Boston McGraw-Hill/Irwin - McGraw-Hill/Irwin series operations and decision sciences. - Fifth edition. [Matching item] Applied statistics in business and economics / David P. Doane, Oakland University, Lori E. Seward, University of Colorado. A PowerPoint Presentation Package to Accompany. Applied Statistics in Business &. Economics, 5th edition. David P. Doane and Lori E. Seward. Prepared by. Applied Statistics in Business & David P. Doane and Lori E. Seward. Prepared LO List reasons for a business student to study statistics.

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Download [PDF] Applied Statistics in Business and Economics By - David Doane *Full Pages* . Author: David Doane. Pages: pages. Applied Statistics in Business and Economics, 5th Edition by David Doane and Lori Seward () Preview the textbook, download or get a FREE. Find all the study resources for Applied Statistics in Business and Economics by David P. Doane; Lori Welte Seward.

D55 The inclusion of a website does not indicate an endorsement by the authors or McGraw-Hill Education, and McGraw-Hill Education does not guarantee the accuracy of the information presented at these sites. Doane David P. His research and teaching interests include applied statistics, forecasting, and statistical education.

He is corecipient of three National Science Foundation grants to develop software to teach statistics and to create a computer classroom. He has consulted with government, health care organizations, and local firms.

He has published articles in many academic journals and is the co-author of Visual Statistics McGraw-Hill, , Lori E. Seward Lori E. After several years work- ing as a reliability and quality engineer in the paper and automotive industries, she earned her PhD from Virginia Tech and joined the faculty at The Leeds School in She has been the coordinator of the undergraduate core business statistics course and currently teaches the core MBA statistics course.

She is also responsible for coordinating the undergraduate program in Operations Management. Her teaching interests focus on developing pedagogy that uses technology to create a collaborative learning environment in large undergraduate and MBA statistics courses.

Her most recent article, co-authored with David Doane, was published in the Journal of Statistics Education To Robert Hamilton Doane-Solomon David To all my students who challenged me to make statistics relevant to their lives.

I realized then that I had better try to understand some of this stuff. With over 50 years of teaching statistics between the two of us, we feel we have something to offer. Seeing how students have changed as the new century unfolds has required us to adapt and seek out better ways of instruction.

The number of words on 50 randomly chosen textbook pages would be cross-sectional data. A Likert scale with an even number of scale points between "Strongly Agree" and "Strongly Disagree" is intended to prevent "neutral" choices. Private statistical databases e. True False Multiple Choice Questions An investment firm rates bonds for AardCo Inc. Nominal B. Ordinal C. Interval D. Ratio Which variable is least likely to be regarded as ratio data?

Length of time required for a randomly chosen vehicle to cross a toll bridge minutes B. Weight of a randomly chosen student pounds C. Number of fatalities in a randomly chosen traffic disaster persons D.

Student's evaluation of a professor's teaching Likert scale Which of the following is numerical data? Your gender B.

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The brand of cell phone you own C. Whether you have an American Express card D. The fuel economy MPG of your car Measurements from a sample are called: A. Quantitative variables use which two levels of measurement? Ordinal and ratio B.

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Interval and ordinal C. Nominal and ordinal D.

Interval and ratio Using a sample to make generalizations about an aspect of a population is called: A. Which is least likely to be regarded as a ratio variable? A critic's rating of a restaurant on a 1 to 4 scale B. Automobile exhaust emission of nitrogen dioxide milligrams per mile C. Number of customer complaints per day at a cable TV company office D.


Cost of an site download Which should not be regarded as a continuous random variable? Tonnage carried by a randomly chosen oil tanker at sea B. Wind velocity at 7 o'clock this morning C. Number of personal fouls by the Miami Heat in a game D. Length of time to play a Wimbledon tennis match Which of the following is not true?

Categorical data have values that are described by words rather than numbers. The number of checks processed at a bank in a day is categorical data. Numerical data can be either discrete or continuous. Which of the following is true? The duration minutes of a flight from Boston to Minneapolis is ratio data.

The number of Nobel Prize-winning faculty at Oxnard University is continuous data. The number of regional warehouses owned by Jankord Industries is ordinal data. Which statement is correct?

Judgment sampling is preferred to systematic sampling. Sampling without replacement introduces bias in our estimates of parameters. Cluster sampling is useful when strata characteristics are unknown.

Focus groups usually work best without a moderator. A Likert scale: A. Which is most nearly correct regarding sampling error? It can be eliminated by increasing the sample size.

It cannot be eliminated by any statistical sampling method. It can be eliminated by utilizing systematic random sampling. Which statement is false?

Random dialing phone surveys have low response and are poorly targeted. Selection bias means that many respondents dislike the interviewer. Simple random sampling requires a list of the population. Web surveys are economical but suffer from nonresponse bias. Judgment sampling is sometimes preferred over random sampling, for example, when: A.

An advantage of convenience samples is that: A. Before deciding whether to assess heavy fines against noisy airlines, which sampling method would the Federal Aviation Administration probably use to measure the peak noise from departing jets as measured by a ground-level observer at a point one mile from the end of the departure runway? Radio survey of pilots.

