free adam lyons comfort building pdf - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Finally, during the qualification and sexual escalation stages you're either. The Principles of Attraction Lite – AFC Adam Lyons. 1 for more free information . someone attempts to prove or qualify themselves to use. We ask questions. Adam Lyons comfort, break rapport, qualify, and then sexually escalate in order to produce Below are some basic guidelines you should follow to ensure.

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My name is Adam Lyons, and before I settled down with my two girlfriends, I was you think a group a strangers has, you can start qualifying her by saying. Discover the Truth and the Facts about Adam Lyons' The Obsession AFC Adam Lyons 45 The two kinds of qualifying questions are The. Qualification guide adam lyons pdf. S3 vyprrjlw vyprrjlw c windows System Drivers vyprrjlw. You have to remember, that it s not your, or mine fault, that.

The part video series is based on classic psychological research explaining the fundamentals of identifying which personality types are most attracted to you, and how to attract those that are not.

Learn what it means when a person:- Glances around the room - Plays with their hair - Laughs at your jokes, good or bad - Uses body language to show interest - Uses body language to establish a connection Bonus includes: Adam Lyons-Understand Attraction ebook 2.

Street Seduce: This is a video program from Adam Lyons that teaches men the various core principles and the basic lessons of how attraction works.

Breaking Rapport: You will learn breaking rapport techniques and will be guided to deal with interaction problems to build attraction within women.

Video 4 — Learn the Art of Negative Attraction - Understand the special power of third-party introductions. Video 5 — Pre-Analysis vs. Post-Analysis - Creating the proper mindset for continual improvement of your pick up game.

And you need to have a valid address as the DVDs will be mailed to you. The videos are also copies from the original put on to DVDs. Generally avoid making over exaggerated movements in favour of subtle ones.

Make them slightly less pronounced that those of the person you are attempting to build rapport with. Breaking rhythm is another way you can build rapport using body language. If someone has a relaxed breathing pattern then speaking to them in a rushed manner with exasperated breaths is likely to jar with the comfort you are trying to create. Matching their breathing style and pace will make a significant difference to the comfort levels you are experiencing.

You should be capable of getting them to change their body language by simply changing your own body language or position which should cause them to comfortably follow suit. This compliance is a good sign that rapport has been reached, and a good test to see how much rapport you have. Eye Contact Maintaining eye contact is important for a number of reasons. One of the key factors is that it shows you are completely comfortable with the conversation.

People who lack confidence or are unsure of what they are saying are highly likely to spend their time looking at everything apart from the person they are talking to.

We often read subtle eye cues given out on a completely subconscious level. Our emotions are easier to read and people will find it easier to build empathy with you.

Without solid eye contact people may doubt what you are saying and begin to feel uncomfortable themselves. Eye contact affects our ability to communicate with others. Many people with low confidence look downwards at the flood in preference to making eye contact. This can only affect their speech in a negative way as it constricts their chest and directs their tone to the floor making it harder to project their voice.

It also communicates fear, as if These factors combined are very damaging to comfort. Paralanguage Paralanguage encompasses aspects of communication not related to language, including vocal quality, volume, tempo, tonality, facial expressions and gestures.

In written language it can include punctuation and emoticons. Similarly to body language, paralanguage is a subtle form of communication.

Paralanguage is sometimes expressed deliberately on a conscious level though it may also be expressed subconsciously as a display of emotion. For example, if you approach someone and begin shouting at them when they are quietly whispering, you are unlikely to build much of a rapport.

However if they were shouting across to you already, then it would be perfectly acceptable to shout back to them. Copying language is something many of us do without even realizing it. You will almost certainly have heard the prolific over-use of certain words, and it is amazing to see just how far they spread. Modern examples of such popular words include basically, random and awesome.

The Principles of Attraction — AFC Adam Lyons 34 Paralinguistic elements can also be found in modern communication such as text messages via the use of emoticons.

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This ability to express and build comfort through written word is something that can make a significant difference in building comfort with someone. It can be especially useful if you have only been speaking to them for a few moments before collecting their phone number and are relying on text messages to continue the interaction. Paralanguage is one of the best ways to rebuild comfort if you have made a specific mistake in a later stage and lose a significant amount of comfort.

Imagine sending a text message to someone that looked like this: By adding a small amount of paralanguage you can completely change the context. In this way we can employ paralanguage to establish empathy even via text message or email.

Having body language, empathy, eye contact and the like available to us helps build comfort and rapport. Getting a conversation started is simply a matter of finding a realistic excuse to do so.

This could be anything from asking for a good place to get a coffee, to saying hello to someone because they look friendly. There is no set time as to when this will happen.

It may take longer to build a significant level of comfort with someone to reach a level where you can feel that they are comfortable speaking with you and sometimes it will happen immediately. In any case, when it does, it is time to break rapport. Pure comfort that is never spiced up with any kind of conflict is warm yet unexciting and ultimately leads to a platonic friendship; not attraction.

