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Name of the vocational subject under NSQF. Subject. CLASS (X). Code. ( 19). Dynamics Of Retailing. Information Technology. Security. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CLASS 10 (CODE ) TEXTBOOK () by Vikas . as per the latest CBSE syllabus of the vocational course Information. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (/). CLASS -X. Duration: 1 Hour Subject Code / Information Technology Marking Scheme Page # . BOOK. First Flight. Informatics Practices. NCERT. |. CLASS. CBSE.

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List any three word wrapping options available under Word Processing software. Write steps to insert shape in a word document. Yashika is preparing a Digital Presentation for her project. Give any three basic 3 guidelines to be followed while making a digital Presentation. Ankush has to present monthly report of his department to his managing 3 committee. Suggest him with appropriate tools to do the following in a digital presentation: i. To show statistical data pictorially for analysis.

Two ways to insert movie in his presentation. Which option he shall use to keep guided text used by presenter Define the following terms 3 a. Tuple b.

Foreign Key c. Answer any 3 questions out of the given 5 questions: Ananya uses Internet for her School Project. Suggest any five security measure to 5 ensure safety from online threats.

Explain the following terms : 5 i. Internet ii. LAN iii. Instant Messaging iv. Blog v. P2P Architecture Read the question paper carefully. Maximum marks is 50 marks. Which of these is not an input device? Which of the following combination of keys are used for copying a particular file in a folder? Which key is called toggle key? Spelling and grammar option is present in which tab? What do you mean by homophones? Give example of homophones using sentence.

What is the difference between internet and intranet? Every computer in Internet is identified by a unique IP address. IP Address is a unique set of numbers such as Intranet Intranet is the system in which multiple PCs are connected to each other.

PCs in intranet are not available to the world outside the intranet. OR Which of the two sets of words should be typed in search engines to get more appropriate results? Give reason. How to view and analyse your statistics, in rapid typing software? OR In rapid typing software, text area shows different coloured text as you type in the characters for the mistakes that occurred during the lesson.

Mention the colours used and what it indicates? How you can search a word in document using find option? What is the shortcut key to open replace dialog box. Ans: 1. Select the table. Under home tab I font group, Click on borders Drop down. Select Inside and outside borders. How you can add a new slide between slide 2 and 3 in a presentation? Place the curser on slide 3 2. Click on New slide Button, Under Home tab in slides group.

OR How you can move across the slides in slide show view and how you can exit the slide show view? Ans: you can move across the slides in slide show view by clicking the mouse Or by using arrow Keys. What are the components of email screen?

Write their use in composing an email. The recipients of the email can see all of the e-mail addressed to which the copies Bcc have been sent. The recipients of the email in To and Cc do not know that the same email has been sent to other e-mail address in Bcc.

What is URL? Briefly describe about different components of a URL. How many stages are involved in touch typing technique? Describe each stage.

Ans: Touch typing improves typing speed and accuracy. A touch typist never looks at the keyboard. The fingers hit the right keys by force of habit.

The typist is entirely focused on the text being typed, reading the words and phrases as the fingers type the text reflexively. Touch typing can be learned by performing special exercises.

Stage one of the process begins with learning the home row of the keyboard the row beginning with the Caps Lock key. Change the following sentences to the Future Continuous Tense. Shantanu helped me locate a good room.. The landlord charged me too much.. I was negotiating with him to lower the rent.. I also asked the landlord if he would provide me a cooler.. If not, I am downloading the cooler myself..

I am staying here till December.. Next year, I am moving to Mumbai.. I contacted my broker Vijay.. Vijay is searching for a two-room flat for me.

I reminded him that the flat should have a separate kitchen Choose what would be the appropriate way of saying no in each situation. Some situations may have more than one appropriate option. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate option s. Situation 1 Speaker 1: Can I borrow some money? Speaker Situation 2 Speaker 1: I am going to my aunt s house.

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Would you like to come? Situation 3 Speaker 1: There is a party at my place on Friday. You have to come. But I can t come as I have a prior engagement.

But, no! I am not coming. I will not be able to make it. But thanks for the invitation. Situation 4 Speaker 1: It is quite late now. Why don t you stay at our place tonight?

However, I can t stay. But I really have to get back home. But I can t stay at your place tonight. Situation 5 Speaker 1: Would you like to join us for a drink? But I will have to say no.

I can t join you. Not now. Fill in the blanks using the correct preposition given in the bracket: 1.

Comdex Information Technology, Class 9th

They invited me their party, but I had refuse to, for 2. They said they will meet 3 sharp. But I have to meet my grandparents Monday.

So, I said no. They were a little disappointed me. But I haven t met my grandparents a long time. I haven t seen them last July.

