"To download pdf click on image ." Go lingerie - shopping with him. Pass out drunk with her on the same bed. Cry on his shoulder when you. Never Kiss Your Best Friend book. Read 44 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Go lingerie - shopping with him. Pass out drunk with he. NEVER Kiss Your Best Frined PDF- Sum - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Faridabad This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not. hired out. . I had a best friend once and he and I were really thick.

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How can I download a free PDF of any book? , Views Never Kiss Your Best Friend by Sumrit Shahi PDF, EPUB, MOBI & AZW3 Free Ebook Download. ABOUT THIS BOOK. In this sequel to the bestselling Just Friends, find out what happens when headstrong and impulsive Tanie Brar meets her equally crazy. - download Never Kiss your Best Friend book online at best prices in India on Read Never Kiss your Best Friend book reviews & author details.

Maybe working on a TV sh I only read this book because I'd read the first one, I was facebook-friends with the author and I'd heard that he had some TV shows that were doing well. Maybe working on a TV show isn't the best way to become a better writer.

The disjointed language structure aside, even the story had no punch. Last time round, the author at least had an insight into the elite Delhi brat culture and MUNs.

The last book I could recommend to 17 year olds but this one was difficult to even finish. I hope Sumrit Shahi's TV shows are better than this book. Maybe it would have been better if he'd just pitched this book as a TV show, too. The writing is very modern and Cool, the language used was so Rich yet had a funny twist to it. The climax was just un-expected and It made up for the Par story line. This book is purely for the YA. Just pages, A quick Breezy read. I did my best to control my tears When i read the penultimate chapter Sumer came to my rescue as I cried my eyes out after my first heartbreak.

And then we kissed. Bursting pimples and stuffing my bra with equal fervour. Permutations and combinations. He had gone to Singapore for her but on the day his flight landed there. Education had ruined us. Maybe Aaryan had wanted it to stay this way. Avoided his calls. He declined it. I enrolled myself for a MUN conference in Singapore.

As soon as the Boards ended. And avoiding him meant pretty much boycotting my social life. In reality. I sent him another request—I wanted to know what had happened to Boza. He blocked me this time.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Stopped going for birthday parties. I completely cut off from him. He asked me a simple question in it— can a girl and boy just be friends? And as strange as it may sound. And Sumer suddenly came up with the idea that he loved me. It snaps as soon as you try to make it personal. I sent Aaryan a friend request on Facebook as soon as I reached home.

He also had a best friend. Our friends did occasionally wonder what had happened between the two of us. At the time I thought I loved Rehaan and kissing Sumer had made me feel like a…slut. I turned to leave but just then the door opened. Heartbreak was still a novelty back then. For the uninitiated. About his life. He left me with a poem Boza had written. Chickening out. I avoided him at all costs. I found the answer to the question on the flight back from Singapore.

Deleted him from Facebook. Maybe he had lost Boza. Sumer suddenly popped in and gave me a letter. I stopped hanging out with the gang. Went to the tuitions only when I needed to and then sat in the first row. Can a girl and a boy just be friends? I regretted ringing the doorbell of his house the moment I pressed it.

She had been badly injured and was still in the ICU as we landed in India. In his illegible handwriting.

From a stranger who shared a story with me. What a surprise! Where were you going?

They never end happily ever after. I was obviously going to lie and tell Sumer that I had bought them in Singapore. Carefully I turned the doorknob. I knew the look. Premature ejaculations and bad beginnings. The box of imported chocolates I had picked up from the pantry. The last thing I wanted was for his mother to be a referee while we discussed why we had indulged in an intense match of tonsil tennis.

My eyes wandered to the staircase where Sumer and I had kissed. That was the first time I had got permission to go for a late-night birthday party and. And unheard of. I peeked in and saw him sitting on the edge of his bed with his back to the door and his face to the wall.

When did you come back? Did you and Sumer fight? Are you scared about the result? I gently knocked on the door of his room. Our picture hung there. But then granted wishes are like good hair days. But Sumer had come prepared. The second round of knocking was louder. Aunty studied my expressions secretly.

I made sure my parents regretted giving it to me. It was unlocked.