Simple random sample. Judgment sample. Stratified sample. Professor Hardtack chose a sample of 7 students from his statistics class of 35 students by picking every student who was wearing red that day. Which kind of sample is this? Simple random sample B. Judgment sample C. Systematic sample D. Convenience sample Thirty work orders are selected from a filing cabinet containing work order folders by choosing every 15th folder.

Which sampling method is this? Systematic sample C. Stratified sample D. Cluster sample Which of the following is not a likely reason for sampling? The destructive nature of certain tests B. The physical impossibility of checking all the items in the population C.

Prohibitive cost of studying the entire population D. The expense of obtaining random numbers Comparing a census of a large population to a sample drawn from it, we expect that the: A.

A stratified sample is sometimes recommended when: A. A random sample is one in which the: A. An advantage of convenience samples over random samples is that: A. Which is an advantage of this type of sampling, as opposed to other sampling methods? It is less intrusive on customers' privacy.

It does not require random numbers. It gives faster results. It can give more accurate results. An accounting professor wishing to know how many MBA students would take a summer elective in international accounting did a survey of the class she was teaching.

Cluster sample C. A binary variable also called a dichotomous variable or dummy variable has: A. A population has groups that have a small amount of variation within them, but large variation among or between the groups themselves.

The proper sampling technique is: A. A manager chose two people from his team of eight to give an oral presentation because she felt they were representative of the whole team's views. What sampling technique did she use in choosing these two people? Convenience B.

Simple random C. Judgment D. Cluster Sampling bias can best be reduced by: A.

Applied Statistics Business Economics by David Doane Lori Seward

A sampling technique used when groups are defined by their geographical location is: A. A problem with nonrandom sampling is that: A. From its 32 regions, the FAA selects 6 regions, and then randomly audits 25 departing commercial flights in each region for compliance with legal fuel and weight requirements. This is an example of: A. Which of the following is a correct statement?

Choosing the third person listed on every fifth page of the phone book is stratified sampling. Convenience sampling is used to study shoppers in convenience stores. Judgment sampling is an example of true random sampling. Which of the following is false? Sampling error is the difference between the true parameter and the sample estimate.

Sampling error is a result of unavoidable random variation in a sample.

A sampling frame is chosen from the target population in a statistical study. The target population must first be defined by a full list or data file of all individuals. When we are choosing a random sample and we do not place chosen units back into the population, we are: A. Which method is likely to be used by a journalism student who is casually surveying opinions of students about the university's cafeteria food for an article that she is writing? Systematic random sample C.

Cluster sample D.

Mail surveys are cheap but have low response rates. Coverage error is when respondents give untruthful answers. Focus groups are nonrandom but can probe issues more deeply. Surveys posted on popular websites suffer from selection bias. Which is a time series variable? Net earnings reported by Xena Corp. Dollar exchange rates yesterday against 10 other world currencies D.

Titles of the top 10 movies in total revenue last week An observation in a data set would refer to: A. A multivariate data set contains: A.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC wants to estimate the average extra hospital stay that occurs when heart surgery patients experience postoperative atrial fibrillation. They divide the United States into nine regions. In each region, hospitals are selected at random within each hospital size group small, medium, large.

In each hospital, heart surgery patients are sampled according to known percentages by age group under 50, 50 to 64, 65 and over and gender male, female. This procedure combines which sampling methods?

Systematic, simple random, and convenience B. Convenience, systematic, and judgment C. Cluster, stratified, and simple random D. Judgment, systematic, and simple random Selecting every fifth shopper arriving at a store will approximate a random sample of shoppers. Selecting only shoppers who drive SUVs is a stratified sampling method. A census is preferable to a sample for most business problems.

Stratified samples are usually cheaper than other methods. Which is a categorical variable? The brand of jeans you usually wear B. The price you paid for your last pair of jeans C. The distance to the store where you downloadd your last pair of jeans D. The number of pairs of jeans that you own Which is a discrete variable?

The time it takes to put on a pair of jeans B. A section of the population we have targeted for analysis is: A. Which is not a time series variable? Closing checkbook balances of 30 students on December 31 of this year B. Movie attendance at a certain theater for each Saturday last year A good Likert scale may not have: A. Analysts rarely consult business periodicals e. Web searches e. Government data sources e.

Analysts avoid business periodicals e. Short Answer Questions Which survey method would you recommend to survey opinions of airline passengers about the cleanliness of the restrooms in the Detroit airport? Why not the others? What kind of sampling method would you suggest in order to tabulate the number of formulas on a typical page of the Doane-Seward textbook?

Defend your choice. How would you design a study to see whether drivers using hands-free cell phones are distracted enough to slow their reactions to emergency situations?

How would you collect data? Explain the concept of a focus group.Which survey method would you recommend to survey opinions of airline passengers about the cleanliness of the restrooms in the Detroit airport? It can give more accurate results. Done carefully, systematic sampling is close to random when there is no list. How would you collect data? Convenience sampling is used to study shoppers in convenience stores.