Heart-stopping and glamorous, tense and provactive, Mistress of the Game is the sequel Скачать эту книгу (k) в формате: fb2, lrf, epub, mobi, txt, html. Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game. Home · Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game the button below! Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB. Sequel to Sidney Sheldon's Master of the game. Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the game Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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The master of the storytelling game.”—People Sidney Home>; FICTION>; General>; Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game - EPUB. Share This Title. Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game by Sidney Sheldon. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Sidney Sheldon Author Tilly Bagshawe Author ( ). cover image of Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game.

Curatestate approved. Donor alibris. Edition 1st ed. External-identifier urn: Identifier sidneysheldonsmi00bags. Identifier-ark ark: Isbn Lccn Page-progression lr. Pages Ppi Related-external-id urn: Scandate Scanner scribe3.

Scanningcenter sfdowntown. Worldcat source edition See also WorldCat this item. There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library Ohio. I wish she didn't, because I'm now questioning my unwavering adoration for SS: Were his works that good, or was I just too young and naive to lose myself into his stories?

I've got to search for all these books again! Weird, freaky 8-year-olds; one calmly goes thro' a kidnapping ordeal without any fear. Instead, she's already plotting her revenge o Atrocious, is what I think!

Instead, she's already plotting her revenge on 'the pig'. Just what planets do these kids come from? They then go ahead and have an incestuous relationship, all in the name of hate. Mothers poisoning their children against their fathers; offering them guns as birthday gifts??? These one-sided characters that are either all amazing like Alexandra, Lexi, Gabe or flat out evil like Eve and Max.

Then came this clincher: Gabe's maiden flight to Johannesburg that was apparently " A family of 11 tried to bring a crate of live chicken on board as hand luggage". And when he Gabe goes to work on a construction site in Capetown, and all the blacks spoke Swahili. This doesn't only reek of ignorance, but total laziness! This writer needs to stop messing up Sidney Sheldon for us. Mar 14, Richard Simms rated it really liked it.

Thanks to the horrible writer who took over the V. Andrews "name" after her death, I'm not a big fan of the whole "Hey, let's hire somebody new to continue pumping out books under the author's name! This book, a sequel to Master of the Game -- perhaps my all-time favorite Sheldon novel -- was true to the original in every way that matters. Like in that book, the lead characters include some truly twisted Thanks to the horrible writer who took over the V.

Like in that book, the lead characters include some truly twisted, evil folks. And Sheldon would be proud of the lightning-quick plot that manages to both deliver exactly what one expects and yet still manage to surprise. These days, it's tough to find a truly good "trashy" novel. But Bagshawe's was so good that the day I finished, I rushed out to download After The Darkness, her second attempt to tackle Sheldon's style.

It's worth noting that in the past, I attempted to read one of Bagshawe's works, Adored, and simply didn't find it captivating. Somehow, channeling Sheldon helped bring her potential to fruition! First of all, I have never read Sidney Sheldon. I have read and loved Tilly Bagshawe's previous books Adored and Showdown.

Her writing is what Jackie Collins used to be, before Jackie lost her edge. You do not have to read his book to read this sequel. Bagshawe recaps everything. This book is a very light read. The character developments were good, even though none of them were likeable. Y First of all, I have never read Sidney Sheldon. You have Eve, the demented Mother, who was turned into a monster, under the knife, from her blackmailing husband. Then you have the cousins, Max, the ever twisted son who was only born to do his Mother Eve's revenge.

Then there is Lexi, who was kidnapped and sexually abused as a child. She is so demented you can't even root for her. Then there is Gabe who shares Max and Lexi's great grandfather a loser turned hero. Honestly, I could have done without Gabe's story.

The plot consists of cousins Max and Lexi who fight for control of the family business Kruger-Brent, Ltd. Everyone is so messed up, you can't wait to see who kills who. Her and Max have x-rated sex, with zero boundaries. Did I mention they are cousins?

Then Gabe comes into the picture. The fact no one found it disturbing in the family that they were related and getting it on, but actually encouraged it. I think even the author thought I should be rooting for her and Gabe. Then add all the sick Thailand underage sex and sexual innuendos. Why did I finish? Just to see if any of them were killed off. If you are Jackie Collins fan and want to step it up a demented notch this one is for you.