I trailed into the living room behind her and was politely pushed onto the sofa. Still no response. She leaned forward and touched my hand. Parents do that all the time. We all ordered a lot of Coke that. The one we had taken on his birthday last year. I kept staring at it as Aunty continued to shoot question after question at supersonic speed. Unlike her stern. The other parents also oscillated between the two options. The noses wrinkled. Sumer was slapped. The oldest trick in the book.

And the just-hatched drunk sixteen-year-olds started a cake fight amongst the entire gang. I know you can hear me. I began again patiently.

Expensive shirts. Sumer likes food. Not even by an inch. The loose T-shirt. I got you food. While Sumer was. Can you stop pretending. I walked up to him. All the parents were called to his house that night. He did not even react to the call for food!

With every intention of kicking his balls so hard that they would swell to become bigger than the ice packs he would later use on them. Drycleaned dresses. Sumer turned. Fake logo belts. Even as I saw him. And mixed it with all the vodka and whisky. Just-discovered high heels. I cleared my throat to speak. I put a firm hand on his shoulder and just as I turned him around… Things that should never.

Then came the hiccups. I was grounded. Sumer is a Labrador. Gelled hair. That should definitely get a reaction. It began with uncontrollable giggling.

Both of which I had for the first time.

Classy make-up. I decided to garnish it. Sumer happily cut the cake afterwards. And Sumer being Sumer had gone ahead and got our picture from that night framed and put it up on his wall.

Deductive logic. The eyes reflected disgust. All soiled. One in which china broke. Their relationship was like that. My Labrador likes food. Back straight. I took a deep breath. Handkerchief folded and placed in the right pocket. His father was the stereotypical navy captain. Chunks of cake flew all around. Wine after dinner. Sumer picked up a bigger slice and gave me a facial. As Sumer was about to cut the cake. The girl moaned louder. Headphones plugged in.

The maid dashed out of the room. My cell phone vibrated. I jerked to a halt and decided to finally answer the call. Sumer dashed to the washroom. The call died. Different people do different things to space out from their thoughts and find perspective. Listening to rock music. And I wanted to get the disturbing visual out of my mind!

I had ended up seeing another kiss and another pair of balls. Then I wanted to kick him in the balls. In shock. Draining warm Scotch neat. Cutting yourself. Melodrama runs in the DNA of Punjabi moms. In anger. Going for a long walk on the beach. In surprise. A deep-tissue body massage. The box of chocolates fell from my hand.

Writing poetry. And hit the Titanic debris. I froze.

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The anger subsided. Shanti saw us look at each other.

The box of tissues Sumer had kept nearby fell. Just when I had gone to discuss the tissues. And in the end. Rolling a joint. I chose running. My heart sank deeper. I mean come. Dear life. I ran. Because I bought the dress at Zara that you were eyeing?

Hair tied up. Having good prolonged sex. I mean issues.

I walked out of the park. Nobody does it better. The screen glowed. Track shorts. A long hot shower. The coffee glasses fell from her hand. The street was devoid of activity. A balloon of fear burst inside me and I tried to shout. Enough said. Suddenly Sumer pushed me away and started to suck Rehaan instead. Now that the Boards were over. I blinked hard as reality hit me. Gossip Girl. I smiled sadistically. For a moment I thought I had heard the voice before. But my voice bounced off the rolled-up tinted windows and slapped me back with the sinking reality of the situation.

She was at a loss for words. There were houses on both sides of the street. I had no time to react as the car accelerated away. And this time it was loud. I was actually being kidnapped! I tried to wrestle my way out of the car but the guy on my side overpowered me. Rehaan and I.

I took a deep breath and tried to shout from my belly this time. I looked around frantically. Before I could reply or make sense of what was happening. And Rehaan enjoyed it. I realized both of them are meant for each other. There were a few cars parked in front of houses. A little ahead. And out of instinct. At a distance. This was a goddamn residential area. I wanted to ask you something. Megha and Shiven had been doing each other for the longest time. Everything is fine. Laughter filled the car as I sat there.

Shiven shot him a look of disgust. Viraaj got the finger in response from me. Just then the car halted and the driver turned around and took off his monkey cap as well. His eyes grew big with fear. How do we get home? I snatched the phone from his hand.