Fill in the blanks using the correct preposition given in the bracket: with against for from by on at 1. Vikrant keeps borrowing money me. The next time he asks me, I will say, I am sorry, Vikrant. I can t lend you anymore. My friends wanted to share a drink me. But I refused saying Thanks the offer. My boss makes me get tea him every day. So, yesterday, I finally said I am sorry, Sir.

I have got work to finish. At that moment, I really did not care if it would have any effect my job. My grandfather wants me to get up at 4 every morning and jog for an hour. I had to politely refuse saying, Great idea! I will try that some day. Thank you. Leena asked Rajul to do her homework again.

It seems Rajul replied, I am not going to do whatever you ask me to. And now, they are not talking each other. The opposition candidate wanted the people to vote the ruling party, but they shouted him and told him to go back. Though it was raining hard yesterday, my tutor wanted me to download a book the market. I said, I am sorry, Sir. But the weather is really bad. Can I download the book tomorrow?

Complainant: I lost. Policeman: Where? Complainant: I was traveling from to. Policeman: Which train was it? Policeman: When was the journey taken? Policeman: What time approximately? Policeman: Where was your seat? Policeman: Please describe the phone. Complainant: It is a. The color is. Policeman: Okay. Choose the correct quantifier from the given choices and fill in the blank: 1. I lost books when I stayed at the hostel several, much 2.

Hema asked students if they had seen her new leather wallet some, a little 3. The warden confirmed that thefts had occurred in the hostel, so she had every room checked a few, any 18 P a g e 19 4. Finally, of the lost items were found in Hema s room she had nerve to pretend that her wallet too had been stolen!

Fill in the blanks with the correct quantifier from the options given below: 1. I was having fun with my family at the airport until I realized that two of my bags were missing. The black bag contained valuable things that I had bought for my sister s wedding. It contained a diamond pendant, gold bangles, a diamond ring, etc. It also had silver jewelry. The brown bag had important documents such as my passport, pan card, driving license, etc. The bag also contained clothes, silver coins, and a silver key.

Though the black bag contained expensive items, its loss does not bother me as much as the loss of the brown bag does. It is more important to find the brown bag because it contains important documents. I do not have hope of getting back my bag. Still, I am going to lodge an FIR at the police station. I will also post an advertisement about my bag in the Lost and Found section of newspapers. Fill the blanks with how you would express your appreciation in the given situations.

You can use the phrases and sentences you learnt earlier. Situation 1: You want to download a book but do not have enough money. Your friend lends it to you.. Situation 2: Your junior at work used to perform badly.

Lately, his performance has improved.. Situation 3: It is Mother s Day and you have bought a card for your mother. You want to write a line showing your appreciation.. Situation 4: Your younger brother has come top of his class.. Situation 5: You are organizing a campaign for the adoption of stray dogs. Fill in the blanks using the correct option given in the bracket: 1. You did me a favor great, large 2.

I am so that you won! You are looking tonight wonderful, brilliant 4. You did a thing by helping that poor boy. We thank you for being so kind, gentle 6. That was a performance!

Your generosity is appreciated by many, much 8. You are doing your job well very, vary. Choose the right word from the bracket to fill in the blanks: 1. Rama presented the show really well. I think she is very arrogant, confident. Sheela is very patient, lenient while talking to clients. She tries to understand them.

I wonder how Nilanjana can be so relaxed, lazy before any team meeting. Priya is extremely dignified, grand , and that makes her the team favorite. I like the fact that Ram is inquiring, nosy , that way he gets his doubts cleared. Raj spends his money with a lot of care, like a miser , so he has no major debts. It was because of Ram s hard work, overwork that we got a new deal.

Raj uses old-fashioned, outdated ways to solve problems because he feels that it always works. Ravi is always up-to-date, modern with his work.. She has done her job well. I have a file here. They have been upset. You have won the competition. The man has a lot to say. Change the verbs in brackets to Present Perfect Tense and fill in the blanks: Two examples are given below. I have driven a car.

She has driven a car. A: Hello! May I speak to Ms Kavya, please? B: Kavya leave the office. May I take a message? A: Well, our company plan a camp at Siri Fort this Saturday. Would she be interested in attending it? B: Sure!

In fact, I would also be interested. We attend such camps before. We found them useful. A: That s good. Can you give me your name and contact number as well?

B: My name is Manisha and my contact number is Some of my other friends volunteer at such camps before. Would you like 21 P a g e 22 me to ask them to come along? A: That s great! You can ask them to call me on the same number if they need more information in this regard. B: Ok. I will tell Kavya you called. Come to the shop 5 p. Finish the homework 15 minutes. Turn this fan.

IT Curriculum (IX & X New Format)

Walk a straight line. Get a kilo of sugar the grocery. Stand that chair and see if you can reach the shelf. Take these vegetables the kitchen. Do not smoke this area. Do not honk unnecessarily traffic signals. Do not stand the glass door.

