Related topics[show]. Ahl al-Hadith · Criticism · Category · Book · v · t · e. Al Kafi Cover Page. The book Al-Kāfī (The Sufficient Book) is a Twelver Shīʿī ḥadīth collection compiled by . 'Usul al-Kafi English Translation, E-Book Volumes ', compiled by Muḥammad Ya`qûb Kulaynî, translated by Muḥammad Sarwar. - download Ashshafi Tarjuma Usool E Kafi 5 Volumes book online at best prices in India on Read Ashshafi Tarjuma Usool E Kafi 5 Volumes. Uṣūl al-kāfī (Arabic:أصول الكافي) is the title of the first part of the three parts of al- Kafi, a major Shiite book in hadith. In this part of al-Kafi, we.

Book Usool E Kafi

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Online Islamic Library offers wide selection of Islamic Books, Islamic Audio, Video and more. Urdu Books - Muhammad Ibn Ya'qub Al-Kulayni. Title, Subject, Download. Usool e Kafi - Volume 01, Hadith, Download. Usool e Kafi - Volume 02, Hadith. This free e-book was downloaded from .. 'Usul al-Kafi has made it possible to create a comprehensive link to make understanding of the.

Here are some well-known commentaries of the latter sort: Sharh usul al-kafi by Sadr al-Din Muhammad al-Shirazi , known as Mulla Sadra d.

This commentary on Usul al-kafi has been published in 3 volumes. Sharh al-kafi by Mulla Salih Mazandarani d.

Usool 20e 20 Kafi 20 20 Volume

The book contains a commentary on Rawda al-kafi as well. It has been published in 12 volumes.

Muhammad Mu'min Gilani in Arabic, published in two volumes. Al-Hashiya 'ala usul al-kafi by Sayyid Badr al-Din b.

Kitab al-Kafi

Ahmad al-Husayni al-'Amili. Dirakhshan partu'i az usul-i kafi A shining light of Usul al-kafi by Sayyid Muhammad al-Husayni al-Hamadani in Farsi, published in 6 volumes. In addition to these commentaries on Usul al-kafi, there are some incomplete commentaries.

All of these commentaries are available in the form of a multimedia software called Kulayni Software. Translations Usul al-kafi has been translated into English by Muhammad Sarwar. In this part of al-Kafi , we can find hadiths concerning the beliefs of Shiites, the biographies of Imams a , and how a Muslim should behave. Usul al-kafi is the most significant source of hadiths for the Shiite beliefs. It has frequently been published as a separate book, it has been translated by several people, and numerous commentaries have been written on it.

The author of Usul al-kafi is Abu Ja'far Muhammad b.

Ya'qub b. Is'haq al-Kulayni al-Razi d.

He was a scholar of hadith in the period of Minor Occultation. Usul al-kafi is the title of the first part of the three parts of al-Kafi — a Shiite book in hadith. It contains 3, hadiths.


The other two parts of al-Kafi contains hadiths concerning fiqh Islamic jurisprudence and ethical advice. Since al-Kafi is the only book among the Four Books the four major books of Shiites in hadiths which has addressed the principles of beliefs, it has always been central for Shiites, and this is why it has been published separately.

Shiite scholars have written several commentaries on it. Usul al-kafi contains 8 general sections or as al-Kulayni calls them, "kitab"s or books. Here are the titles of these sections:. There are two sorts of commentaries on Usul al-kafi:In other projects Wikimedia Commons. They say, he who has no Taqiyya has no deen.

In this manner, these collection have original and worthy foundations for researchers, even though a normal reader, who is not a researcher, doesn't benefit by its use, and to him the repeat of a speech or tradition with small differences but different documents isn't really beneficial or interesting. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

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And for several considerations we refrained from introducing unnecessary explanatory notes, except where it was absolutely necessary, so as to stick to our. Sunan Abu Dawood. Ainul Hayaa P Content Usul al-kafi is the title of the first part of the three parts of al-Kafi — a Shiite book in hadith.

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