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Landmark Upper-Intermediate Teachers Book - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. Landmark Upper-Intermediate Teachers Book. Landmark Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book. Файл формата pdf; размером 17,81 МБ. Добавлен пользователем anonymous Landmark: Upper-Intermediate: Teacher's Book by Simon Haines, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

She said she used her phone yesterday. Turn them into reported speech. Tell the student on your left three pieces of information. Listen to the extract again. Why do you think the speaker makes these suggestions?

Vocabulary 1 Check the meanings of the words and phrases in bold from the recording.

Then answer the questions. What social situations are you often in? How do you focus on particular people or things? What are your favourite and least favourite subjects of small talk? Which ones have you suffered from? Which of the symptoms in the list above are not mentioned? Could you give this young man some advice? Think of two or three suggestions. Do you agree that bringing a fear out in the open takes away its power to worry you?

Grammar Reported speech 2: Read these direct and reported questions and think about: I asked her where she worked. I asked her if she knew anyone else in the room.

She asked me when I would ring her. She asked whether my father worked locally. How similar are they? Role play 3 a Work in groups. You are the first arrivals at a party. Exploitation 1 a 8. Example She asked him what his name was. Tell each other what you found out about the other guests at your party. Specialist Colin Baker answers some basic questions about bilingualism.

Speak and read 1 How much do you know about being bilingual? How many of these common questions about bilingualism can you answer?

Work through the questions with a partner. If you are not certain, make a sensible guess. Then write the question number next to the correct answer. Trilingualism is not uncommon in parts of Scandinavia. Monolingual people assume that being bilingual means being just as able in two languages as the monolingual is in one language. But for a bilingual, each language tends to have different functions and uses. Most bilinguals are stronger in one language than another, even where each parent speaks a different language.

As soon as possible.

Children learn best before the age of three and should start learning before they are taught to read, if possible. There is no evidence for this. Where both languages are well developed, there is some evidence to suggest that their performance may even be improved. It is usually recommended that where the parents are of different nationalities, they only use their own language with the child. Because they want to fit in, children are highly motivated to learn and are much less likely than adults to forget vocabulary and constructions they learn outside the home.

Landmark. Advanced Student's Book

Not if the two languages are kept separate initially. Experts recommend that parents and teachers use only one language at a time, even though the child may decide to mix the languages later. Have your say Are many people in your country bilingual? Is it particularly useful or necessary to be bilingual?

Listen 8. As you listen, think about these questions. Understanding ideas 1 Listen again. How did each speaker learn other languages? Have your say 1 When should children start learning a second language at school? Make a list of differences.

Speak and write Work with someone whose language is the same as yours. Write notes as you work through these stages. Choose five to ten words and three to four useful expressions.

Think of several different activities which students will find useful and interesting. Make this a memorable lesson. If there are students of other nationalities in your class, teach them part of your lesson.

The first one has been done for you. In fact there is always plenty of time for messages. What have they got in common? Which one? A few people came to the match.

Landmark: Advanced: Teacher's Book

Plenty of children seem quite happy to talk to answerphones. Choose the best meaning. Examples Many friends of mine speak two or three languages. Few people in my family use the Internet. Tell your partner. Example She can speak three languages. Which words or phrases mean: Make up your own answerphone message.

If there is a pronoun in brackets, put it in the right place. Mr Johnson is expecting your call. Use the passive. Can you just while I try to find him? When is it OK not to the truth? Who was the fortune? What did they say? When do you or might you a prayer?

You are going to write two e-mail replies. Which one is a reply? Morris Subject: They would like you to give presentations in both places. If you would like more information, please get back to me. Best wishes Jo Subject: I was working it out — it must be nearly 3 years since we last saw each other.

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Wish me luck. Don weekend.

How many mistakes can you appropriate? Suggest one or two improvements, then discuss your ideas with your partner. If so we want to hear from you. Contact Mediabest with your info. Write to: Mediterranean holidays Leave the 20th Century behind and discover delightful villages and quiet beaches with our exclusive selection.

Hotel, self-catering and do-it-yourself packages. What happens in the third conversation? What do the callers want in the other conversations? This time note down some of the telephone language the speakers use under these headings: You are going to take turns to phone each other to ask for information about two more advertisements. Sit back to back with your partner.

Student A Turn to p. Student B Turn to p. Unit 8 Language check In this unit you have worked on the following language points: I work in a bank.

She said her name was Jean and she worked in a bank. The verb tense also does not change when the reporting verb is in the present tense.

The subject is after the verb. How many birthday presents did you get? A lot of my friends play tennis. He had a lot of money.

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Profusely illustrated. Boorstin focuses on the social forces and cultural influences that have made Americans the unique people they are.

Partially because his material is unfamiliar, but partially because he writes in a more mature fashion than most younger children are used to, we supplement Boorstin's book and, if need be, encourage you to replace it for the first half of the year with The Story of the USA books.

Oversize pb, illus, two vols.

No resources. Please enter your name and email address to view samples. Get Samples Landmark History Sample. Multiple Students?

The high interest level of Sonlight books have given my active boys and my more tranquil daughter the opportunity to hear and learn from great books even if they couldn't sit still very long. Even in high school, we choose some books to read aloud because we enjoy books together and it has become part of our DNA.

Although this photo is staged, year-old Nathaniel really can maneuver a soccer ball while he reads or listens to Christie read. He is studying Core and British Literature in his twelfth and final year of Sonlight.English for Negotiating Students Book. Mahdi Dahri rated it it was amazing Jan 23, Grapevine - Students book It is usually recommended that where the parents are of different nationalities, they only use their own language with the child.

History[ edit ] Landmark School was founded in by Dr. View Larger Image. Cutting Edge, Advanced, Students' Book.