CHAPTER OF THE LAWS OF ZAMBIA. CHAPTER THE EMPLOYMENT. An Act to provide legislation relating to the employment of persons; to make. Zambia Labour Laws. - Employment Act. - Employment (Special Provisions) Act. - Industrial and Labour Relations Act. - Industrial and Labour Relations. Apr 3, Employment & Labour Laws and Regulations covering issues in Zambia of Terms and Conditions of Employment, Employee Representation.

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Zambian labour Law does not allow hiring casual and fixed term workers for tasks of permanent nature. The Employment Act Cap , amended in , makes. "contract of foreign service" means a contract of service made within Zambia which is to . functions under this Act or any other written law, by a medical officer. Delegation by Labour Commissioner. 6. Powers of labour officers. 7. Duties of public officers. 8. Offence to delay or obstruct officers. 9. Saving of other laws.


Minimum wages and conditions of employment 5. Where a casual employee continues to be employed after the expiration of 6 months, the employee ceases to be a casual employee and the contract is deemed to be a short term contract.

Fixed Term Contracts

Powers of labour officers 1 The powers and duties conferred or imposed upon labour officers by the provisions of this section shall be in addition to any other powers or duties conferred or imposed upon them by or under any other written law. The employment agencies are obliged to keep registers and records which are to be submitted to the Labour Commissioner and such returns as may be prescribed.

Gratuity payable depends on two factors: Last drawn salary and years of service. Delegation by Labour Commissioner 1 The Labour Commissioner may, with the consent of the Minister, delegate in writing to any person the exercise of any of his powers and the performance of any of his duties, either in Zambia as a whole, or in any part thereof, in relation to any matter or thing provided for by this Act.