My professor used this book for a modern physics courses. The book is decent, but the downfall is that Krane does not provide enough theory/mathematical. January 2, Format: PaperbackVerified download. This book contains a nice and in-depth overview of almost all aspects of modern physics. It is well written. reviewers and preserved the historical and cultural flavor of the book while being modern physics) textbook, and that leadership has been continued in this.

Modern Physics Book

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Concepts of Modern Physics (SIE) by Arthur Besier, Shobhit Mahajan, S. Rai Choudhury: The revised edition retains its fundamental classic. download Modern Physics - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN , This book is part of a series on Modern Physics: Waves · General Mechanics · Special Relativity · Quantum Mechanics · Electrodynamics · Nuclear Physics.

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1st Edition

Free Shipping Free global shipping No minimum order. Develops modern quantum mechanical ideas systematically and uses these ideas consistently throughout the book Carefully considers fundamental subjects such as transition probabilities, crystal structure, reciprocal lattices, and Bloch theorem which are fundamental to any treatment of lasers and semiconductor devices Uses applets which make it possible to consider real physical systems such as many-electron atoms and semi-conductor devices.

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Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Modern Physics

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What holds molecules together? How do electrons tunnel through barriers?

Modern Physics Textbooks

How do electrons move through solids? How can currents persist indefinitely in superconductors? To pique student interest, brief sketches of the historical development of twentieth-century physics such as anecdotes and quotations from key figures as well as interesting photographs of noted scientists and original apparatus are integrated throughout. Dubson, Hardcover: Prentice Hall Refreshingly contemporary, this beginning-level introduction to modern physics covers all the important topics of relativity, quantum mechanics, systems with two or more atoms, and subatomic physics, but does so in a manner that won't overwhelm readers who are new to the subject.

Explanations of concepts are exceptionally readable often enlivened with humor , and an abundance of high-quality worked examples and practice problems give readers the hands-on practice necessary to master applications. The Space and Time of Relativity. Relativistic Mechanics.

Quantization of Light. Quantization of Atomic Energy Levels.

Concepts of Modern Physics

Matter Waves. Electron Spin.

Atomic Transitions and Radiation. Solids Theory.

Solids Applications. Statistical Mechanics.

The Structure of Atomic Nuclei. Radioactivity and Nuclear Reactions. Elementary Particles.

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For anyone needing an introduction to, or refresher of, modern physics.When doing so, the result is called the classical limit. Knight combines rigorous quantitative coverage with a descriptive, inductive approach that leads to a deeper student understanding of the core concepts. During his undergraduate years, he majored in English, Philosophy, and Physics and served as the editor of the campus literary magazine, the Owl. Solids Applications.

The balance of the book leans more toward ideas than toward experimental methods and practical applications because the beginning student is better served by a conceptual framework than by a mass of details. Published Date: