Using these picture cards, participants will learn about sex and other sexual Gather participant's together and take time to discuss what will make it a safe and . fact, most married men believe that women do not want to have sex as much as do. Maybe your wife has even accused you of being “insatiable.” And you're. or speak opposing tongues. that sex is arguably the most seek-out topic on the internet. Nonetheless. Why do people have sex? Sex is probably one of the most .

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assumption has been that we want sex in order to feel sexual pleasure, level of commitment or to take a short-term relationship to the next level, and to make. can take a while to find your 'soul-mates', but don't despair, it's not a race. EATING . Do they pressure you for sex you don't want or things you don't want to do?. enjoy love, sex, relationships and life – safely. Young adults – men, women, bisexual, gay, lesbian, straight, those who don't want to do it and those who.

If the answer really is no, only accept it if you are sure the doctor knows how much passion means to you; a good clinician will realize that stopping sex for any length of time is undermining. It bears repeating; for most people, good health is sustained by, and bad health improved by, a loving and regular sex life.

Young people and some older ones are rmly convinced that no one over fty makes love, and it would be pretty obscene if they did. No one need lose either sexual needs or sexual function with age; on the contrary, the best may be yet to come. For women, the end of ovulation means the end of fertility, and for some this subtly a ects their self-esteem.

As to menopausal symptoms, there is much debate right now about HRT hormone replacement therapy ; the jury is out and the best advice is to make an informed decision following regular talks with a clinician.

If the evidence is against, there are medical or natural health solutions for the short-term problems of night sweats, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness, and the long-term risks of heart problems and bone-density reduction.

Sex — with a partner or alone — will always help. This can lead to injudicious thrashing about, or simply a reassessment of their aims and opportunities very like a second adolescence.

Women are increasingly hitting this too — the empty nest for both can be an intimation of mortality that in itself kick-starts a bout of midlife wet dreams. But given a supportive and receptive partner, decent general health, and an absence of the belief that one ought to run out of steam, active sex lasts as long as life.

If activity is low and you are both happy with that, ne; sex is not compulsory.

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But about half of all couples over the age of sixty- ve make love on a regular basis — a higher percentage, incidentally, than when the rst edition of this book appeared more than 35 years ago — and many of the others will have stopped because of physical or relationship fragility, not sexual problems per se. The things that stop you from having sex with age are exactly the same as those that stop you from riding a bicycle bad health, thinking it looks silly, no bicycle.

Foods for circulation and stamina

The di erence is that these things happen later for sex than for bicycles. Vive la France! The most important thing is never to drop sex for any long period — if you do, you may have trouble restarting. What helps at this point: Two warnings. More con dent, more knowledgeable, more experienced, you know what goes where and what to do with it; you know what works for you; you know what works for each other or — if you are newly come together — you know how to nd out.

Age brings patience and kindness, and an increased ability to both give and take; sex becomes more important, not less, as time goes on. As with so many things, later life is the time when you have tried everything and settle down to the things you like most — together. We all know, instinctively, what compels us and what repels us. We all know what our fetishes are. On one level this matters not a bit. On another level it matters enormously because sex maps underpin what we do and how we respond.

Plus, sex maps are often out of our awareness — we can fail to realize that we have unrealistic or unhelpful expectations, and so be doomed to disappointment. Likes, dislikes, hates, fears, prejudices, and dreams: Unpick them all, together, without feeling threatened, to appreciate as well as to understand — your own, revealed in comparison, as well as theirs.

Knowledge, it should be added, is important in other ways — it informs, improves, and optimizes the maps of young people growing up. We now know, through competent research, that sex education actively raises the age at which adolescents rst have sex and lowers the number of partners they have and the number of risks they take; there is no excuse for withholding from children knowledge not only of the mechanics but also the underlying and informing emotions. To quote the rst edition of this book: We have deliberately not gone into the ethics of lifestyle.

The facts are that few of us go through life with sexual experience con ned to one partner only, in delity gures increase year after year, and many people run multiple relationships on parallel tracks. Yet most of us still remain monogamous in our long- term relationships, at least unless things start to go sour.

