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Munajat-e-Maqbool: Du'a (supplication) is the essence of worship. It is the weapon of the believer. With it we can never fail; without it we can never succeed. A beautiful collection of Munajaat and Durood-o-Salaam “Qurubat Ind-Allah wa Salawat-ur-Rasool” (قربات عند اللہ وصلوات الرسول) a selection. Read Online Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Download Version 1 [32] Version 2 [ 23] Version 3 [12] ENGLISH TRANSLATION.

Neither do You have partners who issue orders with You nor did we have a god. Nor did anyone assist You in creating us whereby we could consider him to be Your partner. You ate blessed and You are exalted. We therefore ask You - there is none worthy of worship beside You - that You forgive me. You created my soul and You will cause it to die.

Its death and 'life is therefore only for You. If You cause it to live, protect it with the protection whereby You protect Your righteous servants.

If You cause it to die, forgive it and have mercy on it. Assist me with knowledge, embellish me with forbearance, dignify me with piety, and beautify me with peace. Let not a time engulf me and let not these people experience a time wherein a learned person ['lilim] is not followed, and wherein a person of dignity is not respected. Their hearts will be the hearts of non-Arabs and their tongues will be the tongues of Arabs.

I am taking from You a promise which You must never go back on. I am only a human. Therefore, whichever Muslim I harm, I abuse, I strike or Munajat-e-Maqbul 72 Munajat-e-Maqbu] 75 The fourth manzil- Tuesday I curse; then make this in his favour a [source of] mercy, purity, and a means of gaining proximity to You, o Allah! I seek refuge in You from leprosy, dissension, hypocrisy, evil characteristics, and from the evil which You are aware of.

I seek refuge in Allah from the condition of the irunates of hell, from hell itself, from speech and actions which would take a person closer to hell, and from the evil over which.

You have complete control. Safeguard my private part [from shameful things] and make easy for me all my matters. Give me my book of deeds in my right hand. Engulf me in Your. Keep firm my feet on the day when feet shall slip. Make us those who attain salvation. Open the locks of our hearts through Your remembrance, complete upon us Your favour, perfect upon us Y our grace and make us from among Your righteous servants.

Give me the best of that which You give to Your righteous servants. Keep me alive as a Muslim and let me die as a Muslim.

Punish the unbelievers, cast terror into their hearts, cause friction amongst them and send " down upon them Your chastisement and Your punishment. Punish the unbelievers, the people of the Book, and the polytheists who reject Your verses, who reject Your messengers, who prevent others from Your path, who transgress Your limits and who call upon other deities with You..

There is none worthy of worship but You. You are exalted and far beyond that which the wrongdoers claim. Forgive me and all the believing men and women, and all the Muslim men and women.

Reform them, cause unity' among them and join their hearts. Instill iman and wisdom in their hearts. Keep them steadfast on the religion of Your Messenger ss, enable them to be grateful for Your bounty which You bestowed upon them, to fulfil Your promise which You took from them, and give them victory over Your enemies and their enemies.

Munajat e Maqbool

You are exalted. There is none worthy of worship except You. Forgive me. Have mercy on me. Pardon me. Be kind towards me. Enable me ,to be grateful for Your bounty which You bestowed upon me and give me the: And save me from evils. Rim whom Y01J. You have certainly been merciful to him. And this is the supreme triumph. For You alone is all praise. For You alone is all gratitude. To You alone belongs the entire kingdom. You alone b longs the entire creation. In Your control alone is all goodness.

To You alone every matter returns. I ask you for goodness, all of it; and 1 seek refuge in. You from all evils, In the name of Allah, apart from whom there is no deity. Remove all worry and sorrow from me..

It is with Your praise that I move about, and [ confess my sins. My Lord. The Lord of Ibnlhi: I ask You through the right which beggars have over You, for beggars have a right over You, that whichever male or female servant's - be they on earth or at sea - supplication You accepted or whom You have made of those whose supplications are readily accepted, that You include us in their good supplications which they make to VOU, and that you include them in the good supplications which we make to You, that You give us peace and them as well, that You accept from us and from them, that You overlook [our faults] and theirs.

