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Banking Awareness Questions, Quiz for All Bank Exams like IBPS PO Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI & LIC: 10th April, Banking Awareness Questions for LIC AAO 5 days ago Updated Banking Awareness study material for IBPS, SBI and RBI Download free Study Material and Question banks from previous papers in PDF format. Bank for International Settlements: Banker To All Central Banks. Get Banking awareness PDF and FREE Android App for IBPS Modules and Daily We at realize this, and hence we have our 'Exclusive.

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RBI Model Papers. Bank of Baroda Study Material. Bank of India Study Material. RBI Subject Experts. Bank of Maharashtra Study Material. Know About Banking Exams. Bhartiya Mahila Bank Study Material. Banking Syllabus. Canara Bank Study Material. What is Recession? A true economic recession can only be confirmed if GDP Gross Domestic Product growth is negative for a period of two or more consecutive quarters.

What is dematerialisation? What is Defivative? Forward contract in foreign exchange transaction, is a simple form of a derivative. What is LAF? What is a Repo Rate? Repo rate is the rate at which our banks borrow rupees from RBI.

Whenever the banks have any shortage of funds they can borrow it from RBI. A reduction in the repo rate will help banks to get money at a cheaper rate. When the repo rate increases, borrowing from RBI becomes more expensive What is Reverse Repo Rate?

This is exact opposite of Repo rate.

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RBI uses this tool when it feels there is too much money floating in the banking system. Banks are always happy to lend money to RBI since their money is in safe hands with a good interest.

An increase in Reverse repo rate can cause the banks to transfer more funds to RBI due to this attractive interest rates. What is CRR Rate? If RBI decides to increase the percent of this, the available amount with the banks comes down. What is Bank Rate? Bank rate, also referred to as the discount rate, is the rate of interest which a central bank charges on the loans and advances that it extends to commercial banks and other financial intermediaries. Changes in the bank rate are often used by central banks to control the money supply.

What is PLR? The Prime Interest Rate is the interest rate charged by banks to their most creditworthy customers usually the most prominent and stable business customers.

The rate is almost always the same amongst major banks.

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Adjustments to the prime rate are made by banks at the same time; although, the prime rate does not adjust on any regular basis. The Prime Rate is usually adjusted at the same time and in correlation to the adjustments of the Fed Funds Rate. The rates reported below are based upon the prime rates on the first day of each respective month.

Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen.

From a user perspective, Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet. Bitcoin can also be seen as the most prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in existence. What is SLR Rate? SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio is the amount a commercial bank needs to maintain in the form of cash, or gold or govt.

SLR is determined as the percentage of total demand and percentage of time liabilities. Time Liabilities are the liabilities a commercial bank liable to pay to the customers on their anytime demand. SLR is used to control inflation and propel growth. Through SLR rate tuning the money supply in the system can be controlled efficiently. What is Deposit Rate? Interest Rates paid by a depository institution on the cash on deposit.

What is Fiscal Policy? Fiscal policy is the use of government spending and revenue collection to influence the economy. These policies affect tax rates, interest rates and government spending, in an effort to control the economy. Fiscal policy is an additional method to determine public revenue and public expenditure.

What is the Banking Ombudsman Scheme? The Banking Ombudsman Scheme enables an expeditious and inexpensive forum to bank customers for resolution of complaints relating to certain services rendered by banks. Which are the banks covered under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, ? What is Inflation? Inflation is as an increase in the price of bunch of Goods and services that projects the Indian economy.

An increase in inflation figures occurs when there is an increase in the average level of prices in Goods and services. Inflation happens when there are fewer Goods and more downloaders; this will result in increase in the price of Goods, since there is more demand and less supply of the goods. What is Deflation? Login Sign Up. Published on Tuesday, April 09, In a series of sharing useful study material for upcoming banking exams.

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Explained Reverse Mortgage Loan: Similarities and Differences Direct Debit: Explained Issuance of Currency in India: International Banking International Banking: Institutional Financing Public Funds in India: Explained Benami Transactions Amendment Act Explained Prevention of Money Laundering Act If you are willing to work hard and you can grow in any industry.

Interest Rates paid by a depository institution on the cash on deposit. It is a Negotiable Instrument. What are Mutual funds? Bank Exam Verbal Ability. Important words in English vocabulary which are expected to be asked in various bank recruitment ex This will be our gift to you all on Yoga Day.

It is a Negotiable Instrument. The rate is almost always the same amongst major banks. Changes in the bank rate are often used by central banks to control the money supply.