All this can be vice versa. Whatever the temptations, however, delity is not only a good ideal but a good idea. We are more able to love — and to make love — if we are neither lying nor being lied to. Active deception always hurts a relationship. Complete frankness that is aimed to avoid guilt, or as an act of aggression against a partner, can do the same. The real problem arises from the fact that sexual relations can be anything, for di erent people and on di erent occasions, from a game to a total fusion of identities; the heartaches arise when each partner sees it differently.

There is no easy answer here. All we can suggest is that you discuss them, so that at least you know where each of you stands. A nal word on jealousy. If you are prone to jealousy, particularly the desperately insecure, low-self-esteem kind, get counseling. If your partner is prone to betrayal, get out.

This is about having the same values, aims, goals — one reason why arranged not forced marriages often work better than the hearts-and- owers variety. Sexually, looking in the same direction is initially about complementary sexual preferences; if she fancies him and he also fancies him, then forget it, at least in bed.

Similarity not quantity matters here — they can both be happy with it once a year and hence be happy with each other. Get the match on these right and the connection will be bone deep. Sexual incompatibilities that surface once the rst rush of love is over are mostly due to loss of love, not lust.

But keep the sexual t and it will be much harder to fall out of love; this may seem like kindergarten stu , but in and of itself, passion will act as a safeguard for the whole relationship. Properly done, sex is not only based on compatibility; it also creates it. When and if consummation comes, we are left with an air of astonished gratitude. What then develops is everything this book is about. Get help now. Other than these situations, a strong and lasting desire for each other is a reasonable request to make of the love gods, but serious players know that the gods help those who help themselves.

Desire will be strongest where lovemaking is most effective; that means both partners should know how to arouse creatively and bring the other to climax as a matter of course, however much teach-and-learn it took to get there.

Intense desire is not just about passion, however, but also about emotion — one reason why the title of this book contains words referring to both. If we are to keep lusting, we need to keep feeling; if resentment and irritation lead to emotional anesthetization, that will inevitably lead to physiological anesthetization and a total shutdown of sensation experience.

But to keep on feeling passion, you need to have the courage to keep feeling full stop. A truly dedicated lover works at their art, and realizes that art is no less valuable for having to be worked at. In talking about sexual relations, it seems right to apply it to any relationship in which there is mutual tenderness, respect, and consideration — from a total interdependence where the death of one partner maims the other for years, to an agreeable night together.

The intergrades are all love, all worthy, all part of human experience. Some meet the needs of one person, some of another — or of the same person at di erent times. Sometimes two people know each other very well, or think they have worked things out through discussion, and they may be right. Tradition has tried to cut the casualties by laying down all kinds of schedules of morality, but these never work percent in practice.

Nor are they of much use in classifying the merits of different kinds of relationships see fidelity. If sexual love can be — and it is — the supreme human experience, it must be also a bit hazardous. It can give us our best and our worst moments. A cad can be of either sex. When this book was rst written, the world was in the middle of the most radical rethinking of sexuality ever — and the subsequent rethinking of love.

The prediction then was that sex and love could be divorced, and no-strings sex is certainly now more common. Equally, when the going gets rough in relationships, good, pleasurable sex can bring you through. When you make love, you do exactly that. We can list some: Most women know all this, but they are as shy about telling it to males, for fear of seeming over-sentimental, as males are about con ding object preferences or forceful needs.

In a book on sexual elaboration, this needs saying, if you are concerned with love rather than an Olympic pentathlon. In old-time France or Austria, one booked a restaurant room with no handle on the outside of the door. At the same time, there is a French saying that love and digestion went to bed together and the o spring was apoplexy.

On the other hand, immediately after a heavy meal is not an ideal moment for sex — you can easily make your partner, especially the woman if she is underneath, sick. Recent studies show it lowers inhibitions and increases euphoria, particularly for women, but is the most common cause of unexpected erectile problems. If you are serious about sex, develop a liking for mineral water. Some people enjoy food-and-sex games ice cream on the skin, grapes in the pussy, and so on , which are great for regressive orality, but messy for an ordinary domestic setting; take care too with sugary foods, which can cause yeast infections, and oily foods, which can shred condoms.

Most lovers with privacy like to eat naked together and take it from there. In this respect the Puritans were absolutely right. At its best, this sort of dance is simply intercourse by remote control see remote control. Most good lovers dance well together.

