Does contacts app open up? If it does, then just tap the menu button at bottom right, and then choose Filter from the menu that pops up. If contacts app itself isn't . The visually customized phonebook of the Xperia E is virtually the same as on vanilla Android and can store extensive contact information. The Sony Xperia M phonebook is integrated with the dialer using a tabbed interface - the Contacts, Phone, Favorites and Groups tabs can be.

Xperia Phone Book

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Xperia Transfer Mobile is an ultra-easy, safe, and simple app that will help you move your contacts, messages, photos, and much more from your old Android. There is no need to explain the importance of saving your phone numbers on a Sony Xperia Z5/Z3. And you may lose them in so many ways. Hi, I'm sure it's really simple but my phonebook will now not show anyone in it except for my own number. There's still people stored in my.

How to Transfer Contacts from Sony to iPhone

When the program is launched, you will see this interface if the debugging option is not switched on. The instructions of how to enable it has been shown. Please follow it and continue.

Two choices will be left for you, which are "Backup" and "Restore". We want to click the first one and then tick "Contacts".

If you are going to copy the things back to the phone, use "Recover" instead. And you'll be asked to choose one of the history file. The last thing you do is clicking "Backup" at the bottom right. Mobile Transfer can also be used to backup smartphones.

But, it is more powerful than that. This application allows users to seamlessly copy data between phones, or between phones and computers. Download it by clicking the buttons. Install Mobile Transfer and open it. On the colorful interface, four functions are offered. Now, click the section "Back Up Your Phone" in light blue. If you can not get the handset connected, do it with another cable or computer. And, when you want to transfer the information back to the Sony again, click the green rectangle named "Restore From Backups".

Also, you are allowed to choose file types.

The software will scan for the data automatically. After that, tick "Contacts" and press the blue button "Start Copy". Wait until this box pops up.

How to block calls and texts on a Sony Xperia Z

And click "OK" to finish. If you want to restore the data from backup on PC to your device the target device can be the one your back up from or the other devices , it is very simple as well. Actually, you can restore contacts with the programs that are recommended above. We can see that the methods above are very easy to handle. Only a few clicks are needed. But, obviously, we have a winner. And don't forget to set up backup files regularly. Usually, once per month is enough for most situations.

Android Recovery. Transfer Phone Transfer Android Transfer. Reviews Mobile Review App Review.

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Videos Video Guide. Part One: Backup Sony Xperia Contacts Method 1: About how to back up contacts from Sony Xperia to Gmail You can back up your contacts on device simply with the help of the Gmail. Then just follow the guide below to sync the data: There would be a pop-up window to prompt you that the contacts would be moved to your Google account.

You can log in your google account to check whether the contacts are backed up or not. Method 2: There is an option to redirect calls directly to voicemail. Custom ringtones are enabled too.

This is where the LED strip comes into play as well. You can set a custom color for a contact, so the ambience light can serve as a caller ID of sorts.

Of course you cannot have a different color for every single contact in your phonebook but you can have one color be for family, another for work calls and so on. Telephony Receiving and making calls on the Xperia M was great. The built-in secondary microphone is used for active noise-cancellation, so calls are loud and clear even in noisy environments.

Sony Xperia R1 Dual (Silver, 2GB RAM, 16GB Storage)

The call log is integrated in the dialer - it shows a list of recently dialed, received and missed calls in the top half of the screen and the keypad in the bottom half. Once you start typing, the call log is replaced by the smart dial list which searches for matches in both the contacts' phones and names.

You can hide the keypad to make more room for the call log. Smart dialing is available Thanks to the proximity and accelerometer sensors, the Sony Xperia M automatically disables the touchscreen when you lift it up during a call.However, all the new messages before backup date will be deleted after restore.

Note: You can also tap the Contacts icon to use a phone number from a saved contact. Message 5 of 5. Speakerphone test.

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