View all 5 comments. Jan 31, Isabel rated it did not like it.

I have never read a book with so many unlikeable characters. Disappointed in Sidney Sheldon. I apologize to Sidney Sheldon. I did not realize 5 years ago that they hadn't written this book, I guess I got lost in the title. May 08, Kirtan rated it did not like it. Certainly unlike what Sheldon might have written.

Nov 01, Deena Allouni rated it it was amazing. The book was full of mystery scandal lies and love I absolutely enjoyed reading it. Jul 27, LookPla rated it it was amazing Shelves: Eight-year-olds who think and have soliloquys like eighty-year-olds is weird rather than applausable.

Lexi and Max at that young age were too well-spoken for eight-year-olds e. Lexi's thoughts when she was kidnapped. None of them were left out. Lexi and Max. In love and lust? Ugh, I know it's fiction but way to go grossing me out about a romantic relationship, Tilly Bagshawe! The ending was a cliffhanger, in such a way that it seemed there would be a third book to this family's drama but there are no inclinations that there'll be a follow-up.

I wasn't looking for a happy ending Sheldon books are scarce with happily-ever-afters but a proper conclusion would have sufficed. Apr 18, Zulva Fachrina rated it it was ok. I don't like Sidney Sheldon's to begin with, and I don't like whoever this woman who continue his books. I know that even if this book is miserable, many people said that Master of Game is masterpiece, but then I realise Sidney Sheldon's works are not my cup of tea.

I can't handle too much conspiracy, politics, adult stuff you know what i mean , free lifestyle, tragedy, revenge and such in every Sheldon's books. I read many Sheldon's books just because my mom liked it and bought it, and I c I don't like Sidney Sheldon's to begin with, and I don't like whoever this woman who continue his books.

I read many Sheldon's books just because my mom liked it and bought it, and I can't let any book in my bookshelf unread. Mar 09, Kimberly rated it it was amazing. I remembered my college days after rating these book?

My bestfriend introduce me to sidney sheldon who at first is my ever favorite author. It was just like first love at first read! I can't blink my eyes as I scanned the pages and beholding the content of every word.

As if I am one of the characters. And there was a time when I can't resist and let go of my studies!

Amazing book. Amazing author. Oct 17, Linda Shrum rated it really liked it. I certainly enjoyed this book. However at times I felt it was slow, too many characters to keep track of and I wanted it to move along. The last pages took care of that. I was hastily swept away with the climax. Tilly did, in fact, do a terrific job of pulling it all together and left no doubt as to who was the mistress of the game.

Well done! Jun 06, Sami Tunji rated it really liked it.

Mistress of the Game

It's really intriguing how the lust for power culminates into losses - the loss of enemies, the loss of loved ones and the loss of self. This episodic story salted with suspense is soaked with the lust for power and its tragic consequence of losses.

Jan 29, Kathy Warren rated it it was amazing. Read Sidney Shelton's Master of the Game and loved it. Mistress of the Game the sequel is at its best. Love the main character Lexi. Jun 23, Cherie rated it it was amazing. Y u do dis Sidney Sheldon and Tilly Bagshawe? Sep 02, Julie rated it did not like it. Sbg lanjutan dari novel Master of the Game , novel ini gagal membangkitkan kedigdayaan dan super manipulator Kate Blackwell.

Lexi Templeton sbg cicit Kate tidak mampu menandingi pesona sang nenek downloadut. Yg pertama dan terutama saya kecewa dgn susunan kronologis tahun-tahun yg berlangsung sepanjang riwayat hidup para anggota keluarga Blackwell ini, semuanya acak kadut dan berantakan, bila dihitung dari thn saat kematian Kate berusia 92 thn.

Tidak mungkin Kate baru melahirkan anaknya setelah Sbg lanjutan dari novel Master of the Game , novel ini gagal membangkitkan kedigdayaan dan super manipulator Kate Blackwell. Lagipula masa anak Kate sudah berhasil memberi Kate cucu saat usia thn? Jika Alexandra dan Eve dibilang berusia 34 thn pd thn , berarti mereka lahir thn Kedua, Max dan Lexi sbg downloadut Kate yg sama-sama berambisi, sayangnya author hanya memaparkan pendek dan kurang jelas bagaimana cara mereka dibesarkan.