You can do it publicly or in private, clothed or naked. Stripping one another while dancing is a sensation on its own. Even then you need not stop. Unfortunately, this means that the woman needs to be at least as tall as the man, while as a rule she is going to be shorter. Otherwise, he has to bend his knees, which is tiring. If she is too heavy to pick up, you can turn her and take her stooping from behind, still keeping the dance going.

Seduction, or encouragement, while dancing is a natural. In the days of formal dancing, one wished that the woman had her breasts on her back, where one could reach them, but that would have made it too easy. Comes for us under the heading of substitutes. Used from before or behind, or in any other posture where she can press her thighs together.

The penis goes between them, with the shaft between her labia but the glans well clear of the vagina, and she presses hard. Gives the woman a special set of sensations — sometimes keener than on penetration, so worth trying. Some people like this either as a starter or during menstrual periods.

Many women can get a fair orgasm from it. However, in some parts of the world it still is a death sentence, and worldwide, sexually transmitted diseases STDs are at an all-time high.

This is no time to be careless. The threats are many. Gonorrhea and syphilis are still with us, and the former is getting harder to eradicate because of resistant strains. Plus herpes, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis, thrush, viral hepatitis, crabs, scabies, HIV of course, the human papilloma wart virus, and chlamydia. We now know that the wart virus triggers a majority of cases of cervical cancer, while chlamydia can cause infertility see resources. For all these reasons, here are the guidelines.

Wrong; each day over a million people worldwide catch an STD. Also wrong is that STDs are solely the problem of the young and sexually active, who are, in fact, often informed and careful; older lovers — freshly divorced and convinced that they and their cohort are safe — are often not.

Penetration is key, but a scratch or bite that breaks the skin surface is also dangerous, as is oral sex. Is it unromantic to suggest testing? Even if your partner has had only one other partner and that person has had only one other, and so on and on, you are still potentially linked with a host of unproven and unknown infections.

If you love each other, testing is the best way of demonstrating that. Sexual health clinic sta really have seen it all before. Most infections, if caught early, can be treated by antibiotics; the exceptions are herpes, some strains of hepatitis, and the HIV virus, which are for life see resources. If you have contracted an STD, or have put yourself at risk of doing so, tell your current partner and seek clinical advice about whether you need to tell former ones.

Plus, of course, you can never be entirely certain of fidelity. Keep squeezing the end between forefinger and thumb. The limitations — just sound, no visuals, no touch — can drive separated partners mad with frustration, but can also be its main attraction.

The world goes away and all that remains is pure pleasure and two voices. With only sound as feedback, one needs to tell more, describe fully, be ultra-clear about progress.

Create a scenario; take it in turns to tell a story; ask intimate questions and answer them; make a confession of lust or love.

For her in particular, ngers, vibrator, and sound will likely do it all; if he hankers for the visuals too, get her to do it in front of a mirror and describe herself see mirrors. Once supremely in sync, slide into control games. And there is a special pleasure in knowing that your lover is being aroused solely by your direction, and is doing precisely what you instruct.

Mutual vocabulary is essential; tastes are highly individual, and largely non-negotiable, and what one may feel is arousing, the other may think is too crude, clinical, or aggressive. So long as you are not using the Internet as a bolt hole to escape real relationships, technology is a good idea for the same reasons that phone sex is: Obvious is that the Internet is a key resource for inspiration and ideas.

There is a wealth of material out there: Online coverage of sex is expanding so quickly that it would be pointless to attempt a listing; simply surf. However close one may feel to someone one has been chatting with online, treat them as one would any blind — unseen and unknown — date; that is, with care. Reputable dating sites say all this in their guidelines — read, learn, and bear in mind that the nature of the Internet creates speedy yet false intimacy that may cloud your judgment.

Using new technology for erotic purposes, on the other hand, is the ultimate in safe sex — no exchange of body uids involved. Text message, e-mail, webcams, teledildonics can all be used to wind each other up to fever pitch during the working day prior to extended evening action, to navigate more extended separations, and to play out dangerous or impractical fantasies without risk.

For word-based text and e-mail, the key is in the description where you are, what you are wearing, what you are doing to yourself, what you would like to do to the other. Feedback may not be instant, so bridge the gaps between sending and receiving; she in particular has to learn to keep herself at pitch despite pauses until climax is imminent. Vibrators really come into their own here.

