Mac address book is used for easily managing your current address book and it is also known as Contact app. With this app, you can enter all. Many iPhone users don't know how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac address book or Contacts app. Here we will show you three ways to. With iCloud, you can access your contacts from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or on When you make a change on one.

Contacts From Iphone To Mac Address Book

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If you want, you can also load it to your Address Book as well. This will let you learn how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac easily. Part 1: Keep iPhone contacts up to date on Mac with iCloud Besides, iCloud doesn't support music, which is an important element for a phone. videos, music, books, voice memos, and more between iPhone and Mac. This article show you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac with Other: Contacts, Messages, Note, Books, Voice Mail, Safari Bookmark.

Then, how to import contacts from iPhone to Mac without iCloud?

Don't worry, read on this how-to article and learn how to do it with or without iCloud, and select the one fits your needs best. If you just want to import some specific items, you have to use another way instead, such as EaseUS MobiMover in the second part. Besides, iCloud doesn't support music , which is an important element for a phone.

If you want to do this, MobiMover also can meet your demands. Step 2: Then, the contacts will be updated to your iCloud account. Step 3: Turn on iCloud. Sign in with the same account on iPhone. Step 4: Check Contacts and click Manage.

How to Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac with or without iCloud

Then the contacts will be imported from iPhone to Mac. This popular iPhone data manager tool enables you to copy all or certain contact numbers from iPhone to Mac for free and unlimited.

Besides, you can import photos, messages, videos, music, books, voice memos, and more between iPhone and Mac without iTunes or iCloud any more. Equip your Mac with MobiMover by clicking the Free Download for Mac button below and begin the data transfer right now. Step 1: If you want to transfer contacts only, go to click More and keep Contacts selected.

As you can see, it would be time-saving to use MobiMover to transfer all the supported files from your iPhone to Mac at once.

Click the folder icon and set a storage path for the contacts to be copied to your Mac. Click Transfer to begin transferring contacts from your iPhone to Mac.

Wait for the process to finish patiently.

If you want to check the imported items, open the contacts in HTML format on your Mac with a browser to do it. MobiMover can do far more than data syncing from iPhone to Mac. Quite powerful, right? Go to the online user guide page to get more details. AirDrop is a pre-installed application on the Apple devices.

You can use it to share photos, music, contacts, notes, and more among iPhone, iPad, and Mac. AirDrop only allows you to sync contacts one by one.

How to Sync iPhone Contacts With iCloud

Make sure the two devices are within about 30 feet. Open the Contacts App on your iPhone, and find out the contact you want to sync with Mac. Make sure you sign in your Apple ID on your iPhone.

Visit iCloud. Click Contacts icon and then click the gear icon at the bottom left corner. Select all and then click Export vCard. And all your iPhone contacts will be imported to Mac as a vCard file.

Four Ways to Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac (iOS 12 Supported)

This way is easy to operate but it requires you to have an iCloud account. If you don't have an iCloud account, you will have to create one before importing contacts from iPhone to PC.

Way 3. Set up iCloud and enable your iCloud account on your Mac.

How to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac without iCloud

Click the little apple icon on the top left of your Mac, choose System Preferences, click iCloud, and select Contacts Address book you want to import. Then you will see all the iPhone contacts are synced to your Mac Address book. And also, have an iCloud account is the prerequisite of the way.

Way 4. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Mac Address Book or Contacts App

It's best to leave it at "Contacts Only". You will also need to navigate to whatever you want to share.To update iOS 10 is a must-be action. If you are asked whether to Merge or Cancel, tap Merge. It's best to leave it at "Contacts Only".

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