On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep [Robert On Becoming Baby Wise, Book Two: Parenting Your Five to Twelve-Month Old. On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep On Becoming Baby Wise: Book II Parenting Your Pretoddler Five to Fifteen Months. On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep is a Christianity-based infant management book written by Gary Ezzo and pediatrician.

On Becoming Babywise Book

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Find all the Babywise books at kaz-news.info, including the original On Becoming Babywise and Toddlerwise. Shop for baby supplies and read about all things. 1 Bestselling Book on Infant Sleep Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep Distinguished kaz-news.info On Becoming Babywise - The Infant Sleep Book. On Becoming Baby Wise book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The infant management concepts presented in this book.

One book particularly stands out from the crowd, by offering to give your infant the gift of nighttime sleep! Today, Babywise is just one of a franchise of books — 10 in total — taking you from Birthwise to Teenwise! Millions of copies have been sold world-wide.


Yet the book is also one of the most controversial of its type. A mix of unsubstantiated statements, out-dated references and their own case-studies presented as evidence, leaves many questions unanswered. The Babywise Book — Not So Wise Despite the unprecedented level of research into human lactation and infant sleep in recent decades, the out-dated concepts in this book are being supported with out-dated evidence — and opinion is presented as fact.

Babywise – 4 Ways The Babywise Book Lacks Wisdom

Very few other books have websites dedicated to warning others against their use. Attachment parenting is an approach to raising children, rather than a strict set of rules. Learn more about attachment parenting here.

BabyNotSoWise 2: Babies and Sleep It takes several months for a newborn baby to begin establishing a pattern in their sleep cycles. Even then, regular disruption is inevitable, as rapid neurological and physical development in the first years interrupts newly-established patterns. And a young, naive woman is pregnant with her first child. She is unsure, lacks confidence and wants to be certain she does the best job for her unborn child.

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Yet there are a great deal of books, resources and information - which ones to start with? Which ones to trust? So she turns to older, more experienced mothers who all but thrust this book into her hands and begin making the promises. Your child will sleep through the night at eight weeks if you follow this book. You won't have breastfeeding issues. Your child will be settled and happy. You will be a good mother.

The book is full of advice. Not just advice, but research!


It must be right! It all makes sense now. Parenting will be a breeze. The book has told her everything she needs to know. Don't trust your instincts, it said.

Babywise – 4 Ways The Babywise Book Lacks Wisdom

That way leads to folly, trust us instead! Your baby will cry, but mostly this will be to manipulate you. You must be firm, even if you want to give it a cuddle, this will only let the baby win. Don't give up and comfort it, stay strong and it will learn to self settle!

Routine, routine, routine, that is the only way to go! It makes statements like: There's no evidence to suggest that crying is bad for babies.

It's actually good for babies to cry for a period of time every day - it's natural. Don't cosleep. Mother's don't get enough rest with cosleeping. Children must sleep in their own rooms. November arrives and her child is born. She tries. Lord knows, she tries.

But he won't stop crying, screaming, with a red face and tiny little hands bawled into tiny little fists. People tell her he is hungry and should be fed. She can't see it. They must be wrong.

Babywise had told her that he needed to feed every four hours. Demand feeding would destroy breastfeeding, spoil him and have him feeding from her constantly until he controlled her completely. Despite having a natural, drug-free, complication-free birth, they keep her in hospital for five days, refusing to let her go home because she is clearly depressed, not coping and struggling to care for her newborn who begins losing weight, cries inconsolably and struggles to settle.

Her breastmilk doesn't come in for five days. Eventually she signs herself out of the hospital. Bill" Sears , the Baby Wise authors do not condone co-sleeping ; [1] Ezzo wrote, "The most serious sleep problems we've encountered are associated with parents who sleep with their babies.

Both methods warn the parents against using aids such as a pacifier to ease the baby into sleep, and both methods describe putting the infant to sleep without rocking, cuddling or nursing applied for the sole purpose of putting child to sleep. Nor will Dad be excluded from his duties.

Critics include, for example, T. Baby Wise predicts that the 8-week-old child will be sleeping 7 to 8 hours in a row at night, and the week-old child increasing the nighttime sleep period to as much as 11 hours. Ferber said, "Parents shouldn't expect babies to sleep that long that early, although a very few will on their own" and says that the book may frustrate parents of babies that are not sleeping so much; the parents may wonder what is wrong with the infant.

I'm not out campaigning against the Ezzos; I'm just not their greatest fan.Fidel Castro resigns. The baby learns kisses and snuggles. Here's what I thought good stuff first: That is exactly how I have felt for some time.

“Babywise” book review

I respectfully disagree with your article. We wondered why and then we read On Becoming Preschoolwise. The big difference between this and the way that most babies naturally operate is that babies like to fall asleep eating.

Give your baby the credit though, not the book. You must be firm, even if you want to give it a cuddle, this will only let the baby win.