Effect of 72 Shaolin Arts on Breath QI and Blood XUE. 72 Kinds of the .. Fortunately, I met a lot of practiced people experienced in Kung Fu, a lot of . Sword of Bai Yuan”, “72 Kinds of Martial Art” and “Secrets of Intuitive Gong Fu”. kaz-news.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File of 72 Arts of Shaolin and 72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple. 25 Effect of 72 Shaolin Arts on Breath Ql and Blood XUE. .. Monks of the Shaolin Monastery mastered combat Gong Fu to perfection, it was known to the So, many secrets of the Shaolin Martial Art that was not revealed before became .

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72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple (Chinese Kung-Fu Series) [ Wu Jiaming, Yang Yinrong, Rou Gang] on kaz-news.info *FREE* shipping on. Shaolin Kung Fu: Introduction Into the True Methods of the Fisticuff Art of The 72 Shaolin Secret Arts are methods of preparing the body and the mind for action . It is commonly said that there are 72 arts of Shaolin Kungfu. regarded as the First Patriarch of the Shaoin arts, to the Shaolin monks at the Shaolin Monastery.

In all practices of the Seventy-two Arts at first the basic theory is studied and only then exercises are done.

At first those who practice the arts train the softness of their sinews and bones and try to make agile all their joints and articulations. Then they set into motion the main breath zongli, strengthen the internal organs fu, improve blood state, consolidate body strength, control the cinnabar field and concentrate energy in it, overcome their desires and requirements.

Shaolin kung fu training

The strength spreads on the four extremities and the hundred joints and articulations, now a fighter is in command of unlimited power and he can move off one thousand jins. Your arm weighing only ten jins can move a thing weighing ten thousand jins with a stroke. Your arms are a head, your legs are a tail. Everything is permeated with a single movement, the body moves like a dragon.

Teachers said: "Shaolin exercises develop forces of the whole human organism, all joints and bones; you are capable of striking with all parts of your body. If you acquire pugilism, you can use eighteen types of weapon.

Madhuri Dixit

If you resort to all ruses of pugilism, you can fight against ten thousand fighters. For the first time in English! The trainee fill a canvas bag with one or a few kilogram of iron sand or iron chips, or another hard sand-like material. He put this bag on a bench, a short wall, or on a hard ground and deliver successive blows with the palm and the back of his hands at it.

He may also use the lower edge of his hands. The blows should 11 be light at first and become heavy gradually.

After training during day, good results are reached, but complete mastership take one or a couple of year. After that, he is expected to be able to break several brick or stone with his hands. The trainee deliver forceful stabbing blows with his fingertips, with the four finger straight and close together, at hard objects, like walls, tables, benches, trees, etc.


After a long time, he is expected to be able to make small dents in wooden objects. If he can make a hole in a wooden object, the first stage is over. Then he will do the exercise on a stone as before.

With time, after many blow, he is expected to make a deep dent on the stone. It develop the locking force of the fingers.

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The trainee knock a number of nail with length of about 10 cm into a thick wooden board or a tree. He grab a nail with the fingers and try to pull it out. The grab can be done with 2 finger, the thumb and the index finger, or with 3, 4, or all the 5 finger.

If he can pull out the nails, he have reached the first level of mastership. Then, he pour salt water on the nails to become rusty and then train as before. At the highest level of mastership, he is expected to be able to pull out the rusty nails.

The trainee dig a long pole rooted into the ground. He kick and push the pole with both his legs in succession everyday. This is painful, but the pain gradually disappear after a half a year.

After a year, the legs become powerful. Then, instead, he will proceed by kicking a bigger thing, like a sheer rock or a small wall, weighing kg. This is painful again, but pain disappear over time.As Chandramukhi, she is simply stunning, lending passion, fire and gentleness with such consummate ease that watching her perform is sheer delight.

It is not certain when the concept of 72 arts of Shaolin was first used, but I believe it was probably during the Ming Dynasty 14th to 17th century , which was relatively late as Shaolin Kungfu started about the 6th century during the Sui Dynasty.

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