“Just give me the TL:DR, Nick”. Black Book poster. download the Black Book here for $ This was recently brought to light when I gave Bodi an. Faggot: Am I speaking to Nick Krauser? Black Book is a minute seminar advising guys who are already comfortable with beginner. Hello, My Name is Nick Krauser and I Teach Men How to Approach and Date The best way to implement this is with his “black book”, specially the last video.

Nick Krauser Black Book

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Long-time readers will remember the book I co-wrote back in [1], Nick Krauser Daygame ProductsIn "Click post title to leave a comment" Me personally I use the method you recommended in BlackBook, which I. Jewelry & Watches · Women's Jewelry Rings Earrings Bracelets Charm Bracelets Necklace & Pendants Pins & Brooches Jewelry Sets Body Jewelry. 09/30/ Black Book – Intermediate Daygame Instructional Video specifically: “Nick, could you please write an article on Steve Jabba's purple pill.

When I read, I like extremely dense books and when I play video games I like those with many hidden layers of gameplay depth.

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I take real joy in the minutae. Of course not everyone is like that. Some guys want to get to the point really fast. This was recently brought to light when I gave Bodi an advance copy of the Black Book , my new video product.

Black Book if far easier to absorb. Black Book is a long detailed seminar designed to bump guys up from beginner to intermediate daygame.

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How do I achieve this? You run around stopping girls and dropping a series of lines onto them, in a structure designed to pull phone numbers out of girls who take a liking to you over those five minutes. It works and you can get laid off it.

I did.

The problem is that these are just training wheels. Eventually you become comfortable with the basics of managing approach anxiety, running up to girls, getting the body language about right, and having reasonably interesting words tumble out of your mouth.

Take your baby steps and learn to walk. What does that mean? What am I giving you in this section? Black Book is designed to take the handcuffs off you.

No longer will you be shackled to the latest opener you read on the internet, or a little routine your wing told you. Black Book focuses on simple principles and hands you the tools to build your own game from them. This is the simplest and most concise way to understand the principles that will give you deep identity-level change in your daygame.

I am curious to know how helpful this product is for gaming in America Los Angeles? Are the actionable examples can be applied there? Many people only pretend that they want to change their life. What they really want is staying the way they are and finding out a way to be more successful without change.

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Oliver from http: This is a precision-engineered system. After years bedding women, thousands of interactions on the streets from London to Istanbul to Rio De Janeiro, I have finally deconstructed the process. I can roll up into a new city anywhere in the world and by the end of the week have a hot local girl in my bed and dozens on my contacts list. This is what freedom looks like.


No matter where you are, no matter how hot she is, you can strike up a conversation and put your best self forwards. Every single variable is explained. A full explanation of WHY it works. No money. No fancy restaurants. No sports cars.

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Girls will be attracted to your core personality. Most men barely get laid.

It used to drive me mad. Short skirts, heels, hair flowing like a shampoo commercial. It never even crossed my mind that I could fuck them. They were out of my league. I wanted to be that somebody. They might as well be two different species. You can pick up a girl from the street in the middle of the daytime and be fucking her in a hotel bathroom a few hours later.

Any country you travel to, you can pick up local girls and have sex with them. Girls give you the REAL sex. Blowjobs, anal, threesomes.

They still believe the Disney fairytale. And those guys have a barren sexual future stretching out ahead of them. You can become the Guy Who Knows. How to think about yourself and women. What to say to women at each stage of the interaction. How to correct your body language and subcommunication so all your signals emit Guy Who Knows. How to read women to fine-tune your next step forwards.

Why I Wrote This Book. I was genuinely conflicted about whether to write this book. It gives away ALL of my secrets. Do I really want more men forcing their way into the Secret Society and competing for my women? The fact is I wrote this book for my own benefit. I enjoyed writing it. I knew that the act of putting it all down on paper would force me to organise my ideas.

Streamline them. Deconstruct everything down to the most precise do-this-say-that level. Writing this book has improved my own success with women. It offends me that honest well-meaning guys are being hoodwinked by fakers who try to empty their pockets and waste years of their lives sending them on wild goose chases. Every success I have is due to learnable personal charisma. Let me give you a little tip on how to spot if a guy has Game:. Four years ago I was you. And to live the life that you were meant to live.

The life that you know deep down is the one for you. You cannot believe the freedom I enjoy. I feel liberated. Often I sleep with her within hours of first meeting. A couple of coffees and one round of beers. I am not limited to any type of girl.

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I am not limited to any country. You get to live in the top tier of men — the guys who get access to the best women — whilst everyone else is stuck with the leftovers! Which world do you want to live in? Now I can change yours.

I was too busy travelling the world and seducing women.Posted on , by fubber. They still believe the Disney fairytale. Black Book is designed to take the handcuffs off you.

Lichthof September 6, at 2: Dealing with women is often a pain in the arse. Enjoying the moment, but less ego, more respect.

My question is, how do you feel about the views f such people as Sam Harris?