marie kondo spark joy an illustrated master Tidying books and papers Tidying komono 25 . Any mystery cords that remain should be recycled guilt- free. Book Notes – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo . electronics came in, health craze products, free novelty goods, small change. ( Put that. Our editor tested the Marie Kondo book and took away 8 game-changing are much later), so as soon as I found a free afternoon, that's exactly what I did.

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Discover ideas about Marie Kondo. April Gift guide for your favourite homebody: The life-changing magic of tidying up book by Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo is a tidying expert, star of the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and founder of KonMari Media, Inc. The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo Page 1 From the http ://

Start off slowly and discard just one item a day — What lovely words to ease the hearts of those who lack confidence in their ability to tidy. What happens when your storage is overloaded? Then you're faced with a bigger task. Get rid of all of the un-essential before you can start truly tidying. Daily tidying occurs, well, daily. This could be anything from a mug to a book to a jumper.

8 Lessons Our Editor Learned from the Decluttering Bible

Daily tidying will never be eliminated. The idea of her book is to encourage her readers to action a tidying spree as soon as possible, to get it done so you can live a clutter-free life. But Kondo stresses the importance of NOT putting things away until you have completely finished discarding everything you do not need.

Reason being, if you start putting things away in drawers etc, then you immediately get distracted from the task at hand; discarding, and often find yourself putting things away that should really be discarded. If not, dispose of it.

This is not only the simplest but also the most accurate yardstick by which to judge. Before you finalise what you are discarding and what you are keeping, gather all items that are part of the same category together and assess them.

Kondo suggests you lay them all out on the floor and analyse whether you are keeping to much or discarding to little. Lay each item of clothing onto the floor, pick them up one by one and identify if the clothing sparks any joy within you.

You can go a step further and categorise your clothing into tops, pants, jackets etc. Examine these one subcategory at a time until you are left with only the essential pieces that truly spark joy.

Continue this approach with all of the categories within your home. What about the whole family? To get rid of what you no longer need is neither wasteful nor shameful. Can you truthfully say that you treasure something buried so deeply in a closet or drawer that you have forgotten its existence? Kondo suggests that you begin with clothing, then books, papers, miscellaneous and your final task will be items with sentimental value.

By approaching the task in this order, you will find the process more streamlined and easy. By starting with clothing, the easiest possession to part with, you will get into the groove before you reach the sentimental items, the category that most people struggle with the most.

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Hopefully, by the time you reach the hardest category, you will have practiced your decision-making skills, and be feeling good about the de-cluttering. Ensure that you physically look at and handle each individual piece. Do not downgrade your clothes.

Even in your own home, you should only wear clothing that makes you happy. Learn how to fold your clothing to fit into the appropriate storage.

When using drawers, you can store things standing up rather than laid flat. Arranging your clothes in order is essential. On the left, hang your heavier clothes, anything long or heavy such as a coat, and anything dark coloured.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo [BOOK SUMMARY & PDF]

Then towards the right, start hanging items that decrease in length, weight and lighten in colour. To the right, you should find things like chiffon blouses, or lightweight short sleeved shirts. Fold your socks and stockings, pair them up and neatly arrange them in your drawer.

Store them standing up, like your clothes, so that you can see each pair of socks at a glance.

Try to avoid categories that are seasonal, e. Simply put them all together in the heavy-to-light arrangement.

8 Lessons Our Editor Learned from the Decluttering Bible

Now books… As with clothing, take all of your books out of cupboards and off their bookshelves and arrange them on the floor. Ask yourself whether each individual book brings you any joy? The intention was there but you never followed through.

Keep your book collection small, and have it contain only books that have bought you informative information, or significant books. What Does KonMari Mean?

What Does KonMari Mean?

What is a KonMari Checklist? Our printable KonMari Checklist helps you take the ideas from the book and puts them in a practical, easy to use format. Simple start at category 1 clothing , cross off each item as you declutter, and move down the list in order. Finish each section completely and you will be amazed at the transformation of both your home and life! For example, if you are decluttering towels get ALL the towels from each and every room and throw into one big pile.

Make sure you follow the exact order below. It goes from easy to more intense. Tacking the easy parts will prepare you for the harder ones. Discard intensely and completely. Do not hold back.

Let go of your items until it feels right. You should be able to look at the area and feel joy and peace. Store each category all together. For example, store all batteries together.

Store all lightbulbs together.Ask yourself whether each individual book brings you any joy? He had a big messy workshop with every sort of tool imaginable. Jessica Page says: The dresser install, using a few shoeboxes. August 23, at 3: Um, its called bloggers being beholden to brands for money to support their blog, in exchange for plugging products.