Two or three times a week is a statistical average; new couples have it much oftener, established couples typically less.


Some people do stick to a pretty regular schedule — others like intensive weekends at intervals. The people who stick strictly to coital orgasm are usually opting for fewer climaxes than those who mix coitus with oral, manual, and other plays, because these increase the number of climaxes most men can get in a session.

You should devise your own mix, in the light of your own responses: As we settle, it is sex that gets moved aside. The Kinsey Institute says that contemporary women have less sex than their s counterparts because they have so little uncommitted time in their lives; a finding that would ring true for many.

But actually, once one realizes that sex is not an indulgence but a necessity, it all becomes easier. Keep a diary and see what can be canceled or put on hold. Book in one night a week and one weekend a month.

Usually, given time and space, it is meant to. Add children and the whole thing becomes both more di cult and more essential. So act now. With older children, t a lock to the bedroom door and state clearly when you are uninterruptable. If caught in agrante, stay calm — children will take their cue from your emotions, and if you are unembarrassed they will be untroubled. Alternatively, leave them with grandparents, friends, or sitters while you take serious and extended private time.

Ignore any qualms here; sex will make you a better parent, not a worse one. The ultimate seducer, Casanova, incidentally, was enticed, pressured, and forced just as much as he did the enticing, and not only regretted but sometimes actively resented his sexual liaisons.

Attention, compliment, clear intention, light touch, a drawing in and drawing on, the assumption that one person is willing to woo, and the other is worth the wooing; all this is in itself immensely persuasive. In an established relationship, always at least try to respond to seduction. In a new or potential relationship, reacting to seductive moves is a di erent game. Rules vary from culture to culture, but a sound guideline is to say yes if you want to and, more important, if you are sure you will still be comfortable with the decision the morning after and when sober.

If a new partner insists on physicality earlier than you want it, their pleasure is more important to them than your comfort and they are therefore not worthy of you. All this applies to him just as much as to her.

Feminist Perspectives on Sex and Gender

Say a clear no and trust to your instincts. The Barefoot Doctor says, instead: Taking an ordinary bath together has a charm of its own, though someone has to lean against the plumbing.

There are now luxurious large baths and Jacuzzis on offer, as well as hot tubs for outside, year-round bathing entertainment. No ordinary domestic or hotel bath is big enough for intercourse without punishing your elbows. Sex and outdoor bathing is a di erent matter, but check local customs and laws.

A pool has extras like steps and useful handholds. It might be a good idea to insert before going in, if possible, or for the woman to wear a diaphragm; seawater could trigger infections and chlorinated pool water might just possibly be an irritant, as it is to the eyes. You can have excellent straight intercourse lying in the surf if you can get a beach to yourselves, but sand is a problem, and keeps appearing for days afterwards.

We have heard of people combining coitus with swimming, and even scuba diving, but they gave no practical details. Underwater coitus, if more than a token contact, would use up vast amounts of air because of the over-breathing that goes with orgasm. To enjoy any of the above approaches safely, you both need to be infection-free, contraceptively protected, and sure of your fellow bathers.

Really enthusiastic sex usually involves, at one time or another, almost every piece of furniture in the house, at least experimentally, but the bed is its commonest venue. Most beds on the market are designed by people who think they are intended to sleep on. Enormous or circular beds look suggestive, but have no real advantages over a full-size double bed.

There are a few points we would consider before giving a seal of approval. First, since one uses the sides as well as the surface, the height needs to be right. For some operations, especially bondage scenes if you like them, bedposts are essential, preferably tall ones, like those that hold up the canopies of antique beds, but not a footboard, as you may want to use the end of the bed for bending her over, backwards or forwards see ligottage, and ropework.

The mattress needs to be as hard as you can tolerate for comfortable sleep. A double bed is essential; anything less forfeits the chief sexual joy of living and sleeping together — the fact that you can take one another at any hour of the night when both want it, and relax together immediately afterwards.

