QA Test Automation Interview Questions for beginners and Answer: Automation testing is useful in the following scenarios: . You can save these automation testing interview questions as a pdf and print for further reading. Selenium is a suite of tools for automated web testing. It is composed of .. Free PDF Download: Selenium Interview Questions & Answers. Following are frequently asked questions in interviews for freshers as well experienced QA professionals. 1) What is Automation testing?.

Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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Test Automation Interview Questions - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. 66 QA Interview Questions and Answers - Quality Assurance. This section focuses on Test Automation Interview Questions and Answers. Rather than being tool specific, e.g. QTP or Selenium, WebDriver. If you are preparing for Automation Testing job interview then go through Wisdomjobs interview questions and answers page. Testing involves certain cycle of.

Programmable 5.

Reusable 6. Testing the functionality with more test cases becomes laborious as the functionality grows. For multiple sets of data test cases , you can execute the test once in which you can figure out for which data it has failed and for which data, the test has passed.

This feature is available in the WinRunner with the data driven test where the data can be taken from an excel sheet or notepad. There can be some functionality which cannot be tested in an automated tool so we may have to do it manually.

We can write the scripts for negative testing also but it is hectic task. When we talk about real environment we do negative testing manually.

Application to be tested 2. Test environment 3. Scope and limitation of the tool. Feature of the tool. Cost of the tool. Whether the tool is compatible with your application which means tool should be able to interact with your appliaction 7. Ease of use. We need to concentrate on the features of the tools and how this could be benficial for our project. The additional new features and the enhancements of the features will also help. The choice of automation tool for certain technologies 2.

Wrong set of test automated. Testing activities start from the elaboration phase. Automate all the high priority test cases which needs to be exceuted as a part of regression testing for each build cycle. The commom problems are: Maintenance of the old script when there is a feature change or enhancement 3.

The change in technology of the application will affect the old scripts. Proper code guiding standards 2. Standard format for defining functions, exception handler etc 3.

Test Automation Interview Questions

Comments for functions 4. Proper errorhandling mechanisms 5.

The apprpriate synchronisation techniques. As I know it, test case design is about formulating the steps to be carried out to verify something about the application under test. And this cannot be automated. IHowever, I agree that the process of putting the test results into the excel sheet.

Hard-to-create environments like? Good Logic for programming. Analatical sklls. Pessimestic in Nature. How to find that tools work well with your existing system?

Discuss with the support officials 2.

+ Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Download the trial version of the tool and evaluate 3. Get suggestions from peopel who are working on the tool. The inabality of winrunner to identify the third party control like infragistics controls 2. The change of the location of the table object will cause object not found error. The inability of the winrunner to execute the script against multiple langauges. Maintainability, Reliability, Flexibility, Efficiency, Portability, Robustness, and Usability - these are the main attributes in test automation.

Testing tools can be used for: To find this, select the suite of tests which are most important for your application. First run them with automated tool. Next subject the same tests to careful manual testing. If the results are coinciding you can say your testing tool has been performing. We can create a textfile in a certain location, and update the auto generated value each time we run the test and compare the currently generated value with the previous one will be one solution.

We can use Verification points rational Robot to validate the fields. Using objectdata,objectdata properties VP we can validate fields. Can we perform the test of single application at the same time using different tools on the same machine?

39 TOP Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers

The Testing Tools will be in the ambiguity to determine which browser is opened by which tool. Configuration management is a process to control and document any changes made during the life of a project. The basic differnce in webtesting is here we have to test for URL's coverage and links coverage. Using WinRunner we can conduct webtesting.

But we have to make sure that Webtest option is selected in "Add in Manager".

Automation Testing Related Tutorials

If SRS is not there we can perfom Exploratory testing. In Exporatory testing the basic moduole is executed and depending on its results, the next plan is executed. By using Endurance Testing.

Endurance Testing means checking for memory leaks or other problems that may occur with prolonged execution. Quality assurance involves the entire software development process and testing involves operation of a system or application to evaluate the results under certain conditions.

QA is oriented to prevention and Testing is oriented to detection. Memory leaks means incomplete deallocation - are bugs that happen very often. Buffer overflow means data sent as input to the server that overflows the boundaries of the input area, thus causing the server to misbehave.

Buffer overflows can be used. Stress testing means increasing the load ,and cheking the performance at each level.

Load testing means at a time giving more load by the expectation and cheking the performance at that leval. Volume testing means first we have to apply initial.

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Selenium Webdriver Interview Questions and Answers Jump to Page. Search inside document. What automating testing tools are you familiar with? How did you use automating testing tools in your job? For regressio testing 2.

Criteria to decide the condition of a particular build 3. Describe some problem that you had with automating testing tool. We can use the command selectWindow to switch between windows. This command uses the title of Windows to identify which window to switch to.

You can use the storeAlert command which will fetch the message of the alert pop up and store it in a variable. Selenium IDE have limitations in terms of browser support and language support.

By using Selenium RC limitation can be diminished. Selenium IDE does not directly support many functions like condition statements, Iteration, logging and reporting of test results, unexpected error handling and so on as IDE supports only HTML language.

The main difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver is that, selenium RC injects javascript function into browsers when the page is loaded. A collection of libraries and classes is known as Framework and they are helpful when testers has to automate test cases.

Yes, it is possible when you are not using JAVA testing framework. Instead of using Java testing framework if you are using java client driver of selenium then TestNG allows you to do this.

If you want full automation against different server and client platforms, You need a way to invoke the tests from a command line process, reports that tells you what happened and flexibility in how you create your test suites. TestNG gives that flexibility. To capture server side log in Selenium Server, you can use command java —jar.

You can run Selenium server on java-jar selenium-server. At predefined time selenium grid hub keeps polling all RC slaves to make sure it is available for testing. To handle network latency you can use driver. To identify an object using Selenium you can use isElementPresent String locator isElementPresent takes a locator as the argument and if found returns a Boolean 88 In Selenium what are Breakpoints and Startpoints?

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Breakpoints: When you implement a breakpoint in your code, the execution will stop right there. This helps you to verify that your code is working as expected.Software testing Practice Tests. What is memory leaks and buffer overflows?

Subhadip Das Sarma. Most of the test automation interview questions are centered on the framework you develop, so it is recommended that you create and understand your test framework thoroughly. A Scrollbar is a lets you move around screen in horizontal or vertical It creates an abstraction layer between the modules, thus any modifications in test scripts for one module do not affect any other modules.