Hey Ya Guysmany of us want to read urdu novel but unable to read so to read Urdu script. i found few PDF as in English translation of some novels. 6 Humsafar - farhat Ishtiaq (Read online Roman urdu translation) Not. Humsafar Novel by Farhat Ishtiaq Pdf Download: The publication was published in seven components in Khawateen Humsafar Novel Pdf Download. Humsafar- Roman Urdu Novel PART 3 pages Sadaf. Although Art and English literature are her favorite past times, she is graduate in Biochemistry.

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Humsafar novel by Farhat Ishtiaq Free Download in pdf format. Zindagi Gulzar Hai Novel By Umera Ahmad Pdf - English Novels, Online Novels, Urdu. Translation of a few pages of HUMSAFAR!! Done by Mr Junaid a dedicated reader of Farhat Ishtiaq's novels! Junaid lives in Cuba and is studying Medicine. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd Documents Similar To Humsafar Novel by Farhat Ishtiaq Mere Khb Mere Jgnu By Nmra makhan.

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Any highlights? Any scenes that stood out? Any criticisms? Did it live up to your expectation? Happily, so far my fears have been proved unfounded. The direction and editing have been smooth and flawless, carrying the story with ease. The sign of a good director is always how the audience is caught in the ebb and flow of the story.

Bingley asks him to dance with Elizabeth Bennet, which ultimately prejudices her every thought against him. Kashaf is afraid to look at the admissions list but ever confident Zaroon pushes past her to see exactly how well he has done. Sameena Peerzada was again simply brilliant, I love her nuanced portrayal.

She is not bitter but she knows when to call a spade a spade. Today we saw his slightly younger second wife and found out that yes he has a son but also two other daughters. I am hard put to understand this man or his mentality. Funny how such people are terribly concerned with Khandan or family image but never actually fulfill any obligations of support or help that also come with the word family. That conversation between Kashaf and her mother about maintaining boundaries when you go to college must be familiar to so many girls.

The patterns of the two households leave little to surprise us. In complete contrast, Zaroon and his sister lack for nothing but the care and attention of their Mother. Fawad was perfect as Zaroon. He lightened up some of those too serious for a twenty two year old dialogues and sang his way through what might have been the most annoyingly familiar conversation on Earth with Asmara in his car. Monologues can be difficult for an actor as they can come off as monotonous and preachy to the audience.

Fawad managed to carry off the diary writing speech about women and feminism without sounding bitter or angry but sad and confused instead. As usual Fawad khan carries the day.

I just loved how they surprised Kashaf with a new suite and shoes on her first big day. I hope we get to see more of Sheheryar Munawer and Mansha Pasha too and that they are not just left in the background. I was pleasantly surprised by Aisha who actually made her role as a silly spoiled younger sister work without me wanting to hate her. At this point I just feel sorry for her and I feel in the interests of common humanity let us just support her through this whole train wreck she is sure to go through ;.

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Zindagi Gulzar Hai- Episode 3 Review I read somewhere that love was a chemical reaction, something unearned and unqualified by reason or self-preservation. It happens because some molecule is released deep inside our brains and while our conscious self, and the experiences that formed it, complacently supposes to rule us, this thief steals in and begins to weaken all our defenses.

Kashaf and Zaroon did not interact so much in this episode but they have entered each other thoughts, they may not have had a single conversation today but they look like the two pieces of a puzzle waiting to fit together. The story is beautifully woven together and I dare not breathe for missing something, because not a scene is wasted. The cinematography, the camera angles make even the most mundane conversations look vital and interesting.

Some of the dialogues were strange for twenty two year olds. What young man in his twenties even knows who Julia Roberts is? Usama is not and I immediately thought of poor old Ron Weasley. Perhaps that is why we see him gazing at Kashaf come on yaar , you just met her , like a child at a birthday cake later in the episode. I had been looking forward to more from Sheheryaar Munawer , who was one of the few saving graces Of Merey Dard ko Jo Zuban Miley, but he needs to work on underplaying some of his reactions and dialogue delivery, especially in group conversations.

What is strange is the way Zaroon keeps challenging her when he should be used to her personality,after all he is her son. Again we see him worrying after his sister, asking about his mother and actually skipping a date with friends to spend time with his lonely father. Fawad as usual, plays the whole thing with seemingly effortless ease. Poor Zaroon, so used to being first and winning without really trying, is suddenly surprised to get a C this episode.

She is intelligent but her real advantages over Zaroon are her complete, almost painful humility and a willingness to work hard.

By her second day she is not bothered with competing in looks and clothes but in her abilities. Sameena Peerzada is one of the greatest actresses of Pakistan and she keeps proving it.

Humsafar Novel by Farhet Ishtiaq Pdf Download

I was not a great fan of her Nanni character in Sheher e Zaat but I wish every mother was like Rafia. She is polite but refuses to allow anyone to humiliate or force her children into anything. I am covering for Maria, but I promise she will be back to give you her own unique and fun insights to this series next week.

Abb app kay liye paysh kartain hain: i zindagi gulzar hai ki episode 4 kay barain main kuch gaap shupp! Why is it all right for Zaroon to stay late yet why can Sara not stay as late? Because the nookar will talk? Seriously Zaroon? What did you guys think of this particular scene? I can go on about it but I would really like to hear some of your thoughts on it as well. Some of us wondered last week what compelled her not to hate her husband despite all his shortcomings and his attitude towards his daughter.

