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Book Folding Patterns

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MOM or MUM w/HEART Book Folding Pattern -- Folds ( numbered pages ) Digital download. Includes free How-To Guide with 3 free patterns. Check out our folded book pattern selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our craft supplies & tools shops. These are the links to my Folded Book posts Newly added: a set of BIG ALPHAS, if you want to fold a book with a single large plain letter. There is also a full set.

I think it may be easier! Alternatively you can fold to a point, as seen here , which may work better in some cases:.

Not something I have done more than a sample of, but see the post on Multi-line folding here. Newly added, a post full of hearts!

Book Folding Patterns

This post with some cute Baby images for folding. This post has a useful alphabet with instructions how to create your own words. This post has some templates you can print and use, including numbers. Critical for 10th 20th, 50th, etc and really it should have been there from the beginning. Sorry about that. And this post has?? This post has two alphabets — you can print the individual letters and assemble any word you like. This post has a new way that you can create a template.

Not tested by me, but feel free to have a go.

It also has another alphabet with the lines added, for creating a template using the original method. Pencil Metric ruler if you don't have one, foldedbookartpatterns. Folding tool for this try out pattern you can use your finger nails as well.

Heart-shaped art piece decorated with paper flowers and pearl beads – the perfect wedding gift!

If you're going to do more designs, a folding tool is recommended to create sharper creases and to save your finger nails. You can get one here.


We need our pattern to be in the middle of the book, so an equal amount of pages are surrounding the pattern. Select the last even numbered page in your book and divide this by 2.

You now have the number of sheets in your book. Subtract the number of sheets to be folded you can find this in the pattern from this number. For this try out pattern the number of sheets to be folded is You now have the starting page of the pattern.

If the number is even, please add 1 to it to make it an odd number. The starting page always needs to be an odd number. If your book has a last pagenumber of , we'll calculate the starting page as following: Take your ruler and line up the zero in the top left of the page.

Leave a little room between the edge of the page and the ruler to place the marks.

Start with the first mark of the pattern. Place a little mark on the exact place the pattern indicates. Look at the pattern and place the second mark.

If there are more marks needed to be placed on the page, place these as well on the exact place the pattern indicates. Page 1: If there are only two marks on the page, fold the pages in a 90 degrees angle like in the image. If you can't fold the page in a 90 degrees angle, please try to fold it as closely to 90 degrees as possible.

You can even create numbers! A clever gift idea for Harry Potter fans.

Inspire others to read with a simple, yet beautiful message A sweet paper flower This video tutorial explains the basic principles of book folding Create your own magical art pieces You can make longer, more elaborate messages, provided you choose a book with the right thickness A cute R2D2 book sculpture is sure to bring a smile to the face of any Star Wars fan! We love this gorgeous, perfectly symmetrical butterfly art!

Decorate your library with a beautiful, inspiring message Hearts remain one of the most popular decorative shapes.

Discover the Art of Book Folding with Our Selection of 85 Photos With Tutorials and Videos

Here is a great example of a folded book art that can be put to practical use Adorable paw prints — the perfect gift for a cat lover! You can order almost any pattern you like online… …or you can learn how to make them yourself! Quick and easy cat folded book art How about a cute hedgehog? Use your imagination to make this adorable hedgehog couple!These are the links to my Folded Book posts Newly added: Again, there are two possible options now: A clever gift idea for Harry Potter fans.

This one has the basic info about folding books with lined templates, including the original post I saw on the topic and YouTube videos that explain a different way to do it. I am starting to update my old pages of templates, with the words more s t r e t c h e d so they fold fatter. Folded Book Art Patterns. Simply browse and download the easiest patterns to make. This post has a useful alphabet with instructions how to create your own words.

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