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Komik Naruto Shippuden Chapter Full Color. jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg. Naruto Chapter and #####^^The ^^Seal ^^of ^^Reconciliation. I put together pages 9 & 10 from chapter here. So cool. Naruto Sasuke Sakura Naruto Shippuden Naruto Gaiden Boruto Hinata Komik download komik naruto bahasa indonesia. one piece chapter - Free software pdf to word for For Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja.

The author purposefully let Boruto wear his clothes casually by making him wear his jacket unzipped since he found it suitable for the character's personality. However, the author forgot about it and instead gave him an unknown eye technique it allows him to see chakra, an energy source within ninjas to perform jutsu which is often shown on Boruto's right eye. In the first few pages of the first chapter Boruto: Naruto Next Generations , an encounter between an older teenage Boruto against another one named Kawaki was briefly shown as a flashforward.

Boruto's teenage design was first illustrated in little time. As a result, Mikio Ikemoto stated that once Boruto reached this moment, the older protagonist's design might change. However, upon meeting Kawaki, Boruto's eyes are illustrated smaller due to the author's intent to show a more rebellious take on Boruto.

Due to the staff of the Naruto anime referring to Naruto and Sasuke as "legendary characters", anime developers Pierrot aim to carefully portray Boruto and his friends, the "new generation", as the new protagonists. They also seek to have them developed as the previous generation. However, the scene from the 9th chapter where Boruto creates a Rasengan with his father left a big impression on him, believing it was important for the storyline.

While identifying herself with Naruto Uzumaki's character, the actress noted the bond between her and Naruto became stronger when learning she would voice her son. As a result, once learning she got the role for Boruto's character, Sanpei bought the entire Naruto manga series despite already having it to prepare for the Boruto film.

Initially, Sanpei recalls having difficulties voicing Boruto; when she received her script for the film, she began to understand Boruto's concept as the boy who loves his father dearly, which helped her voice the character better. Naruto the Movie film as a toddler and Amanda C.

Miller in the Boruto film as a teenager. Boruto is the first main character Miller has ever voiced.

While enjoying the work she does as Boruto's English voice, she stated she felt stress about it due to how important her character is considering his role in the story. Miller and the other Boruto English voice actors felt honored to play the characters based on how large the franchise is. Boruto is a child who attends Konoha's ninja academy, inheriting his paternal families' short blond hair, blue eyes and "Believe it!

He also inherits his maternal families' Gentle Fist technique despite not inheriting the Byakugan unlike his sister, Himawari Uzumaki. Like Naruto, Boruto commits mischief to get attention, but for different reasons. Due to his father becoming the Hokage the leader of Konoha , he does not spend any time with him as he used to.

NARUTO -ナルト- 71

From defacing the Hokage Monument during the events of the series epilogue of Naruto , his father stops him and explains that he needs to care for their village.

The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring , where he gives a meal to his comrade Sarada Uchiha to pass on to his father; she becomes motivated to become the Hokage after the day she had.

While the movie and manga open to Boruto after his graduation from the Ninja Academy, the anime adaptation shows him when still attended the school. Boruto's Hyuga lineage allowed him to manifest an "Eye Technique" that allows him to fully use his Gentle Fist fighting style while also seeing people's contaminated chakra. Boruto and his friends take a trip to the village of Kirigakure, befriending the young ninja Kagura Karatachi while stopping a coup by those wanting to revive their village's horrific Blood Mist traditions.

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Naruto the Movie , and its retellings, Boruto joins the Chunin Exams while gradually becoming frustrated by Naruto putting the village ahead of their family. But when the exams commence, Boruto cheats through the second phase with a device that uses ninjutsu due to his lack of training in traditional abilities.

After his father disqualified, Boruto vents at his father before watching him being captured by Momoshiki Otsutsuki while protecting their village from the alien's attack. Boruto realizes the error of his ways and joins Sasuke and the Kage to save Naruto. Although he resented the Hokage position, Boruto becomes resolute to become strong to protect his village's leader in the same way as Sasuke and entrusts Sarada to be a future Hokage instead of himself.

After recovering from the Momoshiki incident in the Boruto anime, Boruto keeps practising in missions with his friends. However, Mitsuki disappears from the village and goes with two teams to find him and prove his innocence. In order to prove it, Boruto makes a summoning contract with a giant snake known as Garaga who becomes his ally while facing his ideals.

