It is a new concept of upcoming spherical shaped computers and laptops. This paper features about this new paradigm of e-ball technology. Computer Science and Engineering, Sikkim Manipal Institute Of Technology, Majitar, India all characteristics of existing computer and This is named as 'E- ball'. . kaz-news.info pdf. SEMINAR REPORT ON E-BALL TECHNOLOGY - Download as Word Doc .doc / .docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A report on E-BALL pc for.

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This page contains E-ball Technology Seminar and PPT with pdf report. Download E-ball Technology complete documentation with ppt and pdf. A new concept of pc is coming now that is E-Ball Concept pc. two buttons located on each side of the E-Ball pc, this pc is the latestconcept technology. E Ball is designed that pc is be placed on two stands, opens by located on each side of the E-Ball pc,this pc is the latest concept technology.

Also known as bats, [51] flying mice, or wands, [52] these devices generally function through ultrasound and provide at least three degrees of freedom.

Probably the best known example would be 3Dconnexion " Logitech 's SpaceMouse" from the early s. In the late s Kantek introduced the 3D RingMouse. This wireless mouse was worn on a ring around a finger, which enabled the thumb to access three buttons. The mouse was tracked in three dimensions by a base station. One example of a s consumer 3D pointing device is the Wii Remote.

While primarily a motion-sensing device that is, it can determine its orientation and direction of movement , Wii Remote can also detect its spatial position by comparing the distance and position of the lights from the IR emitter using its integrated IR camera since the nunchuk accessory lacks a camera, it can only tell its current heading and orientation.

The obvious drawback to this approach is that it can only produce spatial coordinates while its camera can see the sensor bar.


More accurate consumer devices have since been released, including the PlayStation Move , the Razer Hydra and the controllers part of the HTC Vive virtual reality system. All of these devices can accurately detect position and orientation in 3D space regardless of angle relative to the sensor station. With spring-loaded centering, it sends both translational as well as angular displacements on all six axes, in both directions for each.

This new concept of a true six degree-of-freedom input device uses a ball to rotate in 3 axes without any limitations. Logitech 3D Mouse , the first ultrasonic mouse Tactile mice[ edit ] In , Logitech introduced a "tactile mouse" that contained a small actuator to make the mouse vibrate.

Such a mouse can augment user-interfaces with haptic feedback, such as giving feedback when crossing a window boundary. To surf by touch requires the user to be able to feel depth or hardness; this ability was realized with the first electrorheological tactile mice [56] but never marketed.

Pucks[ edit ] Tablet digitizers are sometimes used with accessories called pucks, devices which rely on absolute positioning, but can be configured for sufficiently mouse-like relative tracking that they are sometimes marketed as mice. It is designed to fit natural hand position and movements, to reduce discomfort. When holding a typical mouse, ulna and radius bones on the arm are crossed.

Some designs attempt to place the palm more vertically, so the bones take more natural parallel position. A mouse may be angled from the thumb downward to the opposite side — this is known to reduce wrist pronation. The so-called roller bar mouse is positioned snugly in front of the keyboard, thus allowing bi-manual accessibility.

They typically employ a wide array of controls and buttons and have designs that differ radically from traditional mice. It is also common for gaming mice, especially those designed for use in real-time strategy games such as StarCraft , or in multiplayer online battle arena games such as Dota 2 to have a relatively high sensitivity, measured in dots per inch DPI.

Some mice may include several different rests with their products to ensure comfort for a wider range of target consumers. Cordless mice instead transmit data via infrared radiation see IrDA or radio including Bluetooth , although many such cordless interfaces are themselves connected through the aforementioned wired serial buses.


While the electrical interface and the format of the data transmitted by commonly available mice is currently standardized on USB, in the past it varied between different manufacturers. Mouse use in DOS applications became more common after the introduction of the Microsoft Mouse , largely because Microsoft provided an open standard for communication between applications and mouse driver software.

Thus, any application written to use the Microsoft standard could use a mouse with a driver that implements the same API, even if the mouse hardware itself was incompatible with Microsoft's. This driver provides the state of the buttons and the distance the mouse has moved in units that its documentation calls " mickeys ", [70] as does the Allegro library.

