Palladium Books® Presents: Rifts® Dimension Book™ Thundercloud Galaxy ™. Written by: Braden Campbell and Kevin Siembieda. Additional Ideas & Text. Rifts® Dimension Book™ Thundercloud Galaxy™ - Rifts® page is too heavy that often crashes on my pdf reader which is moonreader. Rifts® Thundercloud Galaxy Sneak Preview - This is a sneak preview of Rifts® Dimension Book™ Vier waren kleine Goblins (PDF) als Do.

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Rifts - Dimension Book 13 - Phase World - Fleets of the Three kaz-news.info Rifts - Dimension Book 14 - Thundercloud kaz-news.info, , . If there's an example of the free-rolling irrational craziness that is the Rifts universe encapsulated in a single book, Thundercloud Galaxy is. The book includes information on the Three Galaxies, the planet Phase World and its major 13, Rifts Dimension Book Thundercloud Galaxy, ,

There is a plethora of new options for player characters and some very valuable tool-kits for Game Masters. The Thundercloud Galaxy is filled with interesting elders, various racial types, and a wealth of new opportunities; all contained within a single book that opens the mind to a new world of splendid adventures and campaigns.

The Thundercloud Galaxy Thundercloud Galaxy starts with a look at its history and current events. This includes a delve into the Elder races and their wicked counterparts the Dominators.

The Dominators were a dangerous race who the Elder races decided to put an end to mostly , causing the galaxy to change forever. After this horrific event and the galaxy settling down, the current events and background are put into motion. This includes a look at some of the major intergalactic groups and their continuing conflicts and how these conflicts started.

This time-line soon moves on to The Scramble, the main purpose of many of the current happenings within the galaxy.

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The Scramble is basically a colonization of the galaxy, with attempts to snatch all planets that can sustain life. Think of it as the intergalactic version of colonial America.

This colonization has led to a discovery of different races and bestiary along with finding new allies, enemies, and neutral parties.

Especially considering that there are possibly tens of thousands of planets available.

The Thundercloud Enigma The Thundercloud Enigma is the guts and details of the Thundercloud Galaxy description, honing in on specific details and expanding upon them significantly. Much of this is devoted to what occurred between the Elder races and the Dominators, along with other, possible outcomes such as some Dominators survived the fallout. This section then moves into the details of the Elder Races along with a template to create these god-like beings.

This section then move on to the Dominator race with the assumption that some could still exist including their incredible technology. This technology includes warfare weapons and armor. The Gene-Tech species is the third race to be detailed, believed to be part of the Elder races. The Gene-Tech are a highly advanced race that uses genetic engineering to basically live as immortal.

This is achieved through various methods and includes their own genetic manipulation, creating supernatural powers. Templates and in-game mechanics are presented for these various types of genetic manipulation, creating some extraordinary results. The fourth race is the Bushi Federation, a humanoid race that gathers influence from feudal Japan and Japanese folklore.

From this race, you begin to see a trend in variety between the different races making them very unique from one to another. The Bushi Federation is a very wary race who would prefer to be left alone, but have decided to join one of the less unfavorable groups that are part of The Scramble. The fifth and final race in the Thundercloud Enigma section is the Denlech Settlers, a group of low-tech humans who prefer to live in farming-type communities and relinquishing the need for lots of technology.

The Denlech are an important race in that their planet contains a valuable resource that a large intergalactic company wants to get their hands on. This leads to the knowledge that the Denlech may be low-tech but they possess supernatural abilities due to their stay within the Thundercloud Galaxy. Again, a lot of variety and flavor fleshes out between these different races.

A full template is included for creating Denlech characters. People of the Thundercloud People of the Thundercloud is a look at the indigenous races from the Thundercloud Galaxy, many of whom spent many centuries in slavery. This section is much less detailed than the previous races, possibly because they have less stature within the galaxy but this is really up to the GMs discretion.

Each race includes a great looking illustrations, full description, and the applicable template to create in-game characters. This list is not only a good size but also extremely unique from race to race ranging from the humanoid werehyena Bultungin race to the demon-like cannibalistic Kasaro to the insect-like mage race Shakdan.

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The variety really presents players and GMs with lots of options for different character types. This section also includes a bestiary of commonly found monsters and exotic creatures within the Thundercloud Galaxy. Again, each one is fully described and include an illustration and template for creating in-game characters. Rifts - Dimension Book 02 - Phase World. Rifts - Dimension Book 04 - Skraypers.

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