Скачать / Download: Speakout. Starter. Student's Book. Workbook. Teacher's Book. Eales F., Oakes S. (, 2nd.) (+ Audio) (pdf; mp3). speakout starter teachers kaz-news.info MB. speakout starter kaz-news.info MB. speak out starter workbook kaz-news.info MB. speakout starter wb kaz-news.info Speakout Second Edition is a comprehensive six-level general English Speakout Second Edition Starter is aligned with the Global Scale of English and.

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unit of their Speakout Starter course. Support your Speakout Starter curriculum with Pearson English Readers. Use this chart to find out which Pearson English. Title: Speakout starter student's book red. Page number ISSUU Downloader is a free to use tool for downloading any book or publication on ISSUU. Speakout Elementary kaz-news.info PDF file, MB kaz-news.info doc_ Speakout Elementary kaz-news.info PDF file, 21 MB.

C Listen again and repeat the sentences. Nice to meet you. A: Nice to meet you, too. A: Oh, where in South Africa? B: From Cape Town. A: Nice to meet you. B: Nice to meet you, too. A: No, I'm not. I'm from Gdansk. C Work in pairs and practise the conversations. A: Hello, I'm B:Hi, "m C Listen again and underline the stress.

Student B: say the country. A: four B: Russia speakout. B Match rules with sentences a-f above. Rules: Use capital letters for: I the name of a person a , b 2 a country 3 a city 4 I 5 The first word in a sentence. C Find and correct the mistakes with capitals in the chat messages below. Write a chat message to your partner. Hi, I'm B Swap messages. Answer the message. A: Hi, I'm.. B: Hi, I'm England - Manchester B Work in groups and take turns.

I Does he hove a lot of bags? You see him in the bus station and you know him. How do you know? It's easy. Watch him download a ticket. Watch him at the snack bar. And watch him on the bus. He doesn't go to the information desk. He goes to the ticket office and asks questions about the bus times, with people waiting behind him. In the snack bar, he reads the menu for ten minutes and then he gets a coffee.

In the bus station he reads a newspaper, but not his newspaper - another passenger's newspaper. He doesn't download newspapers. The bus leaves at ten. The bad passenger gets to the bus at one minute to ten, usually with four bags.

But where's his ticket? It's in a bag, but there are four bags and he doesn't know which one.

He finds his ticket, after five minutes. So 7 times out of 10, the bus leaves late. On the bus he often eats fast food and chocolate and then he leaves the paper on the seat. And of course, at the end of the j ourney, he never says thank you. He says, 'It's too hot on the bus', or 'It's too cold', or 'We're late'. I say, ' Have a nice day! Then complete sentences with the correct adverb in brackets. I train ticket office assistant 2 tourist information assistant 3 hotel receptionist o Restaurant meal times Breakfast: Concert at 10 p.

Theatre at 12 p. C Complete the questions with two words. I Is there a snack bar in the hotel? Then listen and say the conversations with the speakers.

Travellers' Tips: B Complete the tourist's questions about transport in Sicily. I 15 there a train from Palermo airport 2 3 4 5 6 to the city centre? They call it the metro. There are al so buses from Palermo to Rome. Take the bus. There are buses and taxis to the centre of Palermo, too. A twenty-four hour bus ticket is four euros.

II Are there English people in the class? I When get up? Oh, we're late again! The is over there. I' m thirsty. There's a over there. Yes, 18 What time do you home? There are about a hundred people on that B: When do you want to come back?

The weather was beautiful so lunch was in the garden. Where were you? Mark 2 Hi George, Where were you and Maria yesterday? Mark 3 Hi Diana, I was really happy that you and Alan were at my birthday lunch yesterday. It was great to see you and the chi ldren.

Mark a Mark, So sorry. We were in Spain on holiday, but we're home now. Happy 30th birthday! It was really niee. Your parents are lovely people, and their garden is lovely, too! Sorry, I was in London on business. Let's meet soon! B Put the words in the corred order to make questions. Was Mark twenty? I e Write short answers to the questions in Exercise 2A. Use the underlined words to help. I Where was the lunch? Mark's birthday was yesterday.

Mark was thirty. George and Maria were in Spain. I It's my thirtieth birthday. The top boy's name was John and the top girl 's name was Mary. In 2 , the top names were Jacob and Emily and there was only one chi ld in each family. B In 3 , t here were 54 million new cars on the roads. In 4 , there were only 4, new cars. In cities transport was by horse and a small number of buses.

London was the top city in 5 wi t h 6 mil li on people. The top city in 6 was Tokyo wi t h 27 mili ion people. For example, in the 7 Olympics there were women and 1, men, but in 8 there were 1, men and only 19 women. E 9 was the year of the Kodak Brownie camera. Letters were the only way to communicate except for telephones in some rich families. In 10 email was big and there were mobi le phones with cameras. B Read the text again and complete the information with r Then listen and check.


