Motivational Books. Filter products / Motivational Books / Showing 1 - 12 of 52 results. Categories. None Islamic Books Sufism Urdu Novel Histroy Books Political. The Power of Positive Thinking Urdu Pdf Free Download The Power of Positive Thinking Urdu Authored by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Translated in to Urdu by. We have a huge collection of motivational books in urdu pdf for free download. Our motivational urdu books collection include self help urdu books, self.

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Motivational Urdu Book in PDF Kamyaabi. Motivational Urdu Book in PDF Kamyaabi Kamyaabi, yeh kitaab aap ky lye kia kr sketi hai? Koi aap ky lye. Pyam-e-dost team presents Inspirational Books in Urdu. These books present us the mean to get motivated to enjoin good and deliver us inspiring stories so that. books based on votes: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief: Spiritual Insights Expressed Through Art, Poetry and.

Motivational Books Tags: A S Siddiqui , Kamyaabi. Kasak Read more. Zehni Dabao Se Nijat Read more. Mein Ishq Aur Woh Read more. Bari Manzil Ka Musafir Read more. Harf-e-Aghaz Read more. Doosron Par Jadoo Kijiye Read more. The 3 Mistakes of My Life Read more. The Tipping Point Read more. Unchi Uraan Read more.

Awaken the Giant Within Read more. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Read more.

Badlo Soch Badlo Zindagi Read more. Akhuwat Ka Safar by Dr. Amjad Saqib Read more. Zara Nam Ho Read more. Mazhab Aur Science Read more. The Alchemist Read more. Educational administrators set educational standards and goals and establish the policies and procedures to carry them out.


They also supervise managers, support staff, teachers, counselors, librarians, coaches, and others. They develop academic programs, monitor students educational progress; train and motivate teachers and other staff, manage guidance and other student services administer record keeping, prepare budget, handle relations with parents, prospective and current students, employers and the community and perform many other duties.

Educational administrators school principals set the academic tone and hire, evaluate and help to improve the skills of teachers and other staff. Principals confer with staff advise, explain, or answer procedural questions. They visit classrooms, observe teaching methods, review instructional objectives, and examine learning materials. They actively work with teachers to develop and maintain high curriculum standards, develop mission statements, and set performance goals and objectives.

Principals must use clear objectives and guidelines for teachers appraisals because pay often in private schools is based on performance ratings. Principals also meet and interact with other administrators, students, parents, and representatives of community organizations. Parents, teachers, and other members of the community play an important role in setting school policies and goals. Principals must pay attention to the concerns of these groups when making administrative decisions.

Principles prepare budgets and reports on various subjects including finances and attendance; oversee the requisitioning and allocation of supplies.

As school budges becomes tighter, many principals are more involved in public relations and fund raising to secure financial support for their schools from local businesses and the community. Principals must take an active role to ensure that students meet national academic standards. Many principals develop school partnerships and school-to-work transition programs for students. Growing enrollments, which are leading to overcrowding at many existing schools, also are a cause for concern.

When addressing problems of inadequate resources, administration serves as advocates for the building of new schools or the repair of the existing ones. Schools continue to be involved with students emotional welfare as well as their academic achievement.

Motivational Urdu Book in PDF Kamyaabi

Objectives of School Administration The objectives of school administration are: 1. To manage activities in a sequential order according to the attitude of the students, as human nature like sequence, order, and smoothness in the activities.

To promote group work so that the students participation becomes pleasing, enjoying, and they throw of fears. To make the school activities more beneficial and meaningful for the students, the variety of activities are offered in an integrated manner to develop balanced responsibilities.

To develop congenial and cordial relations between teachers, teachers and principal, institution and parents, in this way education and training go hand in hand.

To provide a sympathetic, considerate, leading and guiding leadership. To encourage the talent to flourish democratic ideas and ethics. To pave the way for novel creative and prosperous styles to solve the confronted problems. To make the school a cooperative enterprise for the betterment of the individuals, locality, district, province and the nation. To provide for the material and man power needs where and when needed.

To utilize the material and manpower facilities to the optimum possible.

To make room for the timely induction of new knowledge in the curriculum. To make the school activities go in a sequential and a logical way. To share and delegate the responsibilities to provide and a logical way. To share and delegate the responsibilities to provide the power input and get feedback to rectify the system enabling to get the maximum output.

Elements of Administration The main elements of administration are as following; 1.

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Planning a. What is to be done? What methodology would be applied to getting the things done? Entrusting the responsibilities to the most appropriate persons d. Stipulated target date is fixed.

Organization or Administration setup a. An administrative setup is a necessary component that helps in maintaining the law and order.

It helps in implementing the rules and regulations and maintaining the social relations with the society and parents. In charge academics, administration, discipline, sports, co-curriculum activities.

All work in their own capacities but in collaboration, so all the activities go hand in hand. Staffing a. Trained clerical, menial, support staff and the teaching staff is the requirement of an administrative structure.

The staff is appointed and their duties are defined. The duties are shared and the needs of the staff and students are met in time.

The performance of the staff is evaluated after reasonable intervals. Directing a. Orders are issued.

English Guru Book Complete In Urdu Download PDF Format

Directions are given. Well-defined rule must be amply advertised at various places, this help in communicating the intents of the administration to the students.

Necessary guidance is provided to the staff as and when needed. The meetings are convened to resolve the issues.Harf-e-Aghaz Read more. He has spotlighted the propensities for rich individuals of his circumstances.

Directing a. Its my humble request to you! Which is just about everybody.