I think she knows that he is culturally and societally manipulated by all the people that surround him. Critical thinking is not his forte.

One of my best friends is the most blunt, upfront, straightforward and honest person on this planet, including an attitude that could mirror that of Kashafs.

Yet my friend never sees that some people have a hard time getting along with her due to her restrictive personality. It was funny because she arrived back home last night from her first term in grad school and her exact words to me were, dude we have less then 20 people in my class and you have to let go of little differences and live with other peoples wishes, warna zindagi boohat hard ho jati hai and I was gob smacked for a while and let this change sink in.

Kashaf like my friend really needs to learn to sink in and crack the hard core shell she has built around her, because well you are spending almost 2 years with same people, you better find good friends.

It looked like the narrative was taking place in an American high school with the queen bee cutting her cake, surrounded by her crew. You guys are in grad school, not in first year of high school. Agar app ko koi birthday wish nahi karta to koi baat nahi hai… The friendships also look quiet fake too. Agar Kashaf itni weird hai, then why does Maria hang around so much with her?

Also, apparently got to love the fact that Zaroon thinks about Kashaf a lot yet in the past three episodes they had one face to face conversation!

I am team Kashaf today just because I want to support the girls :D P.

Humsafar Novel by Farhet Ishtiaq Pdf Download

I do apologize for the delay in review, i was too busy setting up the exhibition for "mummy night gowns. Clearly what Asmara fails to see is that the guy is simply not interested in being pushed into this commitment. To begin with, in the past four episodes, Asmara and Zaroon are unable to clearly establish proper communication between each other.

If I was Asmara, I would really sit down and have a good self-reflection and reality check with myself if I am able to make a long term relationship work with someone like Zaroon! Asmara wake up and dump him already! Zaroon on the other hand is not warming up to the idea of taking a huge step and responsibility of a long term commitment with someone who he has established a split mind about.

From what I have concluded in the past four more episodes it that Zaroon wants someone who will yield themselves to his wishes, needs and pleasures and in turn also pushes him to move forward and challenge him, maybe someone like Kashaf.

I always wanted my own sister, even though I have been blessed by friends that people cannot even imagine, in my heart I still wish I had my own, apni sister! I hope Kashaf comes to see soon that Asmara with all her designer clothes and looks has not done anything for anyone but Kashaf breathes life into other people. I think that UA has presented an interesting contrast between Asmara and Kashaf.

Asmara fascinates people because of her background, her materialistic goods and god gifted beauty yet Kashaf without all the worldly materials, still stands tall because of her strong sense of self, personality and a passion to move forward and achieve a valuable sense of identity not only for herself but for her own family as well. Kashaf is one of the most humanized character on screen and I hope to see more of her and Zaroon together which brings me to my next point.

Has ZGH managed to live up to its expectations at episode 5 concludes? That very first scene in the novel where Zaroon establishes himself as Mr. I know the novel is not the same as the screen play but we have too much telling at this point and when it comes to establishing a proper setting in a university, we have 0 showing. In the novel, he like hanging around with her because she was outgoing, bold and confident other than being described as very pretty.

I mentioned last week in my review that it looked like the narrative was taking place in an American high school!

This was one of the best chances for them to highlight the ever growing rivalry between Kashaf and Zaroon.

Let them join some clubs, debate teams, let kashaf have a few more friends…there was a lot of potential to grow the story within this integral setting but alas, they never took advantage of it. What the heck was that? Like the mommy night gown blinds the eyes, the DeS music becomes an ear sore after a while as well, because it has no place in the drama here, it was specifically made for DeS.

Do you agree or disagree that the dramas pace is quiet slow, if so what other factors do you think are contributing to it? I am team Zaroon today, do you guys know why!

Because at least he is not leading Asmara on and he honestly upfront told her that he is not ready to make a commitment! Go boy go! I emailed, messaged and did everything to ask the humtv youtube channel to also upload the subtitled version of the episodes and majaal hai kay in kay kanoon main koi baat jatii hai! Please upload the subtitled versions of the episode along with the non-subtitled one! We have been going on around in circles for the past three episodes without making an inch of progress.

Hai Beechara! The girl clearly has no self-respect. The rest of the story continues to reveal what occurred between Ashar and Khirad, the misunderstandings which lead them to be separated, the intensity of the relationship that they have with Hareem and if they can ever resolve their differences and understand each other better.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 16 August , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. First Edition Cover. Drama , Romance. Ilm-o-Irfan Publishers.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Back last year when I first heard that ZGH was going to be made into a drama, I was quiet excited, not because Fawad Khan was going to be playing Zaroon or the fact that our evergreen Sultana Apa was directing again but because of how I thought it would be finally nice to see a simple story of coming to terms with challenges and struggles of living from two people who perceive life in very different terms.

Also there is extreme contradiction in the story as well. Ashar is extremely confused and turns to look at the mother of the child who is walking towards him who is none other than Khirad. And so we begin the journey to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Bingley asks him to dance with Elizabeth Bennet, which ultimately prejudices her every thought against him. Repetition is important to enforce a point but it should never slow the story down especially when the dialogues can become very tasteless like the ones where Kashaf is specifically complaining to God again and again.

Team Kashaf or Team Zaroon.