Use four full stops. World Helio Day is on november 21st every year Say 'helio' to ten people on the bus on the train at work at school and in the street. N Rovember 21 st C Write about a special day in your country. It 's not so bad! Don't - I' m on the phone! Please for me.

Animals are amazing! They walk for days, find the way home and some even speak! C Listen again and match with al-e. Use the past simple form of the verbs in the box.

Then one day in May , Ueno was very il! Kenji 10 dogs, and he 11 to help Hachiko. He 12 a poster about Hachiko, and soon the dog 13 famous. For nine years the dog 4A Write the past forms of the verbs. I tl danced I dl moved 14 to the station every day at the same time.

B Correct the information. Hachiko walked to the train station every morning. The first letter is underlined. I tiniergents interesting 2 aterg 3 brreeli! D food and f waiters! The best Japanese in town.

An a place to sleep. C Cover the words in Exercise lA. Complete the reviews with the corred adjedive. I 's wasn't was Was concert 're It awful good I 's A: Helio, Helene. Howj the party?

It's not very.

Title: Speakout starter student's book red

There's no music and no food. Who's there? Well , three people - all students. They boring. I'm at home but I was at a rock. How it? Well, no - it very good. I interesting deliciou0 2 terrible fantastic 3 great 4 not very good 5 delicious OK al! Use the word i n brackets. She said, 'Thirty'. She didn't say, 'Thirteen'.

X 'Thirteen' 2 He went to the swimming pool. X gym 3 We met in Japan. X China 4 I knew her sister. X brother 5 The taxi took James to the airport. X stat ion 3 Complete the sentences with the correct past form of the verbs in brackets. Why did you leave your partner? Or rich. I it was music. What is the same about them? B Complete the table. Top tips - Where to meet new friends Bored with your friends?

Or maybe you don't have any friends? Do you want to meet a new friend? These are the top places to go. Trove I to o new ploce for o week or two. People are hoppy 2 holidoy. Go to o gym. It's eosy to tolk to people 3 o gym. Use o friend-finder website 4 the internet. Toke o closs - longuoge, yogo, onything.

It's eosy to meet new people 5 o closs beco use you like the some thing. Go to big supermarkets. Tolk to people 6 the supermarket when you woit. When you trove! Go out! B Read the text again. Put a cross X next to two bad ideas. Andreas Raji 6 Complete the conversations. I phoned you last night. I wosn 't ot home.

I wos ot work. Where's your daughter now? Hi , Conrad. How do you know about it? Where are my keys? Were you on your motorbike? Fill in the missing verbs about holiday activities. In the grey boxes read: What do people always have in their bags on holiday?

There is one extra problem. Tell us about your best bad holiday. When we arrived, our beach hotel was full, so they gave us a room in the town, two kilometres from the beach. We weren't happy. Then we met some local people. They asked us to their house, and we had some real local food, and we danced.

It was a real holiday, not a tourist holiday. We went to hospital, and we were there for two weeks. The doctors were lovely, and we met some really nice people. That was a very interesting week, because we weren't tourists.

We 'lived' in Mexico. Sven L 3 My brothers and sisters live all around the world, and in we had a big family party at a hotel on a beach in Malaysia. It was in June, and June is usually hot but that year it rained every day. So we sat in the hotel and read books, played games, and talked. We had a really good time, and it was fantastic for our family.

Lucia D BRead the text again. Are the sentences true or false? I Mark and Sandy stayed on the beach. F 2 They went to a Portuguese home. Use the verbs in bold.

We went to Japan. We went in August. I travelled with my friend Ramon. We saw Mount Fuji and Kyoto, the old capital. We ate a lot of interesting food. We drank tea. A lot of tea! B Write the questions. Wos it your first time in lopon?


C Match answers a -f with questions The best time of my life. It's very difficult, and I didn't study it! It was hot and sunny.

Title: Speakout starter student's book red

I was there in They were very friendly. There wasn't time. We drank the local water. We were ill.

I cooked every evening. I don't speak French. There was a party in the hotel. The train was late. The hotels were al! People said the underground was dangerous. We went there in April. Complete the crossword.

The bag is The cat is The apples are the mouse. Excuse for me, where's the ticket office? It's between of the trains and the buses. And where are at the payphones? Yes, I do see. B Where are the ticket office and payphones in the picture? Match places with a -f in the picture. The same word L Oh, you're a teacher. What's that? You know - doctor, teacher, secretary. He's a pilot. What B: Like a gift shop, hairdresser's, a gym. They have a swimming pool.

