Online + PDF exercises (worksheets) with answers and grammar rules. Direct - indirect (reported) speech: He is ill. - I knew he was ill. In this we have provide, High Quality Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises for Bank, SSC, RRB Exams. Candidates can practice with these. Change this direct speech into reported speech: 1. “He works in a Reported statements: Answers. 1. Change these direct questions into reported speech: 1.

Direct And Indirect Speech Exercises With Answers Pdf

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A. Put the following into Indirect speech: 1. Mr West said, "I The teacher said, " You must answer this question in 5 seconds". 8. He said, "I D. Change from Indirect into Direct Speech: 1. Peter said he . _____ difficult exercises. 7. ______. Reported Statements Mixed Exercise. Change this direct speech into reported speech: 1. “He works in a Reported statements: Answers. 1. She said (that) he . Direct and indirect speech worksheet This grammar exercise tests your ability to use direct and indirect speech. Fill in the blanks.

Sandy: "I will never go to work. When we report something that is still true. Dan: "Asia is the largest continent. Emma: "People in Africa are starving. When a sentence is made and reported at the same time and the fact is still true. Michael: "I am thirsty. With modal verbs would, might, could, should, ought to, used to. George: "I would try it. Mimi: "I might come. Steve: "I could fail.

Mel: "I used to have a car. After wish, would rather, had better, it is time. Margo: "I wish they were in Greece.

Matt: "I would rather fly. Betty: "They had better go. Paul: "It is time I got up. In if-clauses. Martha: "If I tidied my room, my dad would be happy. In time clauses. Joe: "When I was staying in Madrid I met my best friend.

We do not change the past tense in spoken English if it is clear from the situation when the action happened. We must change it, however, in the following sentence, otherwise it will not be clear whether we are talking about the present or past feelings.

We do not usually change the modal verbs must and needn't. But must can become had to or would have to and needn't can become didn't have to or wouldn't have to if we want to express an obligation. If the modal verb must does not express obligation, we do not change it. B Pronouns We have to change the pronouns to keep the same meaning of a sentence. Sometimes we have to use a noun instead of a pronoun, otherwise the new sentence is confusing. If we only make mechanical changes Kevin said he had killed them , the new sentence can have a different meaning - Kevin himself killed them.

This and these are usually substituted.

C Time and place Let's suppose that we talked to our friend Mary on Friday. And she said: "Greg came yesterday.

If we report Mary's sentence on Sunday, we have to do the following: Mary: "Greg came yesterday. If we say: Mary said Greg had come yesterday, it is not correct, because it means that he came on Saturday. The time expressions change as follows. Sam: "She arrived last week. Julie: "He moved a year ago.

Note If something is said and reported at the same time, the time expressions can remain the same. On the other hand, if something is reported later, the time expressions are different in the indirect speech. Last week Jim said: "I'm playing next week. When the quoted speech is split by the subject and verb: 1.

Reported Speech

At the end of the first part of the quote, place a comma and quotation marks. Insert the subject and reporting verb, and follow the verb with a comma. Include another set of quotation marks and begin the second part of the quote with the lower case. Punctuate the end of the sentence. Include the second set of quotation marks. Copyright , Red River Press Inc. In fact, reported speech is one of the most common forms in grammar. There are strict rules for the sequence of tenses.

In general, in moving from direct speech to reported speech, the tense is changed one step backwards to the past. Notable exceptions are the simple future which becomes conditional in reported speech and imperatives which become infinitives in reported speech.

The relative pronoun that used after the reporting verb is optional, but commonly used. Use capital letters where necessary.

John said I am very happy to meet you 2. The doctor said you should cut down on your salt intake 3. Natasha explained I am here to learn not to fool around 4. Pack your bags and get out of here screamed the landlord 5. I believe Toshiko said that you are holding my bag 6. Could you tell me how to get to Route 17 Atsuko asked 7.

The fastest way out is through the library Robert explained 8. The professor said we will have a test on Friday 9. Boris yelled where are my new shoes Underline one or more mistakes in each sentence, and write the correct sentences below.

Bob exclaimed You just stole my wallet. Boomer said my parents are leaving right now.

Grandpa always said always to dress nicely the first time you meet someone. The professor said that he would correct the tests on Saturday. Natalia asked where the cafeteria was.

The doctor explained that he would operate tomorrow. My mother said that she was tired. Greta told me not to leave so early.

Direct + indirect speech

Mark said that he could speak four languages. Shirley told me to take notes in biology class. My sister said that we would leave early Sunday morning. Hideyuki explained that he was feeling sick. Harold asked why I was wearing such old clothes. Rosa said that she will come early to the meeting.

The doctor said me not eat so much beef. Olivia told that she will be late tomorrow evening. The counselor told me not take any more literature classes. Maria Pia said that she is not going to Colombia this year.

Direct and Indirect Speech Narration Exercise 1&2

Kil Yi said he is gonna leave at six. Victor said never to cheat on exams.

Isabella said me that she will not never marry me. My mother told me cook dinner myself.

Elise said that she has eat already. Pay particular attention to the verb tenses. The police officer told me The teacher said thatNote If something is said and reported at the same time, the time expressions can remain the same. London: Routledge, p. She says that it is raining hard. I will come on Sunday," he reminded me.

Margo: "I wish they were in Greece. Harold asked why I was wearing such old clothes.

She explained that she had been at the seaside. Victor said to never cheat on exams.