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I think it was on the airplane that I finally relaxed. OK, he was quicker than me—also funnier than me. I could enjoy him and quit trying to match him. I think he did in the car, by the Henry Ford road-trip equation: David sent me a giant box a week later. I never, thank God, had to write the piece.

I tried to write it, and kept imagining David reading it, and seeing through it, through me, and spotting some questionable stuff on the X-ray.

And then Jann changed his mind. I was sent to Seattle to find heroin addicts who were after all in lots hotter water than I was , and it was much, much easier. David had mixed feelings about publicity, and I asked her to pass along the good news. His sister told me later David had no hard feelings. He had that casual, urgent social gift: You wanted to be liked by him. I felt even more barefoot than before.

It seemed hungry and ungenerous. I read him, thought about him, and I never saw him again except on television once. About a year before he died, I pulled out the days here and read them again. One thing kept touching me: We were both so young. But here we are. When I think of this trip, I see David and me in the front seat of the car.

It smells like chewing tobacco, soda, and smoke. The window is letting in a leak of cold air. The wheels are making their slightly sleepy sound of tape being stripped cleanly and endlessly off a long wall.

We cover everything. It was smarter. I recognized it, it was different from mine; every area of it was completely occupied by feeling. We talk about what matters to any person.

What to want, how to be a good person, how to read, how to write, how to think about others. There are things he said to me that shifted my life, that joined my talk show, that are in the list of quotes I recite to myself.

Give me twenty-four hours alone, and I can be really, really smart. His moment with Michael Ryan, which is everything about what ambition can do to you. What he guessed about my own personality. What a person has every right to expect from you, what you ought to expect of yourself. David thought books existed to stop you from feeling lonely. Franzen said a sad, moving thing to me. He said losing David had been like watching a science fiction movie, when a small figure gets sucked out of the airlock.

An abrupt, absolute, quiet disappearance. He now has an unlisted phone number, because of fans. So we are playing chess. Stuff about me is a makes me uncomfortable and b is bad for me, because it makes me self-conscious when I write. And I do not need to be more self-conscious. Oh, fuck me! It takes a while for me to get in a groove. Well, fuck! Looking at the board Little, Brown bought both the hardcover and the softcover rights at the same time.

I talk about my own friends—people he knows too—who arranged deals while touring for successful books. I had no choice on this book, it was sort of under way. There was so much research I had to do, that I literally could not teach and do it at the same time.

So I decided to eat it, and do it. Aware of your fame here? The grad students are vaguely aware I think. They must follow it? I think kids in the Midwest are different than kids on the East Coast. I think Time and Newsweek are fairly inescapable. So I think they kinda know.

Which is why these programs try to pack themselves with the best-known and most-respected writers. I know too many really good writers who are shitty teachers, and vice versa, to think that. But the writers are often interested in preserving as much of their own time as they can. I took the job for the health insurance. A sudden in-the-wrong-place sense. An anxiety he felt before Infinite Jest. Edward Abbey was there … Robert Boswell helped him more than anybody …] I was so in thrall to Barth I just knew it would be sort of a grotesque thing.

He patterned the longest part of his second book after Barth. I have to cut it short: And they all are gonna have various deals to discuss. I swear to God. Like doing readings? You were good. And I think I come off looking like a maniac. I give like one or two readings in colleges a year.

He laughs. And I never saw her again. She was standing right up front. We turn out to both know Elizabeth. Good egg. Is comfortable with note-taking. Fifteen students. Women sit, as at an old-line synagogue, slightly apart from men. David wearing Fryes, blue bandanna. Carrying Diet Pepsi. Dave has noticed some surprising student errors this week. They laugh. The students know another thing: And they want somehow to acknowledge it. Done being famous yet?

Blush smile Two more minutes. Quick chatter about his media appearances.

I love the way the Trib described your office. Did you wind up, like, next to Dick Vitale and Hillary Clinton? Dave says he got real nervous on the flights, kept picturing grave etc. Just put pepperoni and mushrooms on my Tombstone. A take-out, grocery pizza sort of joke. They talk about his magazine photos.

Dave blushes more. Is that me? Is also drinking a Diet Pepsi. Class begins with a jump from celebrity into the supernormal, the administrative. Office hours next week. Bring light reading material, if you have to wait in the hallway.

