Chicago Stars Series. CHICAGO STARS READING GUIDE. FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT, Chicago Stars Book 8, is available now. Readers will see a few old. Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Chicago Stars 4 - Dream A Little. Home · Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Chicago Stars 4 - Dream A Little. Author: Phillips Suzanne Elizabeth. 56 downloads Views Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Chicago Stars 4 - Dream A Little · Read more · This Heart Of Mine.

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Chicago Stars has 15 entries in the series. Chicago Stars (Series). Susan Elizabeth Phillips Author Anna Fields Narrator (). cover image of It Had to Be . It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars, #1), Heaven, Texas (Chicago Stars, #2), Nobody's Baby But Mine (Chicago Stars, #3), Dream a Little Dream (Chicago Stars. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Nobodys Baby But Mine Chicago Stars 3 Susan Elizabeth Phillips PDF. NOBODYS BABY BUT MINE CHICAGO.

It was an unusual house, low and sprawling, with a sharply angular roof. Trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach, she determinedly pressed the bell and tugged on the jacket of her best navy suit, a shapeless affair with a hemline that was neither long nor short, simply unfashionable.

She sometimes thought her sense of fashion had become warped from having grown up around so many elderly people because she always seemed to be at least two decades out of date.

As she pressed the bell again, she thought she detected the reverberation of a gong from within, but the music was so loud, it was difficult to tell. A small flicker of anticipation tingled at her nerve endings. The party sounded wild. Although Gracie was thirty years old, she had never attended a wild party.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Chicago Stars 05 - This Heart Of Mine

She wondered if there would be pornographic movies and bowls of cocaine set out for the guests. She was almost certain she disapproved of both, but since she bad no actual experience with either one, she thought it only fair to reserve judgment. Not that she would ever experiment with drugs, but, as for pornographic movies.

Perhaps just a short peek.

She pressed the bell twice in a row and pushed another wayward lock of hair back into her lumpy french twist. There had been months of green hair from a miscalculation with a bottle of peroxide and raw, inflamed skin from an allergic reaction to a freckle cream.

She could still hear the howls of laughter from her high school classmates when the wadded tissues in her bra had shifted while she was giving an oral book report. That incident had been the final blow, and right then she had promised to accept the Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, words her plainspoken mother had been dispensing since Gracie was six years old.

You come from a long line of homely women, Gracie Snow. She was of medium height, neither short enough to be cute, nor tall enough to be willowy.

Her eyes were neither a warm brown nor a sparkling blue, but a nondescript gray.

Her mouth was too wide, her chin too stubborn. She no longer bothered to feel grateful for the clear skin that lurked between the freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose, or the fact that the nose itself was small and straight.

Instead, she concentrated on being grateful for the more important gifts God had given her: intelligence, a quirky sense of humor, and an insatiable interest in all aspects of the human condition.

She told herself that strength of character was more important than beauty anyway, and only when she was at her most dispirited did she wish she could trade in a speck of integrity, a dab of virtue, a morsel of organizational ability for a larger bra size.

The door finally opened, cutting into her thoughts, and she found herself facing one of the ugliest men she had ever seen—a hulking bruiser with a thick neck, bald head, and bulging shoulders.

She regarded him with interest as his eyes swept down over her navy suit, neat white polyester blouse, and no-nonsense black pumps. Never mind. The boys and me want to surprise him, so wait here while I get everything ready.

She stared after him, her emotions catapulting between alarm and curiosity. The old Gracie Snow would have patiently waited for him to return so she could have explained her mission, but the new Gracie Snow craved adventure, and she found herself following the sound of raucous music along a curving hallway.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Chicago Stars Bonner Brothers 02 - Heaven Texas.pdf

The rooms she passed were like none she had ever seen. Her hands itched to stroke the rough pieces of sculpture sitting on oxidized iron pedestals and the granite blocks that held irregularly shaped tabletops that looked like cross sections cut from prehistoric trees. She wanted to trail the pads of her fingers over the walls, some of which were Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, lacquered a pale gray, while others were covered with long swatches of distressed leather bleached to the color of human ashes.

The deep-seated, low-slung furniture upholstered in canvas and zebra-print beckoned to her, and the scent of eucalyptus trailing from ancient urns tantalized her nostrils. Mingling with the eucalyptus, she caught the scent of chlorine.

As she rounded a massive set of boulders tumbling artistically from the wall, her eyes widened. The hallway opened out into a luxurious grotto, whose walls were constructed of sweeping sheets of sandblasted glass rising to the roof. Mature palms, stands of bamboo, and other exotic foliage grew from free-form beds cut into the black marble floor, making the grotto look both tropical and prehistoric.

The black tiled, asymmetrical-shaped swimming pool gave the appearance of a hidden pond where dinosaurs might have gone for a midday sip.

Even the starkly designed chaises and chunky tables made of flattop boulders blended with the natural ambience. The surroundings might be prehistoric, but the guests were thoroughly modern. There were perhaps thirty people in the mixed group.

All of the women were young and beautiful, while the men, both black and white, had bulging muscles and thick necks.

Not that she would ever participate in such a thing—even supposing anyone should ask her to—but it would be interesting to observe. Shrill female squeals drew her attention to the foaming hot tub that sat inside a cluster of boulders on a raised platform near the windows. Wrath 7. Tiger 8. Obsidian 9. Shadow Fury - Laurann Dohner. Slade - Laurann Dohner. Valiant - Laurann Dohner. Justice - Laurann Dohner. Brawn - Laurann Dohner. Wrath - Laurann Dohner. Tiger - Laurann Dohner.

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Obsidian - Laurann Dohner. Shadow - Laurann Dohner. Moon - Laurann Dohner. Leave a comment Elena Carter pinned post 5 Jan Anoosha Karen Feb 22, at 5: Chicago Stars series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Heaven, Texas Chicago Stars 2. Dream a Little Dream Chicago Stars 4.

This Heart of Mine Chicago Stars 5. Match Me if you Can Chicago Stars 6. Natural Born Charmer Chicago Stars 7.And then her gaze moved beyond the women to the lone man occupying the platform, and everything inside her went still, She recognized him at once from his photographs. Maybe they should have had their own book? site Music Stream millions of songs. Moon - Laurann Dohner.

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