If you have room, have a single bed as well, in case either partner is sick and feels more comfortable solo — twin beds have no place in a full sexual relationship. Besides the bed itself, you need four pillows — two very hard to go under the buttocks, and two soft to sleep on. The room must be warm at all times of the year — warm enough to sleep without getting chilled, and without nightclothes if you wish. Water beds, now reminiscent of glitzy glam and lava lamps, and only encountered rarely, nevertheless produce extraordinary sensations, and they have a natural period of resonance that tends to take over — one has to move in their rhythm, but this in itself is a stimulating constraint.

Lip and tongue kisses add immensely to lovemaking in all face-to-face positions. A lot of people maintain mouth contact continuously throughout intercourse, and prefer face-to-face positions for this reason. If you are in private, move on to breasts, and go from there.

Another pleasure is to make her a carpet of owers, by covering every inch of her body with small, close kisses: Eyelashes too can be used for nipple, lip, glans, and skin kisses. A good mouth kiss should leave its recipient breathless but not asphyxiated leave an airway open , and nobody likes their nose squashed into their face. Clean your teeth before making love, and if you are having whisky, garlic, and so on, both of you have it.

Use both hands; keep a steady progression of movement going with one, and make surprise attacks with the other. The whole essence is in the extreme lightness of the touch — more electric than tickling. Feathers, skin gloves, or vibrators deliver a quite di erent sensation.

Much more pleasant if you rub each other all over with a condom-compatible massage oil. Steer well clear of vulnerable body parts like scars and infected skin, and never put rm pressure on organs or on places where the bone is near the skin.

She kneads his muscles, with ngers and a vibrator as well if they like; he concentrates on her breasts, buttocks, loins, and neck. With practice, these sensations are well worth cultivating. This always ends in genital hand work, then intercourse, followed by a bath together.

Bottled lotion, however, offers a practical substitute for this particular fantasy. The Kama Sutra recommends spicy foods; Casanova relied on oysters; Aztec king Montezuma claimed it was the fty cups of hot chocolate he drank a day that kept him capable of serving his harem. Desire is so vital and lack of desire so devastating that humankind desperately wants to know the secret of creating and controlling it.

Until recently, however, it has been the stu of dreams; the active ingredients in most reputed aphrodisiacs, including the aforementioned chocolate, are actually so small that they would have little e ect, and the ones that work by overstimulation — such as traditional Spanish y and its modern counterpart, amyl nitrate — can be life- threatening.

In this respect, we have a lot to thank current pharmacology for. Testosterone for both, dopamine for her, an upcoming nasal spray that activates brain receptors; no point in being more speci c — the landscape will have changed even before this book goes to press. Science is only just discovering that emotion can also be an aphrodisiac. While festering anger and real fear kill desire, mild versions of each can have the opposite e ect. Grief, surprisingly, has an e ect too; if you nd yourselves making love after a recent bereavement, you are neither heartless nor unusual but affirming life in the most fundamental of ways.

We may sometimes get spooked, yet such dreams are nothing to be scared of and almost always we fantasize not as a step to doing something in real life but because we never will.

Nighttime dreams, which feel in nitely more alarming because they feel completely outside of our control, are equally safe. We know it will never happen — that would be the point, and also the reassurance. She is more likely to make a story of it. He is more likely to have single scenes, often with di erent partners.

The key is letting the film roll, no hesitation. This is where you get to be in complete control. Uninhibited partners will tell each other about their fantasies try free- associating just before orgasm if you are shy. Really communicating partners look for them and put them on the menu unannounced — there is no more complete communication.

So say one provocative sentence each in turn, to build the story.

Ask your partner to tell or give you the thing he or she would most like to see you wearing when you come together for lovemaking and then, next time, wear it. After a few big orgasms together, all but the oddest fantasies get to be shared.

But be careful of crossing the bridge from fantasy to reality; the whole point of fantasy is that what you dream about is sometimes what you are rightly wary of doing. Role-play is a di erent matter, more acceptable because entirely under your control.

He can be the Turkish sultan, whose chosen concubine enters the bedchamber naked and in darkness dives under the covers at the foot of the bed, wriggling her way up alongside him to await his pleasure. Take it in turns. Standing, sitting, or lying, use belly-to-belly breathing. Keep going until you are in sync, then slow down together, breath by breath, until deep and steady. If breath is unpleasant, cut back on spicy food and cigarettes; if it still causes a inch, book a dental appointment.