The manager has given a new set of instructions the staff on office attendance. As per the school rules, students will not be allowed to enter the school gates am.

Tell the gate keeper to make sure that cigarettes or other tobacco products are not sold the school building. Get me a cup of coffee and a sandwich the shop across the street. You cannot park your car anywhere this building for security reasons.

Park your car the parking lot behind that mall.

NCERT CBSE Skill Subjects, Vocational Syllabus Free PDF Download

The shop is not far; it is just the road. Because the canteen owner allows them to smoke. They should smoke somewhere else as it harms non-smokers too. So the problem is with him! Then why at the canteen? Too many people at our college smoke in the canteen. Actually, they don t smoke anywhere else because of the signs. That s true. Who else? Let us write a letter stating our formal complaint and drop it in the Complaint Box. Why should they make us unhealthy too?

To the Principal? But how do we make them stop smoking at the canteen? I think we should lodge a complaint against him.

Hmmm those No Smoking signboards at the gate are not helping much. What do we do? A: Too many people at our college smoke in the canteen. B: That s true. An example is given below to help you understand this tense. Simple Past Tense: I did my homework. Past Perfect Tense: I had done my homework. Rahul lose cell phone on his way to Delhi from Lucknow. He travel in the first class of the Lucknow Shatabdi.

He had no idea how to get his cell phone back. He knew he had to lodge an FIR first. He knew he would have to go to the police station but he was not 63 sure if he would go. He hear stories of how taking the help of the police took a lot of time and effort.. Then he remembered what his friend tell him. If his phone was used for some bad purposes, 24 P a g e 25 he would have to take responsibility for it. So, Rahul decided it was better to go and deal with the police than end up in some problem later on.

I drop a complaint in the complaint-box about the lazy watchman as many people complain against him. Shilpa file an FIR as soon as she found out about the theft. We protest against the use of animal fur in fashion. They object to the use of animal fur in fashion. The italicized sentences have jumbled words.

You need to rearrange the words in order to make meaningful sentences. B: Hello! JobBazaar this Consultancy is? A: Yes. What can I do for you? A: Okay. A: Could you tell me what kind of a job you are looking for? B: I am a high-school English teacher. Looking for am I for a vacancy job same the post.. You would have to consult our agent for jobs in education.

B: do that I do how?. A: You would have to come to our office with your resume. An appointment you like would now to make?. B: Sure. Monday at 11 a. Question 8. What do you mean by DBMS? CBSE Answer: It is a collection of programs that enables users to create, maintain database and control all the access to the database. It is a computer based record keeping system. DBMS is a software package that manages database, e. DBMS is actually a tool that is used to perform any kind of operation on data in database.

Question 9. Relational databases are powerful, so they require few assumptions about how data is related or how, it will be extracted from the database. Question A table named School containing data of students of the whole school is created, where each record consists of several fields including AdmissionNo Admission Number , RollNo Roll Number , Name. Which field out of these three should be set as the primary key and why?

CBSE Answer: AdmissionNo should be set as primary key because admission numbers are unique for each and every students of the school, which is not possible in the case with RollNo and Name. What is the utility of primary key in database? Write distinct features of primary keys. It can be a column or a set of columns in the table. Main features of primary key are as follows: It must contain a unique value for each record of table.

It does not contain null values. Discuss the components of a database. Answer: A database consists of several components. Each component plays an important role in the database system environment. The major components of database are as follows: Data It is raw numbers, characters or facts represented by value.

Most of the organisations generate, store and process large amount of data. The data acts as a bridge between the hardware and the software. Data may be of different types such as User data, Metadata and Application Metadata. Software It is a set of programs that lies between the stored data and the users of database. It is used to control and manage the overall computerised database. Hardware It is the physical aspect of computer, telecommunication and database, which consists of the secondary storage devices such as magnetic disks, optical discs etc.

Users It is the person, who needs information from the database to carry out its primary business responsibilities. The various types of users which can access the database system are as follows: Database Administrator DBA A person, who is responsible for managing or establishing policies for the maintenance and handling the overall database management system is called DBA. Application Programmers The people, who write application programs in programming languages to interact and manipulate the database are called application programmers.

End-user A person, who interacts with the database system to perform different operations on the database like inserting, deleting etc. Question 2. Define database management system.Simple Past Tense: I did my homework. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

How to view and analyse your statistics, in rapid typing software? Reported speech or indirect speech is used to tell what people say or think. Policeman: Where? Smita even 6. Both of us go to the market to download vegetables for dinner.

Sarthak: Yes, Ma am. We came out of the mall and had to go to a dhaba. Provides basic knowledge about the sector and the entry level jobs suitable for that sector.