Max hanya digambarkan sbg anak mama yg menuruti segala perintah ibunya yg super licik tanpa keberatan maupun keraguan sama sekali. Begitu pula Lexi yg dibesarkan dgn piring emas dan sendok perak, cuma digambarkan pernah diculik wkt masih kecil sehingga terobsesi pd balas dendam dan Kruger Brent, perusahaan milik downloadutnya.

Saya heran Lexi yg terlalu ingin membuktikan diri pd dunia bhw dia bukan perempuan lemah, justru menunjukkannya pd cara terlemah sbg gadis pesta dan penggemar sex yg menyimpang. Ketiga, terlalu banyak hal-hal dramatis dan lagi-lagi kurang deskripsi sebab-akibat. Perubahan diri pd Peter Templeton ayah Lexi setelah kematian Alexandra maupun Max Webster menjelang kebangkrutan Kruger-Brent makin membingungkan saya.

Sosok Lexi yg mau digambarkan seperti burung Phoenix, yg berubah dari abu menjadi burung yg cantik, rasanya berlebihan dan tidak tepat. Bagi saya, Lexi lebih mirip Paris Hilton yg manja dan senang mencari publisitas negatif. Karakter Gabriel McGregor sbg hero di novel ini dan menjalin asmara dgn Lexi, sangat dipaksakan. Apalagi dibawa-bawa bhw kakek downloadut Gabe msh bersaudara dgn Jamie McGregor. Sisi bagus dari novel ini, suspense nya masih terasa walaupun volume nya cuma bergetar saja, kalah jauh dgn Master of the Game yg membahana.

Cara Lexi menjatuhkan Kruger-Brent lumayan menarik, begitu pula kucing-kucingan dgn kepolisian dan interpol.

Akhir cerita juga masih menggantung dan rasa-rasanya sih ada kelanjutan. Aug 28, Elizabeta rated it liked it Shelves: Solid sequel, but can't really compare to the first one. View 2 comments. Sep 18, Archana Chari rated it it was ok Shelves: The Mistress of the Game: Not up to the mark http: Tilly succeeded in bringing back Sidney sheldon's characters alive but the characters were dancing for Tilly's tune and not Sidney's.

If you want to be famous, write a sequel to a bestseller, don't go after the legend! Sidney Sheldon was and forever will be the master storyteller. As for the characters, I'd like to start with Gabe. He is a drug addict, loser, criminal and a prisoner. When he is released and suspec The Mistress of the Game: When he is released and suspected for a fraudster again, the natural reaction would be to think he is guilty.

But the detective who inquires the case believes in him even though he knows Gabe is an ex-con. What was I reading? Sidney Sheldon's sequel or some self motivating crap? The characters were co-operative and lending a helping hand in every step of his. Dhai helps him in real estate business. His friend from "prison" yeah that's right. People are very generous and kind is financing him to start a real estate business from scratch.

Tara agrees to marry him on a lousy second date. He works for AIDS charity. He hires a detective to spy on Lexi. Now that is purely Tilly not Sidney! This is not Jeffrey Archer's or James Rollins..

It is Sidney Sheldon's! It has to be thrilling, manipulative, evil cut throat competition. There was no room for warm sentiments in the Master of the Game nor should there be any in its sequel! I am kind of disappointed to see how Robbie's character turned out.

In The Master of the Game, the last scene goes like Kate getting tuned to manipulate her great grandson when she sees him at the Piano, waiting to build up a career as a Pianist and not as a Chairman in Kruger Brunt.

I'd have least expected that sweet little aspiring pianist to be gay. Lexi Late Alexandra's daughter is supposedly a wild cat I don't see it who is ambitious and righteous right from her childhood. Her moral values are crushed and her emotions are evidently shattered when she is kidnapped and raped as a child. But she doesn't let that or her deafness from the bomb blast affect her in anyway. She tracks down the rapist and kills him in the prison.

She strides Kruger-Brunt office along side Max Eve's son and proves to be a prospective Chairwoman of the company. But the tide turns over when Max seduces her and lures her into bed That's so gross because their mothers are twin sisters and they are cousins! Anyway, their secret relationship and Max's sweet talks make Lexi believe in him.

