By Walter Bressert IDENTIFYING CYCLE TOPS AND BOTTOMS USING OSCILLATORS. 2. Detrending Takes the Mystery Out of Cycles. The indicators are based on the works of Walter Bressert. Included in this Library: Templates. Cycle Momentum Master. Indicators. WB RSI Detrend. WB DSS 5B. Bressert. Walter Bressert is acknowledged as the man who brought cycles to the futures markets in his original newsletter, Hal. Commodity Cycles, which was.

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Walter Bressert is acknowledged as the man who brought cycle analysis to the futures markets in this original newsletter HAL Commodity. Cycles. Published. cycles methodology, so in this issue I will attempt this explanation. As many of you know, my cycles training came under the supervision of Walter Bressert. Walter Bressert - Intraday Timing for Low Risk Swing Trading - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Walter Bressert - Intraday Timing for.

In the Chart 2 below, the blue oscillator is a 10DS Bressert Double Stochastic, which tends to identify the tops and bottoms of the bar cycle as the oscillator tops and bottoms.

The thick bar blue, if viewing in color is a setup bar, which occurs when the double stoch drops below the downloadline at 40 and turns up. The red dot is the mechanical entry signal generated when prices rise above the high of he setup bar.

The up arrows show the cycle bottoms; the down arrows show the cycle tops. A rise above the setup bar generates a mechanical download signal indicated by the dots following the setup bar and confirms a cycle bottom.

The advantage of trading with mechanical download and sell signals is that it takes much of the "judgement" out of your trading. With a specific entry price and a specific stop, you know your dollar risk, and you know where you will be wrong. The upturn paints or thickens the price bar that generated the up turn, and the mechanical download signal is to go long when prices exceed the high of the setup bar. We do not trade the download signals on the longer-term, minute charts.

They confirm a larger cycle bottom and trend reversal signaling the beginning of an uptrend. At tops, they confirm the end of an uptrend and the beginning of a downtrend. Cycle Timing Bands, calculated from historical price movement, are used to forecast the most probable time periods for future cycle tops and bottoms.

Seventy percent of all cycle tops and bottoms occur in or following the timing band. There are many tools to help improve your trading, but only cycles will allow you to add the element of TIME into your trading.


Simple download and sell signals do not consider the whole picture. By combining mechanical trading signals with daily and weekly cycles or two intra-day time periods and cycles, such as a 45minute and minute, or a 5-minutes and minute , retracements, trend Indicators and trendlines into Cycle Trading Patterns, you can greatly improve your accuracy and odds of making money on a trade or with a system.

The following charts and trading concepts are based on trading the long side of a market. Walter Bressert, Inc. Chart 1 — Do you see the cycles in this chart? Chart 2 - Cycles are measured from bottom to bottom.

Every time frame of every market has a dominant Trading Cycle averaging from 14 to 25 bars as measured in weeks, days, half days, hours, minutes or ticks.

Most Trading Cycles in the stock and futures markets tend to cluster in the 18 to 22 bar range, averaging 20 bars from bottom to bottom.

In Chart 2, T-Bonds exhibits a daily trading cycle of 21 days from bottom to bottom. The trading cycle tops and bottoms are indicated by the arrows.

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Chart 2 - The arrows indicate trading cycle bottoms and tops. But to make cycles tradable it is necessary to define the tops and bottoms so they can be identified and traded with mechanical download and sell signals. Chart 3 — Centered Detrend -Trading Cycle tops and bottoms are easy to see in the centered detrend.

For over 50 years the non-profit Foundation for the Study of Cycles has been using a simple procedure called centered detrending to identify cycle lengths in all natural phenomena, including economic activity. The advantage of centered detrending over Fourier analysis and Spectral analysis is that you can visibly observe the historical cycle bottoms and tops.

When you can look back over 20 years of price history and actually see the consistency and tradability of cycles, it is easy to have the confidence to trade them. After all, if you cannot see cycles in price activity how can you put your money on the line to download a bottom or sell a top.

We are not looking to trade the big bottoms and tops that occur as the trend reverses, but the bottoms and tops of the shorter-term cycles occurring in the direction of TREND. The process to detrend a cycle is simple. Calculate a moving average the same length as the potential Trading Cycle. For most markets use a bar moving average of the close. But instead of plotting the moving average on the day of the last calculation, it is centered or plotted in the middle of the cycle.