To move to arousal, breathe in and up as if through the top of the head; then let the breath go with an audible sound, pelvis rocking slightly forwards, pelvic oor muscles pulling up see pompoir. Use breathing, too, in order to pace orgasm. He can breathe through the nose and into his belly, slowly and steadily, to fool his body into holding back; once ready to push towards climax, he should then shift to short, sharp mouth breathing.

Her added trick, when nding it hard to come, is to do whatever she is not doing — either holding her breath rather than letting it go or vice versa.

For some, arousal is linked not to breathing but actively to not breathing; block access to oxygen and adrenaline naturally kicks in to boost sensation.

You may already stop breathing spontaneously at the moment of climax; to replicate this deliberately, simply hold your breath as you hit the point of no return see plateau phase.

Start behind, turn them, and cover the front surface after, so as to be in position to go on to coition or hand and mouth work. Mini versions cover particular areas in the same way.

Mean Age of First Sex: Do They Know What We Mean?

The best way to moisten an erogenous area is with the tongue, though one could simply begin as a partner emerges from shower or bath; for more extensive operations, use lotion or water sprayed from the sort of ne mister used for house plants.

Alternatively, most sex shops supply variations on tingling rubs and sprays. Air on a wet sensitive surface produces a sensation that can drive some people of either sex out of their mind — experiment on a small scale, using your natural equipment saliva and breath. In the case of earlobes, breathe in, not out, or you will deafen your partner.

Elsewhere, use steady, continuous exhalation with the lips about an inch from the skin. The natural sequel to a tongue bath. For a bigger operation, use the hair dryer — the result is far wilder than the conventional routine with feathers, except for palms and soles — try mixing the two by hitching a couple of feathers to the dryer nozzle on threads see feathers. Some words of warning: Gentle nibbling of the penis, breasts, skin, ngers, ears, labia, clitoris, armpit hair is part of the general excitatory repertoire.

Hard bites at the moment of orgasm excite some people, but for most, like other over-painful stimuli, they are a turno. Some people tend to bite more than others; remember that often your partner will do to you what they really want done to them — being aware of this is the great secret of communicating sex.

If it goes too far, the application of an ice cube will ease out the damage, then use arnica and cover with makeup. This seems to be a case where the mammalian program of re exes is over-tough for human enjoyment. She may also use it to ease period pain or bring an end to menstruation.

Solo masturbation is different from couple sex, but not inferior, in the same way as oral sex is di erent from intercourse; we can — perhaps even should — indulge in and enjoy both.

So change, as a matter of habit. All these are instructions to him and to her. The Internet has a thousand more suggestions. He needs to observe closely; pioneering sex researchers Masters and Johnson report never having seen two women do it exactly the same way.

She needs to accept that his masturbatory force is focus, not aggression; if she is aroused by it rather than wary of it, that will move everything to a higher plane. Some women feel left out or rejected if they nd their partner masturbating; if you feel vibrations when he thinks you are asleep and want to get in on the act, nish him yourself at full speed, or better, start slow, then stop, tie him, and make him watch you masturbate yourself, slowly and with style, before you put him out of his misery.

Watching each other take the last orgasm separately but together makes a great end to any session. Real, spiteful violence from a partner is a common cause of death or injury. Sadistic bullies are incurable by love. Back to the main route. As we have several times remarked, our image of love is uptight about the elements of forcefulness that exist in normal sexuality — which makes us prone to mix erotic energy with real spite or real anger, and confuse two quite distinct things.

To need some degree of energy in sex, rather than the glutinous, unphysical kind of love that the tradition propagates, is statistically pretty normal. But if these things can once be talked about, you can help him or her learn the uses of sexual play without the need to mix it up with real day-to-day angers and frustrations that can get out of hand. Use play. Cultivate pillow talk to unblock fantasies — ask each other just short of orgasm: As nearly always with human beings, symbolisms are generally bigger kicks than over-literal enactments.

Enthusiasts go in for elaborate handicaps: Women and men who enjoy an extra sensation of helplessness di er whether they feel this more held down or tied up: Once understood, none of this range of needs is scary, and can be stopped spilling out of sex into cruelty, or the normal resentments felt by any two people who live together.