Do you know another for 'good'? For example good, bad, hot, cold, happy I know an adjective for 'very good'. Then listen again and say A's part with the speaker. We 2 not go by plane, and we 3 not stay in a hotel - planes and hotels 4 be too expensive.

We 5 travel by car and we always 6 go camping near the sea. The roads 7 not be bad and we 8 drive about kilometres at night. Our holiday always 11 start with this breakfast together, then we 12 walk along the beach and 13 go to bed- at 11 o'clock in the morning!

I really 14 l ove those holidays. Then put the words in the correct order to make questions. Nina and the children loved it. The only problem was the journey home. There were problems with the plane - we waited four hours at the airport, so we only got home at twelve o'dock last night!

Bob I holiday? I How? I Who I he I did I go 5 holiday? C Match answers a -f with questions aboye. We walked on the beach. We ate next to it. A wonderful time. We left in the evening and arrived in the morning. It was too expensive. Listen again and underline the main stress in the past forms aboye. Bob's house is opposite Alan's house. Conyersation I A: I Opposite of the bank.

I see it. Well, I think it's 4delicious lowful. Conyersation 2 A: Do you know the Chinese restaurant sneor I in front here? Yeso A: IONext to I Next the newsagent's.

Oh, right. Yeso 11 How's I Who's the food there? We ate there last night. It was 12boring I fontostic. TEST Circle the correct option to complete the sentences. Were you at work? Where's the football? It's the tree. That was fantastic!

Yes, it was a delicious b terrible c boring 12 He's home. How's the book? Did you see us? Kate Theo x. Theo loves playing tenn;s. I hate It's too cold! I love coffee, and bad coffee is a waste of money.

Everybody looks at me! I feel so stupid. My best rest time is morning. Or alone. It's not romantic! I only have one key! It's important to see the beginning! I break 7 move 2 come 8 stay 3 cry 9 see 4 laugh 10 talk 5 leave II wait 6 make 12 watch B Underline the correct alternative. We saw Avatar on DVD yesterday. It 's relaxing. What about you? I never cook.

I usually leave early. I love parties. Speaker liked. Where did you 1 download that MP3 player? I 2 it online. It 4 fifty euros. I 5 thirty euros for the same one last year. Did I 6 too much? I don't know. And where's your MP3 player now?

It wasn't right, so I 7 it online. Why did you 8 it? It was a birthday present for my son but it was too big. So, your son doesn' t have an MP3 pl ayer now. Yes, he does. What did I 11 Alan? X BRead the article and check your ideas.

Next time you shop jor a present joryour girLfriend 01' wije, take this List Give her flowers but no vase. Yes, flowers die, but true love never dies!

CRead the women's sentences. Which gitt did they get? I ' But I make dinner for you every night! Really beautiful! Let me get something from the garden to put in it.

You know I don' t like red! Subject pronoun Object pronoun I lme 2 you he 3 4 her it 5 6 us they 7 B Complete the text with object pronouns me, you, etc. I'm not a bad persono But I'm not very lucky with gift-giving. I bought my husband a beautiful, expensive pen but he had two of 1 them. W hen I gave 2 t he pen box, he opened 3 and said ' Great - number three! Inside was a pen, a cl ock and a scarf. Complete S's part with the correct pronoun.

Use t he words in bold to help. Are Denny and Bar b at home? I phoned them but they di dn't answer. When did you see Anna? So, how's the new f1at? Hey, how does Martin know you two? He t old about you. I didn't get your emails.

Sorry, maybe I sent t o the wrong address. Heli o, nice t o meet you. I'm Sue. My name's Gil!. Who Ol what do you always take on holiday? My cat Cinderella always comes when 1 call my cat Cinderella's name! My cat Cinderella always comes with us on holiday and 1 sit in the back seat of the car with my cat Cinderella. We usually go in my boyfriend Jason's caro 3 My Prada sunglasses 1 bought my Prada sunglasses last year and my Prada sunglasses are important because 1 like reading at the beach and 1 can't read without my Prada sunglasses.

My mum gave my Matts Speed mountain bike to me. Ilike x2 a yot: I like a cheese sandwich. Would you white bread or brown? Brown, please. Can help you? Yes, I'd that sweater, please.

This one? I'd like brown one, please. Come in. Sit down. Nice flat! Would you like drink? Yes, love an apple juice or something.

C Listen again and check. Which question does she not answer? Let me think. I Well Oh, I don't know. Let me see I shop assistant c 2 tour guide 3 chef 4 hairdresser 5 singer a You can't remember the music.

Write the jobs from Exercise 2A. I didn't know answers to questions? He can't remember names but he con remember numbers. Then listen and say the sentences with the recording. Hi, Stefanie. Yes, is there a problem? Let me look. I don't have my glasses. It says globaltiger nortex.