For surely we believed in that which You revealed and we followed the Messenger. Include us, then, among those who testify. Bestow upon Muhammad: Munajat-e-Maqbut 82 ,.

Give me guidance from Yourself, confer upon me Your grace, perfect upon me Your mercy and send down upon me Your blessings. Forgive me, have mercy on me, and accept my repentance for You alone are the acceptor of repentance, the merciful.

I ask You strength for good deeds like that of those who are guided, actions like that of 'those who havre conviction, sincerity like that of the repentant; determination like that of the patient ones, endeavour like that of the fearful [those who, fear Allah]" aspiration like that 'Of the yearning ones, worship like that of the pious; cognition like that of the knowledgeable - until I meet You.

And I ask You for good expectations. CJf -?! The creator of light [Allah] is pure. Do not destroy us suddenly, do not take us to task all of a sudden, nor make us heedless of any right or advice. Change the desolateness in my grave with cheerfulness.

Have mercy onme through the glorious Qur'an and make it a guide for me, a source of light, a guidance and a mercy. Make me remember thereof that which J have forgotten, teach me thereof that whichI am ignorant about, enable me to recite it by day and night, and make it an intercessor for me, 0' Sustainer of the worlds! I am your servant, the son of your male servant and the son of your female servant. I am always within Your grasp.

I move about within Your grasp. I believe in meeting You. I have conviction in Your promise. You ordered me; yet I disobeyed You. You prohibited me, yet I carried out [the prohibited act]. This is the place for the one seeking refuge from the fire through You. You are pure. I have wronged myself. Forgive me, then, because none can forgive sins but You. To You alone belongs all praise and to You are all complaints lodged. From You alone is help sought and You alone are worthy of being sought for help.

There is no way of saving [oneself] from sin and there is no power to worship [ Allah] except through Allah. I seek refuge through Your pleasure from Your displeasure, and through Your forgiveness from Your punishment. I seek Your refuge from Y ou.

I am unable to praise You. We seek Your refuge in You from slipping or from causing someone else to slip, from leading someone astray, from oppressing someone or being oppressed, from acting ignorantly or allowing someone to act ignorantly towards us, that I go astray or am caused to go astray.

You have the sole. I seek Your protection just as You protect a small child, 0 Allah! I seek refuge in You from the evil of two blind things, i. Munajat-e-MaqbuI 88 , J. I ask You through Your name whereby Your throne is stable. I ask You through Your clean and pure name which is revealed in Your Book from You, and through Your name which You placed on the day, so it became' illuminated, and on the night, so' it became dark.

Do not make us fearless of Your secret planning, and do not make us neglectful of Your remembrance. Do not expose us nor make us' of the heedless.

I ask You for the hastening of Your kindness, the repulsing of Your punishment, and leaving this world towards Your mercy. All hopes have been cut off but from You.

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Give me salvation from the situation in which I am, and help me against that in which I find myself through Your pure self and , through the right which Muhammad. Guard me through Your eye which never sleeps, einbrace me with Your strength from which no one can be separated, have mercy on me through the power.

You alone are my hope. Many a favour You bestowed upon me for which my gratitude to You was very little. Go- f j. And 0 the one upon whose calamity my patience ,was very little, yet did not abandon me, 0 the one , who saw me committing sins, yet did not disgrace me. It is only through Your power that I advance against the enemies and tyrants. Assist me in my religion through this world and in my hereafter through piety.

Protect all those things of mine which are hidden from me. And do not let me rely upon myself in those things which are before me. Give me that which does not cause.

I ask You for immediate expanse, beautiful patience, abundant sustenance, and peace from all calamities. I ask You for total peace and I ask You for eternal peace.

There is no way of turning away from sins and no ability to worship except through Allah, the high, the' great. Make my Internal better than my external. And make my external good as well. I ask You for the good of that which You give. Make it such that they are neither astray nor do they lead others astray. Make us of Your chosen servants - whose faces and limbs will be effulgent, who shall be Your honoured guests. I ask You for a soul.


