Your support and feedback have made it all worthwhile, and have made this second edition possible. So thank you! Master Mobile Web Apps with jQuery Mobile. usually be found writing cool apps for mobile and web, or teaching other developers how to do so. Did you know that Packt offers eBook versions of every book published, with PDF cookie/master/>. Master Mobile Web Apps with jQuery Mobile. (Fourth Edition) by Matt Doyle. Published by. Elated Communications. PO Box Robertson. NSW

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Master Mobile Web Apps with jQuery Mobile by Matt Doyle. Published by. Elated Communications Ltd. Freshfield Road. Brighton. BN2 9YD. jQuery Mobile applications are universally accessible to all devices with a browser. This is a favorable The instantaneous deployment model of the Mobile Web is very advantageous in conceptual/mobilehig/ Mobile developers who want to master jQuery Mobile and build cross- platform mobile web. Did you know that Packt offers eBook versions of every book published, with PDF and ePub files Chapter 3: Configuring and Extending jQuery Mobile. 49 What do buttons look and feel like in jQuery mobile? used to implement a mobile web application. Quickly master all of jQuery's animation methods.

To bootstrap an application, type in the following command: cordova create toptal toptal. The subcommand is invoked with three additional parameters: The folder where the application will be placed, the namespace of the application, and its display name. This is where you will place your application code which is common for all platforms. While Cordova allows you to easily develop an app for different platforms, sometimes you need to add customizations.

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At this point you can also open up the config. Add your first platform using: cordova platform add android If you change your mind later on, you can remove a platform from the build process easily: cordova platform rm android Upon inspecting the platforms directory, you will notice the android folder within it.

For each platform that you add, Cordova will create a new directory in platforms and duplicate the www folder within it. However, remember that if you rebuild your application with the CLI used for cross-platform development , Cordova will overwrite the changes you have made for each platform, so either make sure you have them under version control, or you do platform-specific changes after you have finished with cross-platform development.

As we mentioned earlier, moving from cross-platform to platform-specific development is easy. Moving in the other direction is not. Another solution for developers is then to create something called web-apps: HTML CSS apps, which users can access from their browsers.

They are cross-platform, and cross device. The jQuery framework has been around the web for a while now, but the jQuery base technology was basically designed for browser apps.

Master Mobile Web Apps With JQuery Mobile..pdf

The framework is touch optimized, uses responsive layout so that elements will automatically adapt on different device sizes, and supports a range of different platforms and devices. In this jQuery Mobile tutorial, we will create a nice demo app from scratch, to show some of the things that can be easily done using this powerful tool. Please note that this is only the front development, you will of course need a server and a database if you want to create a real app. Wireframing Our Application.

In order to see where we are going, we will first draw some wireframes to see what each screen of the app will look like. Home Screen : Choose a Plate On the first screen we will put the logo of our application.

We will then give the user a choice between different plates. Each choice comes with an image illustrating the plate, and each is a link that will lead to the second page where the user can choose the town.

Choose a Town On the second screen, the user can choose the town where they want to eat. The towns are displayed in a list of clickable items. Beside each town there is a bubble that gives the user the number of restaurants available for the chosen plate in this town. Since the list of towns can be pretty long, we will provide a filter so that the user can quickly search for a town at the end of the list.

When the user clicks on a town, they are lead to the page where they can choose a restaurant. Choose a Restaurant The user can now choose in which restaurant he wants to eat.

A page may have header and footer elements with data-role of header and footer, respectively. In between, there may be an article element, with a role of main and a class of ui-content.

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Lastly, a nav element, with data-role of navbar may be present. One HTML document can contain more than one section element, and thus more than one screenful of content.

This way it is only necessary to load one file which includes multiple pages of content. One page can link to another page within the same file by referencing the page's id attribute e.

In the example below, two other data- attributes are used.A brand new flipswitch widget, which is smoother and more flexible than the previous approach of using the slider widget for flip switches.

jQuery Mobile

Note that this is a filter that will filter the items of the list, and is not a search bar. Pierce Harrison 3 years ago Views: We are going to get started by creating a Cordova project.

A simplified theming system that now mostly uses CSS inheritance to decide which theme a widget should inherit.

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