In the s, the Xerox Alto mouse, and in the s the Xerox optical mouse , used a quadrature-encoded X and Y interface. This two-bit encoding per dimension had the property that only one bit of the two would change at a time, like a Gray code or Johnson counter , so that the transitions would not be misinterpreted when asynchronously sampled.

Computer mouse

The mouse was a simple optomechanical device, and the decoding circuitry was all in the main computer. The DE-9 connectors were designed to be electrically compatible with the joysticks popular on numerous 8-bit systems, such as the Commodore 64 and the Atari Although the ports could be used for both purposes, the signals must be interpreted differently. As a result, plugging a mouse into a joystick port causes the "joystick" to continuously move in some direction, even if the mouse stays still, whereas plugging a joystick into a mouse port causes the "mouse" to only be able to move a single pixel in each direction.

Serial interface and protocol[ edit ] Because the IBM PC did not have a quadrature decoder built in, early PC mice used the RS C serial port to communicate encoded mouse movements, as well as provide power to the mouse's circuits. The Mouse Systems Corporation version used a five-byte protocol and supported three buttons. The Microsoft version used a three-byte protocol and supported two buttons.

Working of Display unit When the stand has been opened and the system has been turned on, it becomes functional only when the screen or the display unit is available The display unit is not physically present or attached on to the E-BALL. Rather, with the help of the projector popping up out of the E-BALL PC , the display unit can be projected on to the wall which can work as screen.

The real problem arises if there is no wall to work as a screen. In case we are working in an open place without any wall, then we can use a sheet of paper to work as screen for us.

As it pops up, it gets divided into three parts like an umbrella and the sheet can be placed on it to work as screen. The keyboard is not physical rather it is interpreted by lasers which comes into play when the respective button is pressed.


It recognizes your fingers with the help of your Infrared sensors when you are typing at a particular place. The Virtual Laser Keyboard VKB leverages the power of laser and infrared technology and projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface.

Also, the icons can be easily remembered and are easy to use. So the interface is very user friendly. The various icons that are available on the display screen on the left hand side are as shown below in the picture:. It has two 50W speakers. Checks lighting of room using sensors and adjusts the projection light intensity accordingly.

It is small in size so it is easy to carry. The keyboard is a virtual one not a physical keyboard and it is available only when the E-BALL pc is working mode The display is also a holographic display and any wall or a sheet of paper can work as display screen.

The E-BALL PC with all the features of a normal PC along with a whole new range of advanced characteristics is ready to form a base for the design of computers in future especially the ones that will be used at homes, offices and need to be carried from one place to another.

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Scenarios for use The first place for E-BALL to find an application is while working in office Also it can be used for making video presentations Also watching movies can be a great use that can be extracted out of the E-BALL in day-to-day life.

We can also listen music Chatting on the Internet can be done very easily and is an important utility that can be derived from the E-BALL PC as it can help in conducting online conferences. The PC does not require any special display and can use any plain wall or sheet as display screen. No specifications for its working with other O. So it is affordable normally. If any problem occurs in the hardware of the system, then it is difficult to understand and be recovered easily.

Today the technology is beyond what we could imagine before. Also now-a-days, the new developments are not just the result of the necessity, rather invention and innovation are the new drivers in the development of technology.

So constant updation is the key method to stay and survive in the emerging market of science and technology. References 1. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The opening of the sheet holder is as shown on the next page in a figure: If there is no wall???

So the interface is very user friendly The various icons that are available on the display screen on the left hand side are as shown below in the picture: Conclusion Today the technology is beyond what we could imagine before.In the s, the Xerox Alto mouse, and in the s the Xerox optical mouse , used a quadrature-encoded X and Y interface.

Views Total views. The company's Virtual Keyboard is designed for anyone who's become frustrated with trying to put information into a handheld but doesn't want to carry a notebook computer around. It has a button when you press this button a projector will pop and it focus the computer screen on the wall which can be adjusted with navigation keys.

The power and usefulness of this popular tool are mainly due to its following characteristics. The camera photographs angle of incoming infrared light. The earliest optical mice detected movement on pre-printed mousepad surfaces, whereas the modern LED optical mouse works on most opaque diffuse surfaces; it is usually unable to detect movement on specular surfaces like polished stone.

A mouse may be angled from the thumb downward to the opposite side — this is known to reduce wrist pronation. For other uses, see Spaceball disambiguation. Ball and Drew M.