Begins work on student stories. Offering Very Sensible advice. Lots of jobs for fiction, you have to keep track of twelve different things—characters, plot, sound, speed. But the job of the first eight pages is not to have the reader want to throw the book at the wall, during the first eight pages.

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He paces around the classroom. Happy, energetic. At one point, thinking, he even drops into a quick knee bend. Class laughs; they really like him. First story: Dave on story, always using TV: Or When Harry Met Sally.

Dave glances up. Another story he likes: Craning up and down when discussion and story get him excited.

The student being workshopped is a punkish guy: Take it from me. To have the narrator be funny and smart, have him say funny, smart things some of the time. Holds steady. On the campus romance story. I could spend a half hour telling you about my trip to the store, but that might not be as interesting to you as it is to me. Notebooks closing, bookbags rising from floor to desktop. Ruckle noises, kids standing. Brings me a water to drink. Where would you be without me?

I can see the ashtrays. I wrote Broom of the System when I was very young. I mean, the first draft of that was my college thesis. There are parts of it that I think are good.

Even at signings, when people bring it up to sign. The paperbacks? And they did just enough hardcovers that they could say … Post Jay McInerney. Yeah … It seems to me rather an odd thing to bring out again, that—because it was a totally different kind of fiction. Nice to watch you blossom from what was initially a marketing thing. Some of this stuff is nice. But I also realize this is a big, difficult book.

The thing about fame is interesting, although I would have liked to get laid on the tour and I did not. Only in Rolling Stone would I not worry about this. But it seems like, what I want is not to have to take any action. Where is your hotel? Happens to Aerosmith. But maybe not to Abba Eban. Shyness and arrogance often go hand in hand, I think. Betrayal of your work self to do that? No, but I had this fantasy. Basically, it just would have made me be lonely. You talk all you want, man.

How do you learn to do this stuff? Because even I, I can clearly see there are certain strategies. Not really. My strategy here is getting facts about you. Your tour: Three weeks? Who will pick you up. Who will take you to the interview, then walk on your back and fuck your eyeballs out. And of course these escorts turn out to be burly Irishmen.

You know, in their forties. Who like basically tell you the whole life story of the interviewer before you go there. So the whole thing is a little amusing. I had two, both of them over fifty. Very cool. Boston born and bred. You have to click that little thing up.

What does Jann want? Like his feints about tour sex above; like the chess, seeing how I respond, move by move. Is that true? Except the pub date was two and a half weeks ago. The book takes at least two months to read well. So therefore, whatever famousness is about, the hype is famous.

I mean, you as an emissary of Rolling Stone. I would like to get laid offa this. The shallow stuff. I would like to get laid off it. I now know he did this sort of thing as his approach, and I can see it here, his trying to guess what people wanted, what I wanted. To be left alone, to nudge them away on the trip back through the living room, from work room to private room. The stuff I said to you while we were playing chess? I got no problem making money.

I went through this time in my twenties of feeling, feeling a pressure and expectation far in excess of anything the real world could place on you. Taking money for something up front brings that pressure back. And um, the nice thing about teaching is that, I feel like teaching is my livelihood. And I just, um, it may be true that I could get a lot of money if I took an advance now.

But if I do it, I am downloading myself a pack of trouble. That I just—and that pain, that pain, I fear that pain more than I want the money. The whole thing about trying to regulate himself, to produce a temporary self he could be comfortable and function in.

Very squeezed parameters, somehow. Foreign sales: I play a certain number of games. Film sale? Probably unfilmable … Which maybe will make it rather easier to take money for it. Knowing that I will never have to see the artifact itself. No, I would take that money and run for the hills. As it turns out, the film rights are sold about six months later.

Cooler heads will prevail. But I would be pretty surprised. But if? Five years? Well, I think being shy basically means being self-absorbed to the extent that it makes it difficult to be around other people.

And I have elements of that shyness in me. End up plying their trade in the direct presence of other people. And maybe five or six other writers I know real well.

You know? What will the effect of this be on you? Which in personal intercourse? Makes things very difficult. For a writer. But that actually comes in handy. It would be way too pomo and cute, to do. But it would be very interesting. It would be the way for me to get some of the control back.

And it might be why writers are such shitty interviews. Like Streitfeld thought I would never be his friend after the thing came out in Details. Little, Brown took an enormous chance doing the book.