For example, the day moving average is plotted back 10 days from the most recent close. This is called a centered moving average as it is plotted in the center of the cycle.

Subtract the moving average from the high and low of each price bar and plot the results around a zero line directly below each price bar. The zero line represents the centered bar moving average. The centered detrend at the bottom of Chart 3 mitigates the effects of trend and allows the highs and lows of the trading cycle to be easily seen. This process can be easily programmed into many of the popular trading platforms.

Chart 4 - The chart below has been compressed to show more cycles. The highs and lows of the centered detrend correspond to the highs and lows of the trading cycle.

Most cycle tops occur above the sell line at.

A rise above 2. If you are thinking that this is the indicator for which you have been searching… there is one problem.

Because the centered detrend lags prices by one-half the length of the cycle, or 10 bars, the centered detrend is excellent for showing historical cycles, but cannot be used for real-time trading. Not surprisingly, the performance of these oscillators for identifying trading cycle tops and bottoms can be improved by a few simple techniques.

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To use an oscillator to identify cycle tops and bottoms look for three characteristics: 1. The oscillator turns when prices turn 2. The oscillator has amplitude moves that take it to the extremes of an allowable range as the cycles bottom and top.

Overlaid on the centered detrend CDT is such an oscillator.

Controlled Trading Cycles and Oscillators

It shows the bottoms and tops of the trading cycle almost as well as the centered detrend and can be used as a mechanical trading signal and cycle identifier… And the RSI3M3 is current to the most recent price bar, turning down in this chart to identify the most recent trading cycle top missed by the centered detrend.

Chart 5 — The RSI3M3 oscillator is current to the most recent price bar and shows cycle tops and bottoms as well as the centered detrend. The RSI3M3 drops below the download line at By dropping below the download line the oscillator shows an oversold condition common at cycle bottoms. The oscillator turns up to show the market momentum is reversing. The price bar that turned the oscillator up is colored or thickened to show that it is a setup bar. A download stop to go long is placed one tick above the high of the setup bar.

Once a market is entered a protective sell stop is placed one tick below the cycle bottom. Sell stops would be placed one tick below A and B.

In A the setup bar was also the cycle bottom and entry occurred the following day.

In B the setup bar occurs two days before the cycle bottom, but entry occurs the day following the cycle bottom. B A Chart 6 — Mechanical Trading Signals… reduce judgement and put you in control because you always know the risk entry price to protective stop. The down arrows show the cycle tops. The setup bars are the thicker price bars, and the entry day and price are shown by the dots that follow them.

Four occurred at trading cycle TC bottoms; three followed the trading cycle bottoms and were followed by higher prices. Only one occurred before the trading cycle bottom. But trading cycle bottoms 2, 4 and 6 were missed by this download signal because the oscillator did not drop below the download line. I found a couple of books published by Ned Dewey. Dewey had been hired by the US government back in the s to determine what had caused the Great Depression.

What was his conclusion? His conclusion was that it was cyclical in nature and there was nothing that the government could have done to stop it. After that, he left the government and started the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

The Foundation publishes a magazine, and has since the s. So I read their research on cycles. Plus, I studied The Catalogue of Cycles, which lists about 20, different cycles. It became very clear to me that there are cycles all around us. How did you bring this to trade the markets? It made sense to me that if the long-term cycles existed, then short-term cycles should work, too.

I set out to work with shorter cycles in the markets. Because cycles gave me an element of time, I started to make price and time forecasts based on the shorter-term cycles.

Before I started the newsletter, I was doing my own research, and during that time, the classic The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing was published.

After the book was published, the author, J. Hurst, started holding workshops.RSI3M3 download signal to enter the market.

The thick blue, if viewing in color price bars are the setup bars; the up arrows, cycle bottoms. Whether you are trading weekly, daily or intraday time frames, it is the cycle in the longer-term time frame that sets the trend for trading the shorter time frame.

Hurst, started holding workshops. Reduce taxes or increase government spending is impaired. There can also be an extreme of a short and a long, such as a four and