Most people know what its like to really like someone who only ever saw them as a friend, and the fact that they never broke rapport is one of the biggest reasons why this happens. Breaking rapport jars the established comfort with a small element of conflict or danger. Breaking rapport is exciting! Vocalizing a disagreement, teasing or being sexually suggestive are all great ways to break rapport and you should do it as soon as it is safe to do so. There is no best way to do this but the different choices can help develop the situation in different ways.

For example, a lewd rapport break, such as an innuendo, paves the way for things to develop sexually sooner. Why is it important to build comfort first? If you were to tell someone you had never met that they smell like a sweaty tramp, they are not likely to receive you in a particularly welcome way.

However, after a good few minutes of conversation if you were to drop in that line with a smile and a playful The Principles of Attraction — AFC Adam Lyons 37 nudge, you would be likely to receive a small push, slap or at the very least a slightly warm but shocked look.

Any possible way to test someone, calling them a geek, tripping them up and catching them are all forms of banter that will cause a spark in the interaction. Anything that enables you and them to laugh at their expense will suffice as a tool to break rapport. Bear in mind that the goal is just to jar the comfort you have already and to make them view you in a different light. It is not to eradicate the comfort completely. Too hard of a break could make someone very uncomfortable and the you would be right back to square one and have to start rebuilding comfort all over again.

Sex is such a taboo subject that any mention of it often serves to break rapport. Teasing is a very playful way to break rapport. Be careful not to be insulting but look for a cheeky comment that will get a reaction out of them. Hopefully it will be a physical one.

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If you get hit on the arm or the leg then things are going very well indeed. Sexual Rapport Breaks Sexual innuendos have been known for a long time as a good way to begin building attraction. One of the easiest ways to use it carefully is to just tell someone that they are sexy when they do a particular thing.

There are a large number of techniques for this already detailed in the previous section. Performing almost any of the rapport building techniques explained above in reverse will pretty much guarantee to break rapport.

Just be careful not to over do it, or else it will be necessary to build comfort all over again. Either way, a small disagreement on any point is a really strong way to break rapport. The word no is very powerful and particularly good for stating a disagreement. A person who can challenge you is an exciting person to be around.

People take notice when someone disagrees with them and that is exactly what is required to begin building attraction. Another way of breaking rapport is to pause or even end the conversation for now and come back later. The removal of the comfort creates the necessary break in rapport. However you decide to break rapport bear in mind that it is just a transitional stage from building comfort to This is the stage where we display our vale as a potential partner and try to convey why someone would want to be with us.

This is arguably the trickiest part of the whole process and certainly the hardest to learn how to create from scratch. As with breaking rapport, we must take care not to destroy all our comfort as we seek to build attraction. In fact, as we build attraction we are also going to have to work to reinforce the comfort we established earlier.

While trying to display our attractive qualities we may appear a little cold, distant or arrogant and mixing this with comfort creates an exciting push-and-pull experience for our prospective partner. Building attraction is the push away from you; demonstrating your high value and your best qualities can be a little intimidating.

Meanwhile reinforcing comfort is the pull, bringing them back in. Ideally, as an attraction grows you want them to seek comfort with you as you push them away, which you then consolidate when you pull them back in, reinforcing their comfort-seeking behaviors.

The key to managing the growth of attraction successfully is balance; too much comfort could still land you in the friend box and too little could make you seem overbearing. The Principles of Attraction — AFC Adam Lyons 42 There are a number of ways in which attraction is built, however, three especially effective techniques for doing so are Assumption, Investment and Qualification. Assumption One simple, though hard to master, technique for building attraction is assumption.

This plays on the natural human tendency to accept what people around us accept, but it requires a lot of personal confidence to pull off correctly! To do it you need to be confident, comfortable and at ease at all times.

This is easier said than done, especially when talking to members of the opposite sex. Though the more you talk to others, the easier it becomes. Investment Investment is another way to build attraction. The simple fact that they are talking to you at all builds their investment in you on a small scale.

Getting someone to give up their seat, move to make room for you, download you a drink, or to give in any small way builds investment — we value the things we have to work towards, and the more someone does for you the more likely they are to be attracted to you.

free adam lyons comfort building pdf

The Principles of Attraction — AFC Adam Lyons 43 By investment you are not looking to invest into them, rather you are looking to get them to invest into you. The more we work to achieve something the more value it has to us.

Imagine winning a really expensive, nice car in a raffle. The value of that car to you is the financial value of the vehicle in question and perhaps some emotional gratification from having got lucky.

Now imagine spending the next 10 years of your life saving up every spare penny to download yourself the same car. The lesson behind this story is that we give greater value to things we have to work towards achieving. Meanwhile, any time another person is spending their time, effort or money on you they are making an investment and, essentially, attempting to build comfort with you. The effort that is put in to you raises your value in their eyes.