But this stuff is real bad for me, it makes me self-conscious. The more exposure I as a person get, the more it hurts me as a writer. But I said yes to this, so that I could in good conscience say no to a couple other things that are just way more toxic. Why do you think of it as a kind of toxic self-consciousness— If I could get laid out of it. I think. Or maybe I really look like that.

But the self-consciousness is helpful to you too? Are these short stories of the level of somebody who was just featured in Rolling Stone? Those things go away; like worries about where I am now, who I am now, whether my girlfriend last year was better for me, so was I maybe writing better then?

Did those figures in my landscape help me orient myself better, organize my life better? It goes away. But this is a rather stronger and more dangerous kind of self-consciousness. But I do know that to the extent that like, that I derive my self and satisfaction from the work, rather than whether Mr. You know what I mean? So like, why climb into the arena with this bull? But that little part of me does not get to steer. That little part can turn pretty ravenous though?

If you see me like you know as a guest on a game show in the next couple of years, we will know. Heavy tray, big Midwestern spread. Also cookies. And two Diet Cokes. When you all want your cookies, just come up and yell at me. Could we have a larger table, also, please?

A friend of mine and I had this joke, that various things are pomo-erotic. That part of the brain can prove to be ravenous? But I know it can be. Who would want to be that way? But many less-talented people than you get lots of attention.

Which can be a little painful. This is an example of the system working. I think just: American Psycho—I thought he was really ill-served by his agent and publisher even letting him publish it, and those are the only two things of his that I read. Same risk for you? Because whatever I do, the next thing will be very different from this.

Like It Happened Yesterday

Maybe Infinite Jest II. To be merciful. David Leavitt noose quote: Reviewers will use my first book as a noose to hang my second. I think it often is. He wants to do it. It makes him happy. Here is this—this may piss you off or strike you as disingenuous. This is just not my cup of tea. How did it burn?

You know, this lady Donna Tartt came? And I read Secret History. And I thought it was, you know, it was pretty good. The waitress has returned with my tip after all. David retains his thought. And I just—you know, I went through some of that. Plus, the research on this thing. Until this escort in Chicago told me. I just missed like four years of this. Hemingway tapeworm quote: Or great white sharks fighting over a bathtub, you know? And I was right in that: Then I went to Yaddo.

Like It Happened Yesterday

I was at Yaddo twice. And I would go to New York, and give these readings, go to these parties. There were some of these writer-guys at Yaddo with me when I was there. And they were like five years older than me, and they were like big superstars, and I was like … [Jay McInerney, Lorrie Moore, and others] So you were at Yaddo with some literary heavyweights and you fell into that sort of casino mind-set? And you have these ideas about why people are in the game, what they want. And most of the ideas degenerate into—devolve into—this idea of how other people are gonna regard you.

So you look to these people who are well regarded, and regard them as having made it and all this kind of stuff. Mark was curious, from the beginning, to see how David would make out in the field; he lived this part—the positioning and business politics—this version of the literary life with David. His friend Jon Franzen sees a different novel: Writers can be especially awful, about measuring each other and about touching fame.

An assistant answers instead. How do I protect and expand it? And what is it people like about me anyway? Easier to say that now, though? With Infinite Jest in magazines and on covers of book reviews? With your readings jammed? I am proud of this book. I worked really hard on it. I was pretty sure that it would fall stillborn from the presses. But that within three or four years—like Girl sells better now than when it first came out. When did counterindications come? When Vogue and the fashion magazines … [The tape side runs out.

And shittily reviewed, at a much more public level than I would have before. Bonnie Nadell, his agent, as a sensitive person she was protecting. Franzen, as a friendly rival and fellow whiz who would maybe benefit from a little simultaneous social translation. As long as he persuaded enough people of those different aspects of himself—sort of sending them out on missions—they would protect him on any grounds that needed defense.


I know he really liked it. And I know he really read it hard, because he helped me—I mean, that book is partly him. A lot of the cuts are where he convinced me of the cuts. But also, editors and agents jack up their level of effusiveness when they talk with you, to such an extent that it becomes very difficult to read the precise shade of their enthusiasm. That they had to really like it. And partly that feels good, and partly makes it feel, I mean, I got fairly lucky.

