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Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6 Extremely easy to teach, Our Discovery Island focuses on making things simple, straight-forward but. Failed to load and decrypt PDF. Related Posts: Our Discovery Island 6 Student Book; Our Discovery Island 4 Student Book; Our Discovery Island Our Discovery Island 3 Student Book Audio CD A; Our Discovery Island 2 Student Book Audio. Stundet Book Sample Units. Student Book 1 - Unit 4 Download. Student Book 2 - Unit 5 Download. Student Book 3 - Unit 5 Download. Student Book 4 - Unit 5.

Then draw a mosaic animal. The bed and the cupboard are in the bedroom. The lamp is the table. The TV. The lamp is on the table. The frog is the chair.. The bed is the bedroom. There is a frog under the chair. There are books under the bed. There are books the bed. The cooker and the chair are in the kitchen. The bath and shower are.

Salaberri Sagrario. Our Discovery Island 2. Student's Book

The bath and the shower are in the bathroom. Then write. There are books in the. It's got a bed.

My favourite room is my bedroom.. The lamp is on the table Draw and colour your bedroom I can do it! Then write.. Read and answer.

Then put the words in the correct column. What is Hilda wearing?

Hop's wearing a long skirt and his favourite trainers. Hip is wearing a and She's wearing trainers. Hoopla is wearing glasses and a hat! Rose is wearing shorts. Rose is wearing an -. I the chores you like. Monday lay th. Circle and write the words. He is wearing a T-sh.

Write about your favourite clothes. Read and circle.. Match and say. I or cross X.

I 11 I I run but sWim. They can catch a ball 5 they can't play football..

Our Discovery Island 3 Teacher’s Edition

Monkeys can run 1 and jump 2 they can't ride a bike. They can swim 3 climb trees 4 they can't play tennis.

Listen and write the words in the. I've got short.

I'm Jax. Professor Bloom! Look at the code on page 8 and write the message.

Thank you. It's orange and white.. I love flj. I""" climb trees play tennis run d. On Monday. On Tuesday. I can dance. I can run.. My favourite sport is basketball Now tell the class. Write about the food you like.

Tim peaches?

Write about Tim and Liz. Liz like peaches? Does Does Does Does he he he he like like like like cereal? Listen and write p or b. Look and write the questions and answers. Use food from the food pyramid.

Draw three healthy meals.

A Data Science Framework for Movement

For breakfast.: Complete the crossword I like apples They are good for me. I like. They're sweet and nice. I'm drinking water. I'm cleaning. I'm eating a sandwich. I'm sleeping on the chair. I'm making a rocket. Complete the dialogue.

I'm making a rocket Inouye Highway intersection, on Department of Land and Natural Resources property near the mid-level facilities on Maunakea Access Road at the 9,foot elevation and the on the TMT site on the summit of the mountain. We are truly sorry for the pain some of them feel, and we fully respect their rights under the First Amendment to protest in a peaceful and lawful manner. But the project is also supported by many, and we firmly believe in the benefits of bringing the most advanced telescope in the world to the most magnificent and awe-inspiring mountain in the world.

Beyond the substantial lease-rent, community benefits and commitment to a workforce pipeline for the local community, the Thirty Meter Telescope represents a pinnacle of innovation and human imagination.

With this permit we also accept increased commitments to stewardship.

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Among our commitments are that TMT will be the last new site developed for astronomy on Maunakea. And while one new telescope will be constructed, five current telescopes will be decommissioned and their sites restored. Statement by Gov. David Y. The project has met all pre-construction requirements under the Conservation District Use Permit.

As this project moves forward, I ask everyone who goes to Mauna Kea to respect this unique place and its fragile natural and cultural resources.

They will need safe access to the work site and safe conditions under which to work. The state will work to ensure their safety as well as the right of individuals to engage in speech about the project.

Our Discovery Island Level 2 Audio CD

Does this mean construction can begin? The actual construction start date has not yet been determined. Are any other permits required? When will construction start? Prior public notice will be given to minimize impacts to commuters. Will the construction of TMT impact access to Maunakea for cultural practitioners, residents, tourists, tour groups and observatories?

Authorities will make every effort to maintain normal access other than when the road needs to be restricted for movement of heavy equipment or for the usual road closures due to severe weather.Maria O. The Online World offers children online games where their avatars interact and solve exciting and original missions.

Why is UH implementing Administrative Rules at the same time construction is imminent? Bokashi is an organic fertilizer that can be used as a basic fertilizer or supplementary fertilizer derived from the fermentation of organic materials such as chaff, sawdust, straw, animal waste and others that can be combined as needed. Victor Mendez. The lamp is the table. Among our commitments are that TMT will be the last new site developed for astronomy on Maunakea.

Professor Bloom! Complete the questions.