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There are two art books for Tekkon Kinkreet, the anime movie. This is one with the white cover, Tekkon Kinkreet Art Book: Background. By Shinji Kimura. Hi, good readers!! This Tekkonkinkreet Art Book Shinji Kimura - White Side PDF Online is the best book I have ever read today. If you are. Publisher: BOOK (). Language: English. Pages: ISBN: Size: MB. Format: PDF / ePub / Kindle. Tekkon Kinkreet is a

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I think there's one book for it? Might consider downloading David Chelsea though.. By thickness and size. Though it really depends on your preference, so try it out. Uploaded to zippyshare: Also, it's on cgpeers. Gotta make pastebin for links in each thread soon. No idea 'bout it. Sounds portable.

Do you plan to scan it soon? If you don't wanna scan, it's cool and ofc it's yours. Make the best use out of it by practicing perspective and light. Found this: As the year went on, more and more people would share the same story, where they accidentally forgot their USB and the books appeared. We're pretty sure there was some dude that went around looking for forgotten USBs and would transfer them over, but no one ever found out who it was.

Anyway, here's a link to both books: Been looking to get that Edgar Pane book, I'm a britfag and they don't sell it here, it's also out of print and I don't see any uploads anywhere.

Tekkon kinkreet Art Book Shinji Kimura - Black Side

May just have to bite the bullet and fork out 50 quid for an import. Anyone got the Tactics Ogre artbook?

I paint in trad mediums and I'd say the John Carlson one is miles better. You have a link for the John Carlson book? I have the hard copy of the book, the composition parts are floating around as 1 or 2 page scans. Most of the book is weirdly off-topic. I'll look at what I have tomorrow. Drawn to Life: Will seed. I'll request but I know I'll never have it.

I lost the count of how many times I requested it. Just use other methods. I forgot for a second I would receive this kind of commentary too. Thanks for reminding me. Just get a tokyo otaku mode coupon for being a newfag and download a copy for yourself. Really want to study his stuff. I'd get it if I had access to a scanner.

Would love this! Instead of scanning it, just use good camera Seconded. Apparently that book is an artistic goldmine. Just tell what site upload to. Downloaded just fine for me, dunno what everyone else was struggling with.

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Which one should I get? Portraits book 1 or figures book 3? Drawing beautiful women the Frank Cho Way. I haven't been around in months, what happened to the tumblr that was running during the summer or so? Maybe last summer? I can't remember the link so I can't even check if it's still up, just remember someone was posting download links to a ton of books.

It was taken down after the mega stuff. The tumblr I'm not aware of that. But that's not the one I was referring to. Unfortunately, it's not on internet yet. My connection is shite, could someone upload it to a site without download limits like mediaire and MEGA? Also, why don't people use mediafire more often?

I was hoping it would be similar to Jeff Watt's style. How is the text? I remember the text being okay, like the information is solid but it's very hard to decipher everything because the diagrams are so bad.

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He just is really bad at drawing planes and then you get these jumbled messes. Like this is what a typical diagram is: The pencil drawings he has are also like Like they have zero appeal. I got the book because I was interested in the Reilly method, but I think it is a subpar representation of the method.

It is very hard to learn from something that doesn't pique your interest. I too found the book because I was looking up a book on the Reilly Method.

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Seems I'll be better off with youtube videos of its practitioners demonstrating it to a class, yet. Thank you anon. The 3d total book and Chris Legaspi have some tutorials available too, if you are still looking. It's really nice of you. Beginner question here, please bear with me: I don't mean generic moe shits but still I'd like something, let's say, "in between". If my question doesn't make sense feel free to be blunt and call me out on it.

I seem to like the tuto on the blog too. It has a strong Zelda feel to it, seems very noob-friendly and different from the more serious books. It's all fun so far. We'll see. If anyone can link me i'll be thankfull. Thanks anon. Though, I do feel bad torrenting something that was kickstarted. If someone could find a copy of The Sky by yoshitaka amano that'd be great x-x I have hunted for sometime and unable to find a digital copy.

This book is really inspiring af. Not Hampton's.

Some book like the 2nd Famous artists Course, about forms. Might not have been scanned yet. Honestly i'm looking for the master class by Beverly Hale for all the illustrations from the old masters. I really like his other books, because i like to study from masters' drawings than pictures of people.

Or any other character design stuff from those two sites.You guys might like techniques of the observer.

Anyway here's this original source: Thank you anon. Rebeca samples unlike the penicillin. I got the book because I was interested in the Reilly method, but I think it is a subpar representation of the method.