I know this sounds very political. But I think as a house, these guys are—you can find houses where people really love books. Sounds like it. But the indications: Four months ago, you were saying? Those idiots for handing out those postcards. For Premiere. Lynch had his own trouble with getting famous.

Twin Peaks, the Time cover. I mean, one of them—like a limited edition. And then as you know, the fact checkers would call. And then I was trying to work on this Lynch piece, which was very hard and very long. I mean—have you read it? There are things about it that are reasonably hard. I was ready for a lot more perceptions I think like what that lady had, that Michiko Kakutani lady.

Oh, I met the guy at the party. Walter Kirn. I mean, I heard. People told me a couple of things that he said, which sounded to me really stupid. The plaques and citations can now be put in escrow. And that spectacularly good. I went and found the Atlantic, because I was scared about Sven [Birkerts]. They always fuck me up. I applauded his taste and discernment. What do you want me to say? How would you feel? People are gonna ridicule me. Being human animals with egos, we find a way to accommodate that fact of our ego, by the following equation: If it sells really well and gets a lot of attention, it must be shit.

Then of course the ultimate irony is: download it for that reason—which is good, because Little, Brown makes money. We write to be read. And the idea of, OK, the book making a lot of money but not getting read, is for me fairly cold comfort. O glorious youths, who now will stand by my side in arms, and with me will repel the chieftains coming to harm me, and the hosts rushing in upon me?

Bold young men your audacity has taken from you your pleasant years and pleasant youth! You who so recently were rushing in arms through the troops, cutting down on every side those who resisted you, now are beating the ground and are red with red blood! The lines rushed together, enemies were slain by enemies, blood flowed everywhere, and people died on both sides.

But at length the Britons assembled their troops from all quarters and all together rushing in arms they fell upon the Scots and wounded them and cut them down, nor did they rest until the hostile battalions turned their backs and fled through unfrequented ways. Merlin called his companions out from the battle and bade them bury the brothers in a richly coloured chapel; and he bewailed the men and did not cease to pour out laments, and he strewed dust on his hair and rent his garments, and prostrate on the ground rolled now hither and now thither.

Peredur strove to console him and so did the nobles and princes, but he would not be comforted nor put up with their beseeching words. He had now lamented for three whole days and had refused food, so great was the grief that consumed him.

Then when he had filled the air with so many and so great complaints, new fury seized him and he departed secretly, and fled to the woods not wishing to be seen as he fled. He entered the wood and rejoiced to lie hidden under the ash trees; he marvelled at the wild beasts feeding on the grass of the glades; now he chased after them and again he flew past them; he lived on the roots of grasses and on the grass, on the fruit of the trees and on the mulberries of the thicket.

He became a silvan man just as though devoted to the woods. For a whole summer after this, hidden like a wild animal, he remained buried in the woods, found by no one and forgetful of himself and of his kindred. But when the winter came and took away all the grass and the fruit of the trees and he had nothing to live on, he poured out the following lament in a wretched voice.

Then when he had filled the air with so many and so great complaints, new fury seized him and he departed secretly, and fled to the woods not wishing to be seen as he fled. He entered the wood and rejoiced to lie hidden under the ash trees; he marvelled at the wild beasts feeding on the grass of the glades; now he chased after them and again he flew past them; he lived on the roots of grasses and on the grass, on the fruit of the trees and on the mulberries of the thicket.

He became a silvan man just as though devoted to the woods. For a whole summer after this, hidden like a wild animal, he remained buried in the woods, found by no one and forgetful of himself and of his kindred. But when the winter came and took away all the grass and the fruit of the trees and he had nothing to live on, he poured out the following lament in a wretched voice. In what part of the world can I stay, since I see nothing here I can live on, neither grass on the ground nor acorns on the trees?

Here once there stood nineteen apple trees bearing apples every year; now they are not standing. Who has taken them away from me? Whither have they gone all of a sudden? Now I see them - now I do not! Thus the fates fight against me and for me, since they both permit and forbid me to see. Now I lack the apples and everything else. The trees stand without leaves, without fruit; I am afflicted by both circumstances since I cannot cover myself with the leaves or eat the fruit.You watch many videos?

And how formal and structural stuff in avant-garde things I think can vibrate, can represent on a page, what it feels like to be alive right now. Makes things very difficult. I think I was kind of a prick. I could enjoy him and quit trying to match him.