Maryada Ramanna (Illustrated): Stories of wits and wisdom - Kindle edition by Sufiyan. Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Children's eBooks The tales of the witty Maryada Ramanna (not to be confused with Tenali Ram) are very popular in . Maryada Ramanna (Illustrated): Stories of wits and wisdom [Sufiyan] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The tales of the witty Maryada Ramanna (not to be confused with Tenali Ram) are very popular Ebook cover image. The tales of the witty Maryada Ramanna (not to be confused with Tenali Ram) are very popular in south India. Everyone considered Ramanna as an illiterate.

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They went to the Kingdom's Court of Justice presided over by Maryada Ramanna who was famous for dispensing justice wisely. Maryada Ramanna heard what. Some of them, based on puranic stories, are remade into 'samvadas' Humorous narratives such as Paramanandayyakatha- lu, Maryada Ramanna kathalu. Ah, those bedtime stories reeled out grandmother, her voice laced Tenali Rama, Maryada Ramanna and so on while writing to us and the.

Certainly the Wikipedia summary of the plot sounds strikingly similar to Maryada Ramanna's. True, however, if Rajamouli or S. It's a matter of ethics not law. The same goes for notions about hospitality.

In anycase the controversy is moot untill I've seen both films. So first is my reaction and brief review of Maryada Ramanna and then I will watch Our Hospitality and write up a discussion of any similarites between the two films. I found Maryada Ramanna to be very entertaining.

As a non-Telugu speaker watching a film with out subtitles I obviously missed alot of the humour and emotion that came across through dialog, but the situations and the outstanding use of the background score provided plenty of humour and excitement. Sunil was a perfect choice for this role. He played the hero perfectly.

He was sweet, funny and charming and his fear was palpable when he realised the danger he was in. He was obviously very heroic at the end on the bridge.

Maryada Ramanna Telugu Stories Episode 1 | Kids Moral Stories

I wish I knew what he said! Saloni was also good in her role. I really like that alot of Tollywood heroines get parts that have women with some backbone. I thought she played her role sweetly but with a mind of her own. The supporting cast was once a gain perfectly chosen.

Karthika Puranam

The two brothers that were out to get Sunil were funny amd menacing. I loved the hero introduction and the use of slow motion and music that Rajamouli uses so well to build excitement.

I know I had a look on my face like a kid who was seeing fireworks for the first time during the first song picturization when all the cars were flying through the air. Thank you Rajamouli for that!

I had seen Sunil dance in a few other other movies so I knew it would be a treat. I agree with other reviewers that have written that they were getting a Chiru vibe from him. The production values and action sequences were of a caliber that we've come to expect from Rajamouli.

I found the film to be really a first rate entertaining expericence. Next up Our Hospitality, it's getting late but I'm determined to watch and review while Maryada Ramanna is still fresh in my mind.

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