There are a number of ways to get someone to invest time into you, however the easiest way is via conversation. A key point to note here is that they must be taking the time to invest effort into the conversation, and the more effort they put into the conversation the more Therefore, the more likely they are to want to receive something out of it. One great way to get someone to put energy into a conversation is by a process called qualification. Qualification Qualification is what takes place when one person attempts to prove them self to another.

Applying it to create attraction involves setting up a situation in which prospective partners try to prove themselves to you. This is usually achieved by asking leading questions. They then find themselves trying to convince you why you would be attracted to them.

This may sound a little underhanded but this is a thing that most people do naturally without realizing it. Qualification is a common way for us to demonstrate our position in society by questioning others as to their motives, skills or abilities. The person who is doing the questioning or testing is almost always in a position of higher value and therefore has the attraction.

The people seeking to prove themselves are trying to build comfort by seeking approval and therefore investing into the situation, which explains why many people find power attractive. Qualification works both as a way to build attraction and as an indicator as to how well things are going — the more they prove themselves to you, the more they care about what you think of them.

It is merely a question about themselves. Ask them where they would like to be if they could be anywhere in the world right now and then ask them why. Once they answer you can further develop the qualification by asking them to tell you why it was so interesting. By asking why you are enabling the conversation to continue to a much deeper level and really getting them to invest in the interaction.

A closed qualifying question is one that is pre-loaded with a specific cause and effect. In effect you are looking for a specific answer in order to ascertain their level of attraction toward you; the more comfort and attraction they feel for you, the more likely they are to A good example of a closed qualifying question with a pre-loaded statement is: Do you cook?

No matter how they answer the question, by responding they have accepted that they are open to dating you. If they go on to tell you how great of a cook they are then that is a fairly certain sign that they are attracted to you.

They might even offer to make you dinner. By engendering them within yourself a large part of the work of attraction can be done before you even meet someone you wish to build a relationship with.

The more of these qualities a person possesses, the more responsive people are to them. Some of the most important qualities are: There are a great number of books and courses out there devoted to improving most of these characteristics individually and if you have particular trouble with one area it can be worth seeking one of them out. Our confidence is portrayed in everything we do. From the words we use in language to the way we walk, stand and interact with others, our confidence is portrayed in everything we do.

One of the highest qualities of confidence is an understanding of self-value or, more importantly, lack of neediness. When you seek validation from others you are portraying yourself as having a low confidence, and this is usually seen as a rather unattractive quality. Look at yourself in interactions with others. Are you asking their approval on things you are doing or wearing?

These are key sign of a lack of confidence. One of the key factors in confidence is belief in your own abilities. This self-confidence is based on the knowledge that because you have done something before that you can do it again. One of the best ways to get confident with members of the opposite sex is to take it in stages. Begin by talking to random people until you are comfortable or confident enough to do it regularly. Then continuing speaking to people, however now get confident staying in the conversation for longer.

Finally, you can move onto the other stages in the formula trying each one until it becomes natural to you. Having the confidence to express your own views and opinions can be an incredible attractive trait. This is a key way to demonstrate a lack of need to others around us. The Principles of Attraction — AFC Adam Lyons 49 ideas that are contrary to popular opinion just to get noticed, however having strong beliefs that you are openly willing to discuss whilst maintaining your own ground can be a highly attractive quality.

Confidence is often portrayed through body language. There are two types of body language; voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary language tends to be portrayed via movements and positioning, whereas involuntary body language tends to be conveyed through facial expressions. Since they are controlled voluntarily, most people find it easier to adjust the way they stand and position themselves first.

Adam Lyons - Breaking Rapport

Considering a large portion of our conversation is done via body language it is definitely something to consider. Many scientists believe that body language between the human and ape species has a number of similarities. Most notable is the important of an erect posture amongst dominant males. Whilst we may not all want to be considered alpha males, there really is no replacement for confident body language such as like walking with your back straight and making eye contact with others in the room.

Adding a smile to this will almost certainly get a few people in the room to return the gaze with a similar smile and thus initiate them attempting to build comfort with you. It is not necessary to lead everybody around you, nor to lead all the time. What is important however is to have a good understanding of how to lead and to be able to do so when necessary. It is a common perception that in any given situation there is an undisputed leader — the general of an army, the head teacher in a school or the director at work.

In purely social settings this tends not to hold true; in fact, one view is that in any given situation there are a number of leaders affecting things in Science Warning! One kind of leadership more people are aware of is the concept of the alpha leader.

With our closest relatives, the apes, a dominant alpha male will exhibit traits of competition, territorial behavior and violence, which cause the other animals in the group to cluster behind him. This is not the only way, however. The Bonobo monkey, another close species-relative of man, does not band behind an alpha male. These are flirty things we all say, but run a high-risk in her turning you down.

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This is not one to miss! Theoretically this is due to a simple survival tactic. This is of course is where you want to be. The Principles of Attraction — AFC Adam Lyons 13 usually by disagreeing on a point, teasing or by saying something sexually suggestive.

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