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KB. Perfection (Neighbor From Hell 2) - R.L. KB. Checkmate (Neighbor From Hell 3) - R.L. KB. Checkmate: A Neighbor From Hell Novel Prologue Twenty-five years earlier "Rory's a boy's name," the mean little boy who'd pushed her off the swing only. download or read book online in pdf or epub. Checkmate (Neighbor from Hell, #3) is one of best books released on containing pages, this book.

I would recommend this book AND Perfection because they are amazing reads that will. ISBN Neighbor From Hell series by R. Mathewson Book 1 — 7 Free eBooks Download. Checkmate Neighbor from Hell, 3 by R. Mathewson — Reviews.

Checkmate has ratings and reviews.. Kindle eBook; site DE. Checkmate Neighbor from Hell Series 3 by R. In a minute or two when he got bored with this, he fully planned on throwing it in the water with the hopes that she'd go after it.

After five years of making her life a living hell he knew what to expect and he knew that if he gave her a chance she'd kick him between the legs and drop him to the ground. Plumes' class who'd been following after Rory for the past two weeks like a puppy dog, said. Connor hadn't minded the kid before he started following after Rory. He was a decent basketball player and knew how to make an awe- some spit ball, but he didn't like anyone getting between him and Rory.

With a curse that would probably have her father reaching for a bar of soap, she stumbled backwards and fell over a dead log and landed in the mud. Connor would have laughed, but he had other things to do at the moment.

With a bored sigh, Connor held the notebook higher and further away. As soon as Zack reached out for it, Connor hooked his foot between the boy's legs and pulled up just as he turned, causing the boy to lose his balance and take a header into the dirty water. Crying over a little dirty water, what a dork, Connor thought.

Checkmate (Neighbor from Hell 3)

Rory wouldn't have cried. She never cried, which he took as a personal challenge.

Connor rolled over and spit a mouthful of murky water at Rory, laugh- ing when it hit her bare leg. Deciding that wasn't nearly good enough, he used her now soaked notebook and splashed her until she was as soaked as he was.

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He wasn't entirely surprised when she launched herself at him instead of running off and crying like most of the girls he knew would have done. There was no running off and crying for Rory James, not when she could try and kick his ass.

As they rolled around in the muddy water, trying to make the other one eat a handful of mud he couldn't help but smile. She was just so much fun to torture, he thought as he forced a handful of mud and god only knows what else in her mouth.

Williams snapped. Rory shoved her green, black, and pink paint splattered hair out of her face and wondered, not for the first time, why the school hadn't let them either use the showers in the locker rooms or sent them home to wash up and start their two weeks of detention tomorrow.

It would have made more sense and would have saved them from having to stand at the back of the room on news- papers so that they didn't get paint everywhere as well as the embarrassment of having the other kids laughing at them. Williams," Connor said, discretely reach- ing out when Mr. Williams became distracted by a spitball flying past his head and shoved Rory, making her stumble off their newspaper mat and onto the pristine white tiled floor.

You're going to pay for making me miss practice," he said, shoving her again, but this time she managed to stay on the newspaper. You made me miss work!

After this little episode she'd be lucky if she still had a job. Her father told her that any bullshit and she was fired.

She hoped that he meant any bull- shit on the job, because otherwise she was screwed since she couldn't seem to go a day without getting into it with Connor. Over the years their parents, teachers, the priest at their church, their coaches, and even the Neighborhood Watch had gone out of their way to keep them apart, but nothing worked.

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Absolutely nothing. In the past ten years they hadn't been placed in the same classroom at school or CCD at church. They weren't allowed to play on the coed teams after school out of fear that they'd beat each other with baseball bats, and Neighborhood watches all over town blew those damn whistles whenever the two of them were spotted together. It was really annoying. They had not gone a day in the last ten years, not even when she was laid up in bed with the flu last year, without giving each other hell.

She still remembered waking up at two in the morning to find Connor short sheeting her bed while she was still in it!

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To this day she didn't know how he managed to sneak into her room for two weeks straight. It wasn't like her room was on the first floor or she left her windows unlocked. No matter what she did the jerk always found a way to break in and piss her off into a speedy recovery so that she could kick his ass.

When he was laid up for two weeks after she'd gotten over the flu she'd made damn sure to return the favor. I bet your daddy," he said mockingly, and he was the only one with the balls to do it, "has you fetching his drinks. Her father worked her to the bone. She did everything her brothers had to do and more, because she had a talent and skill with the saws that none of them could touch.

Every day after school, she and her brothers joined their father wherever he was working that day and they worked their asses off until dinner time.

Then they went home, made dinner, did their homework and then passed out.

Even though she knew that her father worked them hard because he wanted to keep them out of trouble, she didn't care. She loved working with her family and earning her own money. It also didn't hurt that she was learn- ing a job that she hoped to do after high school.

It didn't matter that there were twenty witnesses or that extra month of detention that would no doubt be added onto her time.

All that mattered was wiping that smug look off the bastard's face. Another Neighbor From Hell!! If you want to read about a knight-in-shining armor type hero, a kind and handsome man with sparkling bright teeth who always says the perfect thing and rescues his damsel in distress to save the day -- then don't read this book. Because RL Mathewson tosses that cliche stereotypical romance formula out the window! What you get in the Neighbor From Hell series is a very different kind of hero: a hot guy with most likely food in his teeth, who sa Yes!!!

What you get in the Neighbor From Hell series is a very different kind of hero: a hot guy with most likely food in his teeth, who says some of the most obnoxious stuff, and is very likely to be the person stressing out the damsel - not the one rescuing her!

These stories are a riot! And best of all, she makes me a believer in these heroes.

Oh yes, I love this series. Rory and Connor have been at each others throats since childhood, and are the bane to each others existence. School administrators separated their classes, stores and restaurants have either banned them or wont allow them in together, and they've even spent time in jail a time or two when their feuding goes too far.

Their reputation around town is notorious. But they are also very much alike, so if only they'd quit fighting long enough to recognize it they might finally see what is fueling all those sparks between them.Fitzpatrick, the mean woman her father left her with, said as she grabbed them each by the arm.

The Promise by R.L. Mathewson

Plus I missed Jason and Trevor's Bradford appetite. Connor hadn't minded the kid before he started following after Rory. She could not be five minutes late. There was no running off and crying for Rory James, not when she could try and kick his ass.