I studied languages at university. Oh, you speak Russian! Big problem. The chef is ill. That 's OK. OK, you have the job! Write dates on the boxes. Lifechanges aren't always good Last January 1 was kilograms. Now it's June and I weigh kilograms! But 1 hate it It's very hard and I'm always tired! Last month 1 moved office. That wasn't a problem before. So 1 5 less and more. But often my friends didn't have a lot of time, and 1 was bored. So 1 went back to work! Put a cross by two bad ideas.

Someone says, 'I'm going to lose 'I'm going to change 'I'm going to stop smoking: One month, two months or one year later, there's no change. When we have a goal, how can we be sure we reach it?

Here are seven top tips: O Write the goal on a piece of paper. Put it over your desk. Ask him or her for help. Talking is not doing. You want to do. O Make the goal concrete. B Match mistakes a -f with ideas above.

Now I can't find the note. I She 's to change her name because she doesn' t like the name 'Princess'. It's too dangerous.

Iook 10 Tina really loves her old camera so she it. I te going be not go they isn't ' m A: Hi , Sal. Do you have any plans for the weekend? We're gOingAvisit Mario and Julia tonight. Oh, really? I going to see them tomorrow. Yeah, they're onl y going to here for a week.

Then are going to fl y back to Saigon. I know. I' m going to to Saigon in June. So do you want to meet thi s weekend? Well, yeah. I' m going to go on a long walk tomorrow. Do you want to come with me? I' m going to work tomorrow, so let's meet. How about Barry? He going to come.

He's to stay home and study. Find and correct: I was in Istanbul for three days. I wanted to meet but i didn't got a text or email back from you. I seen Istanbul alone. I go to t he Blue Mosque on monday. It was fant astic? On Tuesday I went to the market and bought a leather jacket a ring and a lamp. It were really interesting. I take a lot of photos. What do you do think of the party? S Hi, how are you do? B Complete the conyersations with sentences aboye.

I'm fine, thanks. No, I'm noto Ilive in Cardiff. I'm James's sister. Who's James?

It's his party. This is James's flat. It's good. Nice people, good food. Maybe in Cardiff. Yes, it's half past three. To Bristol. Oh, look! But this isn't Bristol! Did I say Bristol? I meant But this isn't Bath.

It's Swindon! Nice to talk to you, too. B Match responses a -d aboye with the sentences below. I I hope you're at the party on Friday. S I like this restaurant! I dl't1"tcing can't like going to to going dance 's 2 My girlfriend Matilda loves a dancing ,and she can b very well. My problem is that I e dance, and I don't d dancing so I hate e to parties. There 9 going to be dancing, and of course the first dance is me and Matilda. What can Ido? I are can't going went us hated him 's going Many years ago, my husband Herb and I a to the sea every summer but our little son Wally always b going in the water.

So we didn't take e to the beach. He's fourteen years old now but he d swim. What can we do? I'm d to change jobs soon and in my new job the meetings e going to be in English. Daniel B Complete the questions. Can Martin dance? Find and correct two mistakes in each answer. Dear Martin, Many people say they can't dancing. Can you walk? Can you jump?

Then you can dance. Remember, Matilda loves dancing and she loves you. You going to be fine! Dear Kensie, Wally don't can stay home alone, he's 14 and that's very young. He can take swimming lessons? Or can you go on a mountain holiday? Dear Daniel, You say you don't often speak in class.

But do you sometimes speak? Can people they understand you? Then your pronunciation is not a problem and you can to speak English just fine. B Read them again. Which do you think is the best answer? I can't A: Well , would you 2 a cup of tea?

Nice idea. My t rain's at three. Here's my cardo James Bond - that's me. Let 's meet tonight at half past ten. This is my friend from work, Marty. How's the party? The music's bad, I hat e this 7 but nice to see a friendl y face. Sorry, lean see an old friend over 8 the woman near the office chair. That's not your friend!

That 's my wife, Flo. Time to go! Then listen and say the poems with the recording. TEST 5: I I can speak Japanese but I write it. Where are the televisions? When can I see B: Phone tomorrow. Where did you download this? See you three weeks! S seven, eight.. I don't understand. What's autobus in English? Sorry, which pagel B: I'm Marek. Can you repeat that, please? Sorry, I don't know.

Can you say it, please? Excuse me? Am I in the Japanese class? Yes, you are. Are you the teacher?He and his wife Svetlana 3 in Moscow, Russia, but Svetlana 4 not Russian, she' s Polish and she isn't a pilot, she 5 a doctor. Let's go to the festival. Are you the teacher? Sorry, 64? Someone doesn't like travelling. I'm James's sister.