Punishment for failure to distribute dividends. CHAPTER IX. ACCOUNTS OF COMPANIES. Books of account, etc., to be kept by company. The Companies Act, and Company Secretaries. □. Company Secretary's .. schedule and arrange to book and block your travel. Modern Indian Company Law; Shri Mahavir Book Depot, ,. Nai Sarak . How to Incorporate Company under the Company Act

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PDF | The Companies Act, is landmark legislation with far reaching of documents in electronic form, option of keeping of books of. substantive portion of the related law in the Companies Act, as . shall also be included in the books of account kept by that class of. COMPANY LAW Second Edition Simon Goulding, BA, LLM, Barrister Lecturer in law University of East. governance, Company Law assumes an added importance in the corporate. Circulars & Clarifications. . which have not been.

Companies Act

In the event these conditions are not fulfilled, the Companies Act has been amended to empower the Registrar to remove the name of the company from the register of companies, after sending notice to the company and its directors.

These provisions will assist in weeding out of shell companies. Disqualification from directorship A person will not be eligible to be appointed as a director of a company if he holds directorships beyond the permissible limit under S. This change has been effected vide an amendment to S. This is expected to improve corporate governance. De-clogging national company law tribunals The Ordinance has made several amendments intended to reduce the burden of routine matters before national company law tribunals NCLT : S.

Previously, change in financial year could be approved only by the NCLT. Similarly, S. Previously, the NCLT had to grant any such approval. Time period for registration of charges The Companies Act mandates that particulars of charges created by a company be registered with the Registrar of Companies in prescribed format, within thirty days of creation of such charge.

If the company could not register the charge within this period, it was given an additional time period of three hundred days to make an application to the Registrar for the same.

The Ordinance has amended S. If the registration of charge is not undertaken during this extended period either, the Registrar may allow it on an application by the company within a further period of only sixty 60 days.

Adjudicating officers empowered to impose penalties and issue directions for rectification The Ordinance amends S. This is expected to ensure better compliance. Changes to penalties Some examples of change in penalties prescribed under the Companies Act pursuant to the Ordinance, are as follows: Double penalty for repeat default A new S. The penalty for second or subsequent default by a company, its officer or any other person, committed within three years from order imposing penalty for first default, is an amount equal to twice the amount of penalty provided for such default under the Companies Act.

You may have now realized that this eBook is very different from the Bare Act and other books related to the Companies Act, I prepared this E-Book for the help of students and professionals. Those who may access it as per their convenience while working on the desk or on the move through their computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, and mobile etc. Please feel free to ask any query through comment below related to E-Book on the Companies Act, I downloadd the E-Book, on 13th Nov Now this copy I downloaded does not have the amendment ordinance How can I get updated version.

You may choose the best books recommended for CA Final old syllabus from here. Download CA Final books for upcoming examinations. Please send the same. I need this book for updating my knowledge on Companies Act Hello Sir, I am a B.

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The font is also really good which in most cases in other material have been clumsy and difficult to read. On the whole, a very useful e-book which makes reading and interpreting Companies Act, an interesting and fun learning experience.

VIPs are already enjoying or benefited in what ever they do again why do you want give special concession to them rather than professional colleagues and students. Is this updated book available in hard copy in markets also. Pls let me know.

Iam interested in downloading hard copy of version of the book. Actually I am speechless because you have just save my life within 5 minutes through delevering your eBook to me. I was not expecting that such a nice PDF version will be available online which is far better than other corporate books.

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Companies Act

The same shall be incorporated in the next edition of this eBook. Which is suitable sir. Kamal Joshi. Aagam Batavia.

It is amended by the Companies Amendment Act including Rules notified till date. Himanshu Goel. Check your email for further process to get your copy of eBook right now. Please, Check your inbox for your copy of eBook.

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Companies Act,

Thanking You! Dheebhan Mahalingam.Commencement of business: compliance requirement restored Companies with share capital that are incorporated after the Ordinance came into effect, i. This digital book is based on the Companies Act 18 of , the Companies Amendment Act, 21 of and the Companies Amendment Act, 1 of along with latest notified Rules, Circulars, Notifications and Orders by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs from time to time till 13th March Check your inbox for last step to get your copy of eBook.

The Report had made an assessment of the existing regulatory framework under the Companies Act, and proposed amendments to improve corporate compliance. Com graduate I want this book to gain knowledge about the provision of the Companies Act.