You alone are worthy of praise - a praise which is continuous with Your. You alone are worthy of praise - a praise which has no end without Your will. You alone are worthy of praise, the proclaimer of which desires nothing but Your pleasure.

You alone are worthy of praise at the time of every blink, of the eye and at the time of every breath. Keep me, steadfast so that I do not slip and guide me so that I do not go astray. Bestow upon us Your grace and do not deprive us of Your sustenance. Bless us in the sustenance which You provided us and make us rich. Make me of those who placed his trust in You, so You sufficed him; who sought guidarice from You, so Y eu guided' him; who sought Your help, so You helped him.

Turn the whisperings of my heart into Your fear.

I ask You for' the completion of Your bdunty in all things and to express gratitude over them until Y ouare pleased. And after being pleased, select for me all those things which are normally selected. Orr ". All praise to You in Your trials and tribulations with Your creation.

All praise to You in Your trials and tribulations with the members of our household. All praise to You in Your trials and tribulations specifically with our lives. All praise to You for having guided us. All praise to You for having honoured us. All praise to You for having concealed [our faults]. All praise. All praise to You for the family and wealth [You bestowed upon us].

All praise to You for having overlooked [our, faults J.

All praise to You till You are pleased. All praise to You when You become pleased. Give me the ability [to do] that which You love and are pleased with, be it a word, an acf;, a deed, an intention or a method [way]. I seek refuge in You from a deceptive friend: When he sees any good [in me], he conceals it.

And when he sees any evil [in me], he exposes it. I seek refuge in You from intense poverty and extreme need. I seek refuge in You from Satan and his army.


I seek refuge in You from the trials of women. I seek refuge in You that You turn away from me on the day of resurrection. I seek refuge in You from every act which would disgrace me. I seek refuge in You from every companion who would harm me. I seek refuge in You from every hope which would cause me to become heedless [of You]. I seek refuge in You from every poverty which would cause me to become forgetful [of You].

I seek refuge iri You from affluence which would cause me to exceed the bounds [of the Shari'ah], 0 Allah! I beg of You like the begging of the one who is afflicted, who is in need.

Like the begging of the one who is in a calamitous predicament. I beg of You through the' knots of honour in Your throne, through the keys of mercy in Your book, through the eight names that are written on the hom of the sun - that You.

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Munajat -e- Maqbool By Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanvi (r.a)

Physetopoda tschernovi Lelej, sp. Add to Wishlist. Now, both Munajat-i-Maqbol and Ziyarat-ul-Wusool have been published together in order to make it easy for the readers to complete its reading in a week's time. Since long our friends, accomplices, and esteemed readers had been requesting for the online availability of the compilation.

Therefore, with the blessings of Allah, the online edition of Munajat-e-Maqbool and this compilation of Durood Shareef has been prepared in a very beautiful and modern layout. In this edition, the facility of jumping to a particular page from the contents page itself has been made possible.

Also, one can go through the translation of Durood Shareef by clicking on their respective numbers, and clicking on the translation number will display the text of the particular Durood Shareef on the screen. Our friends and esteemed readers had since long been earnestly requesting for digital availability of this collection, which has now been prepared in a beautiful and latest fashion app.

In this app: We bow in gratitude before Allah for granting us the ability of making this collection widespread through the platform of shaheedeislam.I ask You for unexpected good and I seek refuge in You from unexpected harm.

To You alone belongs the entire kingdom. Best guide for Muslim to resolves their issues by Islamic ways. You are pure. I seek refuge in You from having doubts in the truth after having conviction in it. Ummedose fayla hay - daaman teri chokhat par, Jaaye na kabhi khaali - Mawla teri chokhat par ….. Share this:. Foote karam hay mere, uj'ri hui hay dunya, Kehdo kusoor kya hay This is the place for the one seeking refuge from the fire through You.

Through Your bounty, make ,.