The car screeched to a halt. I found myself reflexively grabbing the knife Shiven was holding in his hand and lunging for Sumer. Viraaj squealed. He had just circled the neighbourhood. The laughter stopped. I got so scared. Viraaj and Shiven carefully got out of it. Yet again. I think he was with someone. I switched my phone on. Check his neck…maybe. The two men took off their monkey caps. Lips pursed in a silent plea.

I looked at my watch. He took a turn around the curb. Shiven and I discovered it last month. He stared at me. His eyes all emotional. I tried to not flex my jaw muscles in response. This idiot had planned it out well. I could see our houses up ahead. I decided to begin the conversation that should have happened way earlier.

Despite the situation. He went red in the face again. You know how difficult it was to execute the entire plan? Send our folks to the movies. Sans the. He bought two Millers. We drove to the shop. He stopped outside my house. Sumer started the car again and drove to my house in silence. We continued to sip from our beer bottles. I was jerked forward and my forehead hit the windscreen. And then finally. Thanks for trying to kidnap me in it. There…finally…I had got it out of my system.

Knowing he obviously meant otherwise. Or how I have been feeling for the past four months. Staring intently at me. Not the guy I want to watch Twilight with. I began.

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I took a large sip from the bottle. But it was just a moment. That kiss had felt special. Very special. I smiled briefly. Dirty things. And by definition. And we both burst out laughing. Taking his hand into mine. With you I can be real. I looked at him. Playboy—Ek Mawali ki Love Story. I sounded so gay. Problem solved. They still are. Or the liquor store we used to get alcohol from. Like trying to get a lead on Aaryan. Life fell quietly and comfortably into routine after that night.

Sumer did go through the occasional moonlight moment but I was always alert to bring in enough sunshine every time he looked funnily at me. She smiled. It would have hurt him less. In his room. Like my messy cupboard. He might have cheated on me. Like stalking Rehaan to keep tabs on his new girlfriend. In his car. At the coffee shop. From the deepest recess of my heart. The kiss was history. I looked around.

In my backyard. After what seemed like a decade. April dissolved into May. He finished his beer. I could have lied to him. Someone will see us! And May trickled over to June. Like sunrise and sunset. Just as I was about to get out of the car. He smiled. Our friendship. The trick worked. I know him. Get an engineering degree. I knew he wanted to cry out loud but was just being macho about it.

We were in his backyard. New York Film Academy.

He fell down. Shanti got the Coke. Talk to him politely. The next morning. I burst out laughing. If Vikram has his way. I had scored a fucking 92 in maths. Sumer had scored an 80 per cent. He was shooting hoops while I looked on.

I reciprocated and rubbed his back warmly. Dad said that just because he never stopped me from wasting my time with the camera. And my best friend is laughing at that. His father was dismissive about his score. And later the lemons. As it turned out. My parents were overjoyed with our scores. He wants me to take up non-medical! Just out of nowhere. My future is doomed. I had scored an 87 per cent.

I got up and nursed him. Despite the tension. She says Vikram knows best for me. I shrieked so loudly that Mom and Dad rushed to my room. Filmmaking is my scene. Sumer told me as soon as I groggily answered the phone. He touched my hand. I got up immediately. After a lot of broken china. I wiped it for him. Sumer followed suit. Sumer was going to study science. Sumer broke into his bar. And become one of the jerk-offs who smoked weed and played Counter-Strike with a beer belly in the name of studying engineering.

The night Uncle left. Call me after you tell him. His father had even taken his video camera away. Written in an easy to understand and friendly tone, you will be able to relate yourself with the characters in the book if you've experienced a close friendship. It lays out a long list of crazy things like dancing with her in your boxers, crying on his shoulder when you break up, boring her with football talk at 3 a.

The book also posts a staggering question. What happens when it doesn't work out between you and your best friend? Will you lose out on this friendship as well? Sumrit Shahi is an Indian novelist and screenwriter. He is recognized as a prolific writer in the genre of young adult fiction and romance and has won over many young hearts thanks to his light and articulate writing style.

He has also worked as a script writer for some successful television shows namely Sadda Haq, Veera and Million Dollar Girl. The book is available online for convenient shopping. You can bag this book from site. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

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See all free Kindle reading apps. Don't have a Kindle?You havent changed a bit. And mixed it with all the vodka and whisky. Paperback Verified download. It's respectful and kind. Why did you steal the bottle? The laughter. Definitely go for it!