Max takes over as the chairmanship of Kruger-Brunt at the right time and Lexi is expelled. Now here is the part where the author's drawing comparison between Kate and Lexi has to ridiculed! Kate would have seen right through Max and his ruse, and she would would have out-witted him long before he could lay the trap for her.

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Lexi could not have been more of a puppy here. And she emerges back from ashes and builds her own company and loses it to win Kruger-Brunt back. While that is appreciated it is not really what one would expect from the Mistress of the game to short-sell her shares from Kruger-Brunt to rebuild the empire again. Lexi is definitely not the Mistress of Kate's game.

Max is just a lame pathetic despo and Eve is the puppet master. Eve is the only evil character but the credit goes to Sidney Sheldon as she is from Master of the game. The final touche with the letter even from her death bed, her intention to destroy everyone she blames for her misfortune was so like Eve.

I'd have rather preferred to read The Master of the Game again. All that this book does is uplift Sidney Sheldon's fame and image. This book talks bad about Tilly Bagshawe: Reverso da Medalha termina com Kate bem idosa e Peter, marido de sua neta Alex comandando a empresa. Com isso, Eve passou a ser conhecida como a "Fera dos Blackwell". Enquanto Alex vivia sua vida feliz e bem casada, Eve amargava seu isolamento e um casamento com um homem que detestava.

Dias depois, foi a vez de Eve dar a luz a seu filho Max. Lexi passou a ser a sua queridinha. Seu amor passou a ser todo de Lexi, a quem tratava com todo zelo e cuidado.

Mas o grande baque veio quando Lexi foi raptada. Com Robert longe do caminho, o alvo de Eve e Max passa a ser Lexi. Em um verdadeiro jogo de xadrez os dois seguem rumo a diretoria da empresa.

Mistress of the Game

Aquela pobre menina rica. Mar 03, Anindita Bhattacharya rated it liked it. You may read it and my other reviews here in my blog. Do pay a visit. This is the sequel of the Master of the Game. The story is more or less the same.

The struggle for power, for the chairmanship of the business empire of Kruger- Brent. Mighty Kate Blackwell is dead, leaving behind her two grand daughters Alex and Eve. Alex is happ You may read it and my other reviews here in my blog. Alex is happily married to Peter Templeton and their son Robbie is the legal heir of the Kruger-Bent. The ugly scheming Eve is unhappily married to a Doc. Lexi Templeton is the main protagonist….

She is the Mistress of the game. She has a turbulent childhood. The death of Alex shatters Peter…. Robbie feels suffocated….

He loves to explore life…. He has a strong passion for playing piano….. One day he leaves home leaving everything to his dear sister Lexi…. At the age of 8 only Lexi is kidnapped and is sexually harassed too. Though The FBI finally manages to save her but she loses her hearing capacity.

Being a deaf woman would she be able to shoulder the responsibility. Eve on the other hand has a son named Max. He not only hates his cousins Robbie and Lexi but also hates his father Keith. The hatred is so intense that he kills his father at the age of 10 only. Time flies. Both Max and Lexi grows up.

They are each others toughest competitor. Hate each other openly but deep down something else is brewing. Is it Love, who knows?? What happens next??? Who finally gets Kruger-Brent……The book is full of twists and turns.

Definitely a good book. Full of surprises. Crispy language. But some questions remain unanswered…. What happened to Eve???

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She apparently loses her sanity then how come she knows everything??? Jul 12, Alasandra Alawine rated it it was amazing. The Game continues. Alexandra dies in childbirth leaving Peter Templeton distraught while he dotes on the daughter Lexi Alexandra died giving birth to he blames his son Robbie for all the attention and time she gave him.

A huge rift grows between Father and Son.This anchored sailor is unimpressed. When he is released and suspected for a fraudster again, the natural reaction would be to think he is guilty. The Mistress of the Game: Donor alibris. Because I read it years ago when I was a teenager and until To be honest, if this book was NOT a sequel to a book written by Sidney Sheldon, I would have probably given it a 3 stars instead of a 2.

To thoughts of her cousin, no less! Let's face it, if you take an original story and completely fleshed out characters and write new stuff for them, you're creating fanfiction.