Can I read PDF documents in QuickReader? Not directly, but you can use the free Calibre software to convert PDF documents into ePub and import them into. QuickReader User Guide Introduction, Basic Concept, Reading Modes, Page Navigation, Settings, Downloading Books, Importing Pasteboards, Partner Apps, . As the title of this software suggests, PDF Quick Reader allows you to view the content of PDF documents. It can be easily used by individuals.

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For example, I want a pdf of a book I found online. So I email it to myself. The problem is that when I try to open it in the QuickReader app, their app doesn't show. Readsy is an easy way to read large amounts of text in a rapidly comprehensible way using Spritz. HOLTER SUPPLIES® design Quick Reader®, a Windows™ (XP® or Vista®) based software able to manage efficiently Holter recording over periods of 1 to 30 .

One interesting feature is a font that allows people with reading disabilities, like dyslexia, to read more easily as well. This app is compatible with ePub and pdf documents.

The aptly named Speed Reading app on android promises to do all of that for you, and more. Speed Reader android The key feature in this app is that you can start reading in RSVP on your other reading apps for free. The paid version also gives the reader the ability to download their ePub or txt files to the app, but sharing it with your current reading app is just as easy. Users can also switch between guided and unguided reading.

The app utilizes the RSVP reading style, to maintain that high word per minute average. It also has a built-in web browser so you can speed read through your newsfeed.

User Guide

The cool part about this app is that it has an Apple Watch app too. The key feature about this app is the video tutorials that are available. At nearly 80 dollars, this is designed for those who seriously want to train to read faster.

The easiest way is to use iTunes File Sharing to import books.

Or you can access the books on a web page or e-mail the books to yourself. You can then tap on the book link and choose to open it in QuickReader.

If your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad is connected to the same network as your Mac or PC, then it should automatically recognize and add the Calibre library to your list of book catalogs. Alternatively, you can use personalbookspace or Calibre2Opds to access your eBook library in the cloud.

Not directly, but you can use the free Calibre software to convert PDF documents into ePub and import them into the app. Can I import other content into QuickReader besides ePub books?

QuickReader 3. When you select a catalog you will be taken to the catalog page. From there you can search or navigate through the catalog hierarchy, until you find a book you are interested in downloading.

10 Speed Reading Apps to Help You Tackle Your TBR

To download a book, tap the Download button and the book will be downloaded from the catalog into your QuickReader library. This will bring up the Add Catalog screen which allows you to enter the catalog URL, a title for the catalog, and an optional subtitle.

Once you tap the Add button, the catalog will be added to your list of available catalogs. You can import your personal catalog of eBooks over WiFi using the Calibre eBook management software. If you turn on the Calibre content server in the Calibre preferences, QuickReader will automatically detect the catalog on your WiFi network and make it available in the book catalogs list.

Once you have published your catalog using Calibre2Opds, you can add the catalog address to your list of catalogs in QuickReader.

QuickReader FAQ

For a list of other catalogs that can be used in QuickReader, see www. Note, the Young Readers Edition does not come with any catalogs pre-installed. This is intentional so that parents and teachers can decide what catalogs to allow in the app.

For a list of catalogs and their addresses, visit www. Importing Pasteboards Note, importing pasteboards is only available in the full versions of QuickReader. The Pasteboard feature in QuickReader allows you to copy and paste text into the application and to save it for later reading. A pasteboard is similar to what is called the clipboard on other systems.

Speed-reading for book lovers

QuickReader allows you to read the text on the pasteboard and to save the pasteboard text for later reading. TIP: To select all the text on a web page, press and hold somewhere on the page where there is whitespace, such as next to a column.

Tap it to read. You can also attach a document to an e-mail message, open it from the e-mail application, and then copy the text. In particular, this will work with text, Word, and RTF documents. If you wish to copy a large amount of text, it is best to break it up into chunks to improve the loading time.

When you open Instapaper, it downloads the text of web pages you have marked for reading later—without the ads, pictures, and other extraneous stuff—making it much easier to read long-form text. And now even more so, as you can read Instapaper articles in QuickReader. To read an Instapaper article in QuickReader, choose the launch link from the article screen in Instapaper, and choose to share it with QuickReader.

From QuickReader you can return to Instapaper with the arrow coming out of the box launch button. In this way you can easily go back and forth between Instapaper and QuickReader.

It has never been easier to speed read content you care about. This will launch iBookshelf or MyLibrary and add the book to the catalog.

This launches QuickReader and, if the book is available in QuickReader, takes you to the book screen.

If the book is not available in QuickReader, then you will be taken to the Download Books screen to search for the book in the catalogs. In this way you can customize your QuickReader book covers. Quick Start Using QuickReader is easy, but the concept behind it is a little more complex.QuickReader provides a speed reading guide to help break the habit of overemphasizing individual words so that you can increase the size of your fixations.

The Pasteboard feature in QuickReader allows you to copy and paste text into the application and to save it for later reading. Stops per line determines how many times the guide will stop on an individual line of text.

In particular, this will work with text, Word, and RTF documents. The application requires a moderate amount of system resources, has a very good response time and didn't freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests.