50 Great Short Stories is a comprehensive selection from the world's finest short fiction. The authors represented range from Hawthorne, Maupassant, and Poe. Sep 30, These are in no way the 50 greatest short stories. Many of them aren't even the best story by that writer. The editor does say, however, that he. Get this from a library! 50 great short stories. [Milton Crane;].

50 Great Short Stories Ebook

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Jul 29, 50 great short stories by Milton Crane; 3 editions; First published in DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). "50 Great Short Stories is a comprehensive selection from the world's finest short fiction. The authors represented range from Hawthorne, Maupassant, and Poe. kaz-news.info: Teaching With 50 Great Short Stories: Vocabulary, Comprehension Tests, & Writing Activities (): Mary M. Nyman, Milton Crane.

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Do your blog readers always ask for posts dealing with a particular issue? Ask your audience what they want, and give them a few possibilities to choose from. Be prepared to be surprised! Put your topic or ebook title in the centre and start adding ideas to it as they occur to you. Use lines or arrows to create connections.

Fifty Great Short Stories

At this stage, put everything down, however big or small — you can tidy the entire thing up later. Then take a step back — what will they need to know before they can do that?

And what about before that? Start writing a list: what chapters or major sections will your ebook need?

Look through several chapter lists to see what topics appear in almost every book. You might want to switch off your internet connection entirely, or use a program that blocks it for a certain period of time.

Use a timer. Set a timer for 30 minutes , then write until the time is up.

Having the minutes ticking away is a real help when you need to stay on-task. If you need to check a quick fact, look up a link or add a screenshot, mark the place with yellow highlighter or something else highly visible — and come back to it later. Leave it and move on. Unfortunately for readers, the lower page count generally gives readers books without a lot of depth, side plots, or multi-faceted characterization. Short stories are even shorter of course , but are often 99 cents or free because readers will feel cheated otherwise—especially if they paid a novel-sized ebook price and didn't realize it was just a few pages.

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Check out the case study at the end of this post for some concrete examples! Ebook Word Count and Price Several factors go into the price of an ebook, such as author popularity, series number, and demand for the information for nonfiction.

Ebook word count should also be accounted for when setting the price of an ebook. Experiment with different prices, a month at a time, to see what gives you a better result.

Keep in mind that readers often forget to check the length of an ebook before downloading it and feel cheated when the book is shorter than they expected. Nonfiction ebooks are often shorter than fiction, and yet are generally more expensive. This is because they require more research and fact-checking and can become valuable resources to readers.

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Check out books of similar genres before you price your book, but keep in mind that many top sellers have big publishing houses behind them, and if you are with a smaller publisher or are an indie author, you may need to use price as an incentive to sell your book, especially in the beginning. Don't Focus Too Much on Length As we mentioned above, word count in ebooks isn't nearly as important as it was in print books.

As long as you write a complete story and don't charge too much, most readers will be satisfied.

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Don't fill your book with fluff to meet a page requirement, because requirements simply don't exist for ebooks. That being said, a very low word count may indicate that your book isn't complete and needs more plot. You can ask your beta readers how they feel about the length of the book and whether or not the plot was fleshed out enough.

Ask them if there was a scene they really wanted to see and didn't, or if they felt connected with the characters. Most sophisticated readers expect layered plots with at least 70, words. Some books with heavy world-building may require over , words to satisfy readers. Be Transparent for Shorter Works A good technique to avoid negative reviews for shorter novels is to include your page count or state the size novella or short story in the book's description.

Fifty Great Short Stories

We recommend doing this for all YA and adult novels under pages. Readers do usually read the description, so they will see your note there and won't be surprised by length.

So back matter and sample chapters will not be considered in your count which is a good thing for readers.

If you revise and extend your ebook and not the print version, you may need to email site to fix your page count. A Case Study of site Books by Genre We wanted to see the page count and pricing of actual books, so we pulled the data below from site. We looked at 5 different genres, recording the pricing and length of 13 books in each genre.Sometimes, the formatting of the book requires a full, static, page. The editor has a second book devoted to American stories that I'll likely be picking up in the near future, in the hopes that it's just as good.

Then take a step back — what will they need to know before they can do that? Feel Your Progress You can physically feel your progress through a book as the upcoming pages get fewer and fewer.

Document, Fiction, Internet resource Document Type: Every story is a delight, and they are not the traditional anthology picks either, and so there are a lot that I had never bumped into before reading this book. I picked up this book by chance at Salvation Army.