Outside manga and anime, Boruto also appears in the fighting game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 , first only in the ending and playable in the expansion pack Road to Boruto.

Although Boruto loses, his father states he is proud of how much he developed his skills, pleasing Boruto. Shinobi Striker as a playable character, [41] as well as Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage.

Critical reception to Boruto's character has been generally mixed. Amy McNulty from Anime News Network and Hanley enjoyed Boruto's relationship with his father Naruto due to the differences in their childhoods and how that becomes the focus of the film Boruto: Naruto the Movie. McNulty also liked how Boruto develops as he became afraid of his father's fate during an attack from the antagonist. She praised Amanda C. Miller's role as Boruto's English actor, but feeling the voice often sounded more feminine than his Japanese counterpart.

McNulty expressed joy in how the viewer of the Boruto anime gets to see Boruto's days in the ninja academy which Naruto briefly showed and how Boruto does not have the same behavior as his father when being a child.

However, Hamric said he initially has the desire to surpass his father. In regards to the flashforward with the destroyed village, Ikki said she had no idea what was going on but expects Denki will be in that future to aid the older Boruto to protect the ninja world from the antagonist threatening it. While the character development was met with praise, other critics seemed to felt otherwise. Richard Eisenbeis from Kotaku was critical to Boruto's development, as he felt that his bond with his father at the end of the Boruto film was unthinkable and weak.

Nevertheless, he enjoyed the foreshadow of an older Boruto on a fight against an unknown character. He also said "The politicking within the power structure surrounding Naruto and Boruto becomes more interesting than Boruto himself" and as a result expected Boruto to change in upcoming chapters to make the series more appealing.


Additionally, Dargis noted Boruto's early strained relationship with his father as well as his use of technology to fight might reflect on modern audiences who might understand his character more as a result. Additionally, the reviewer liked how Boruto's mysterious "Eye Technique" started making references to a previous Naruto film.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Boruto as designed by Masashi Kishimoto. Miller , the actresses who voiced Boruto Uzumaki in Japanese and English, respectively. Archived from the original on December 27, Retrieved June 16, AC Fun. August 5, Archived from the original on July 1, Retrieved June 9, Naruto Next Generations! January 31, Retrieved May 2, Walker Plus. Retrieved January 30, Anime News Network. October 14, Archived from the original on January 12, Retrieved June 7, Naruto the Movie DVD.

Spiralling Sphere. August 14, Retrieved November 1, Shonen Jump. As an act of revenge, the Sky Country invades Konoha, causing mass mayhem.

A girl called Amaru appears, saying her teacher was already attacked by those ninja, and a team composed of Naruto, Sakura and Hinata go to help her. That night, Minato tells Obito about how Kakashi's father committed suicide after being disgraced.

The next day, Minato leaves and Rin is later kidnapped.

Kakashi refuses to save her, but Obito ignores him and heads off on his own. Obito finds Rin but is attacked by a Stone Ninja. This latter point may not be well noted by fans due to the length of the whole series, but if fans have been reading each new chapter every week for the last four years, they will have caught on to it. While current fans may not see it now, Naruto has successfully inherited Japanese literary and artistic tropes which have lent to its success: the slow unfolding of plot, a focus on the inner nature of character, an appreciation for the natural environment through art, and an adherence to the trope of the "endless adventure.

Buddhist concepts and mythology echo loud and clear through the entirety of the manga with barely any effort put into hiding them, and the conflicts these characters engage in may be overcome by violence, but not in a way that condones the philosophy of "might makes right.

Death and loss play a large role in how these characters define themselves, and while these characters have certain stereotypical traits, there has hardly been a fan who hasn't been able to identify themselves with at least one person in the huge cast the author creates. In the end, it isn't the violence, conflicts and epic fight scenes that ultimately come to define this mange - but how the characters have found themselves in this situation in the first place and how they are able to transcend it.

The manga itself also has a larger philosophical point to make about the human capacity for peace and how peace itself is usually hard to come by. Confronted with differing philosophical positions and opponents, the main character, Naruto, seeks to upend the order his world has accepted for centuries and make sure the conflicts that have defined his young life are not continued into the next generation.April 6, Year Use image searching tools to find the original artist: Saucenao or Google Images.

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