilities.

That being said, the story is a simple one that is very easy and fun to follow. There are twists and turns and plans on top of plans. Sometimes they work and sometimes they fail. Colfer has created his own sub-society of magical fairy creatures that presents the underlying mystery and magic to the series. At the same time, Artemis is a regular well, as regular as a multi-millionaire genius pre-teen with a bit of an evil mastermind complex can be human kid who breaks open the mysteries of this underworld.

Artemis, due to his intelligence and resources, is way deeper and more complex than your typical middle grade hero. That alone is worth a read. Any violence is cartoonish in nature, for the most part.

There are no language or sexual content concerns either. As the series goes on, there are points that get a little darker, but never does Colfer waver from the PG family friendly nature of this first book. As an aside: I actually enjoyed this off-beat little book more than I had expected, considering it has taken me years to getting back to reading it.

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I originally bought it for a defunct e-reader connected to another store--and I never finished reading it. I started over at the beginning, since it had been so long since I first sat down with it. This is an interesting, quick read.

The pacing is pretty good. The story is quite funny and charming at times. I do wish there had been some formatting differences for the rather frequent point-of-view shifts. Sometimes there was no indicator, such as spacing, asterisks, a divider, etc.

There was a lot of "gross-out" content. I really grew a little weary of the dwarf and his flapped trousers For parents, there is a bit of light swearing consisting of mostly "damn" and "hell" and a few made-up and implied explicitive phrases.

Some may be concerned about the death of a rabbit at the hands of the flap-trousered dwarf. Overall, this was an entertaining read.

[PDF Download] Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception (Book 4) [PDF] Online

I will likely be "back" for book two, once I've cleared up some of my Kindle slush-pile. I don't regret re-downloading this in Kindle format, at least, it filled a few sessions of light reading for a few days.

A not nice boy. I made it a third of the way through this drivel before calling it quits.The book ends with Holly finding out that Mulch has recruited Doodah Day, and Artemis finds out that he is the brother of toddlers.

But they have not forgotten about him. The Trials of Apollo, Book One: To this end, I would like to focus on three major areas that the books foreground. Colfer b: Another instance of the disruption of self as a result of combining human and fairy is Opal Koboi. The Flash: Nancy Drew Koboi then kills Commander Root by using a 30 centimeter metal box packed with explosive gel and covered in stealth ore framing Captain Holly Short as the murderer by blocking the LEP camera and changing the video to Holly shooting her commander , and launches a bio-bomb at Artemis Fowl , which fails to kill him and his bodyguard Domovoi Butler because Butler jumps from the three-story hotel with Artemis.

Artemis Fowl was selected as the favorite Puffin Books title in which Colfer described as his "proudest professional moment.