A Good book for DI – How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for the CAT Common Admission Test 1st Edition (Paperback) by Arun Sharma. Results 1 - 16 of by Arun Kumar Sharma and The Book is in Hindi Language only. After ordering No Return Request will be entertained. Read How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT (Old Edition) book reviews Arun Sharma is a post graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of .

Quant Book By Arun Sharma

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The sole purpose of this:: Thread is to bring together the CAT aspirants who are solving the Quant book by Arun Sharma. This will be a common place to discuss . Best book for quant to clear concept and practise a lot of questions I have personally used Arun sharma and it's the best available Quant book in the market . CAT / Preparation Books, Best CAT Books by Arun Sharma of three subjects: English; Data interpretation and reasoning; Quantative Techniques.

Got the book in a day. Was glad I got the original book and not a fake one. I was really really impressed with what Flipkart has done with its packaging. Hope the quality of service continues like this.

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Prashanth Certified downloader , Bengaluru Mar, Best book of Quant. It's an amazing and very helpful book for those guys who have little command on English and possess basic knowledge about maths.

This book will help you to solve same problem in a traditional way and an efficient way to use your time efficiently during any aptitude exam. This book is a complete guide for quantitative aptitude.

This book includes everything short tricks , strategies, topics in details , huge question bank and many more things. If you are a cat aspirant then i strongly recommend you this book.

Even if you are not preparing for CAT, do read this.

If you have good knowledge in fundamental math, go for this book. It will help to crack higher examination. But author made several step jumps in it. So boost up your skill before try this book. Questions and Answers. Yeah pretty good for beginners. Skip LOD 3 questions if you are a beginner.

Report Abuse. Flipkart Customer. Will the book will helpful for those who are preparing for gate from the 1st year of bba course. Is it applicable for all types of competitive exam? Rs aggarwal or arun sharma which is best book for gate exam? Find the number of 2s and the number of 3s in !

How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT Common Admission Test

Or just find the number of 3s, as it will be lower and hence put a limit to the number of 6s. Similarly 5 numbers divisible by 27, and just 1 divisible by This might help: The pedagogy focuses on building your communication skills, developing your thought process and strengthening your personality.

Visit https: Related Groups. About this group. The sole purpose of this:: This will be a common place to discuss any doubts while solving the questions.

As there are many questions in the book where Follow 0. Chetan Bharadwaj Last Seen: Management Education Level: Upvote 0. Smit Parmar Last Seen: I have personally used Arun sharma and it's the best available Quant book in the market. Just go for it.

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Karan Hedaoo Last Seen: I hope this answer helps you. All the best. Puneet Mahajan Last Seen: Dear Abhinav, Both the books are industry standards when it comes to cat preparation.

Zubin Mehta Last Seen: If you have already startes off with Quants preparation and you need higher difficulty level to crack, I suggest go with sarvesh Varma. If you're at just intermediate level, go with Arun Sharma, questions are clear concise and Lucid explanation is given for better understanding of fundamentals and Steps for approach.

You can also refer books by nishit Sinha for Quants and Data Interpretation as there are quality numereical problems in this book. Make sure you give ample of mock exams every month.

Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude (PDF Download)

All the Best. Jaswant Saxena Last Seen: I have personally found Arun Sharma to be very good for QA for the following reasons: Great description in a very easy to understand language about the concept.

Great set of practice examples in the beginning of each chapter. Mastering level 2 questions will give a good command over the topic, which has a decent different types of questions. Akshay Kadam Last Seen: Both the books are nice but I will prefer Arun Sharma as the quality of questions are nice and explanation given is also in good manner.

So you can definitely try it and don't stop after attempting this books questions only becuase it will only help you in making your basics strong.Like this document? Actions Shares.

Vashu Krishan Sharma Last Seen: Puneet Mahajan Last Seen: So one can expect thorough concept building plus problem practice from this book.