Actually, it tends to discharge these. Nothing we have said excludes the tenderness of sex. If you do have a real ght, make sure to end it in bed. Most of the non-extreme postures come naturally, and few of the extreme ones merit more than a single visit out of curiosity.

The only part we regret is the loss of the fancy names, Arabic, Sanskrit, or Chinese, that they have been given across cultures and down the centuries. Most people now know the obvious ones and have learned which make for quick and slow orgasm and how to use them in series. A few people, either for symbolic or anatomical reasons, can only achieve an orgasm in one or two of them. Inspection will indicate which of these t special situations, such as pregnancy, disability, height di erences, and so on.

Only trial will indicate which work best, or at all, orgasm-wise. Couples frequently start by trying the whole lot, but nearly inevitably end up with one or two, going back to the book for special occasions.

Others are mystical or merely gymnastic. All the poses we show are practicable and have been tried for t, if not to orgasm and more or less rewarding according to inclination. What we do suggest is that for any new trick you arrange a practice session in anticipation.

The usual and regrettable outcome is never to try again. Not that rehearsal need be cold-blooded or taken out of actual lovemaking. Anticipation being good in itself, you rst fantasize about it, sit down together, plan, and rehearse. What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is that the language of hailing that is working now, is a language that at least some of us in my generation, the generation before and the generations now, have already encountered in some way.

Let me explain what I mean. I teach in the University of California system where there has been a marked rise in the number of cases and complaints filed under Title IX. Even if a fraction of these complaints are found to be true, that is still an alarmingly large number. What interests me is that from what we know about the content of these matters, many of the com- plaints have to do with queer subjects in a complicated way.

And, a young student walked into his office when he was watching this pornography and claimed sexual harassment, and said he felt threatened and triggered by the encounter.

And now the person has been put on leave without pay and his computer has been seized because the institution is worried it may contain child pornography, etc. This is obviously an extreme example, but it does help us attend to the errancy of sex or sexuality as an intellectual project that often gets domesticated within debates and reform around issues of sexual harassment.

Such questions have become even more pressing for me because I am thinking a lot about itinerant sex in the context of Portuguese India for a book I am currently finishing on a community of Goan Devadasis the Gomantak Maratha Samaj who choose to be itinerant, to eschew belong- ing, not in any phantasmic way that celebrates nonbelonging, but nonbelonging as a form of strategy. And what do I mean by that? The use of means could, therefore, be conveying a wrong message.

The mean age of first sexual intercourse was obviously estimated solely using subjects who have already had sexual intercourse whereas the proportion of youth that were sexually initiated use all youth in each age group as the denominator. In all cases, the most accurate and least misleading information to know the extent of sexual initiation at a given age seems to be the percentage sexually active at different ages. Some authors use mean ages of sexual initiation with shorter age intervals Ma et al.

The extensive use of mean age of sexual initiation in the scientific literature and consequently in the media suggests that the potential for misleading interpretations is not being adequately taken into account.

Studies that use mean age of sexual initiation usually use age ranges that do not take into account those who have first sex at older ages or who never have had sex at all.

This essentially biases the interpretation of such means. The data presented in the table clearly show that the percentage of youth sexually active can be quite low at ages that are close to the mean age of sexual initiation and confirm that the use of this mean can be misleading and that misinterpretation of data is, indeed, quite plausible when using such average ages of sexual initiation. This finding was robust and remained unchanged when different age ranges were used to estimate the means.

The data used to estimate these percentages and means are not artificial and come from different countries using similar survey methodologies. Furthermore, these data were representative of the students from the respective countries. However, the percentage of youth sexually active will always tend to be quite low at ages that are close to the mean age of first sexual intercourse with whatever data commonly used in epidemiological studies targeting youth.

The distribution of the mean age of first sexual intercourse is always skewed in the context of such studies. A more precise depiction of trends and displaying percentages to target audiences provides the clearest picture and can be of crucial help to health policy makers and health education managers who are trying to convey the importance of delaying sexual initiation among youth.

We therefore encourage the use of the percentage of youth, at different ages, who have already initiated sexual relationships instead of the use of averages. This will reduce confusion, help avoid erroneous interpretations, and provide a much needed additional source of support to young people, all of which in turn gives such public health policies a better chance of succeeding.Seduction, or encouragement, while dancing is a natural.

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