Here is a list of top 10 best free epub readers for reading ebooks. Supported on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows , Windows. The best free ebook reader enjoy reading on your PC or Mac . great little ebook reader, capable of displaying books in EPUB and MOBI. And while most e-book readers support EPUB format by default (like Kobo eReader and Apple’s iBooks app) it’s a shame that Kindle does not and so do Windows. So, how to read ePubs when you are using a Windows computer and which ePub reader to download? Read ePub Files In Microsoft.

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Whereas Adobe's PDF reproduces a fixed image of a page, ePub permits Interead's Cool-ER, site's Kindle 2, and site's Kindle DX. This creates a huge hole in the Windows and Android markets. While it's pretty good for reflowable EPUB, for fixed layout it's so bad . Then I bellied up to the bar (er dashboard) and pushed export for it to convert to ePUB. And then drag the dotepub logo to your browser's bookmarks toolbar. device: e -readers, tablets, smartphones, netbooks, desktop computers. the Nook, the iLiad, the BeBook, the Cool-er, the CyBook, the Alex eReader, the Kobo and the last red-hot plumes of it covered up the sun like something too good to be seen.

That universe is expanding rapidly.

We recently completed thorough hands-on testing of seven of the top e-readers available today and came to a surprising conclusion: Our number one choice isn't from site at all; it's the Sony Reader Touch Edition. Whereas Adobe's PDF reproduces a fixed image of a page, ePub permits text to reflow in order to accommodate different fonts and font sizes.

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Certainly the wireless connectivity in site's Kindle models makes downloading new books a breeze, but to this point site's readers support only site's format, locking you into downloading exclusively from the online giant. Of course, no company's lead in the rapidly evolving e-reader market is safe. The giant bookseller announced its Nook e-reader last month, and most people who got a peek at the device seemed to love it. The Nook isn't yet available for thorough testing, however. Free 8.

Bibliovore Bibliovore is yet another great free Epub reader for your Windows machine.

The app can be easily downloaded from the Windows app store and is completely free to download and use. I love this app because it brings fantastic organizational features allowing you to manage even a large library of books with ease. One of my favorite features of this app is that despite being free, it syncs all your books across devices using OneDrive.

Free 9.

Bookviser Bookviser is an Epub reader for Windows which wants to give you a reading experience which is similar to reading physical books. It does that by designing its UI in such a way that it looks like a real book. That said, if you are not fond of such a UI, you can easily get into the settings to get a more traditional Epub reader experience.

Just like Freda, Bookviser also allows you to download free classics from public catalogs including Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, and Smashwords.

Rest of the Epub reader features like progress tracking, theming, dictionary support and more can also be found here. Free EpubReader The last Epub reader on the list is well EpubReader which is the only paid app on the list. The app is a fairly simple app for reading Epub books on your Windows PC which also allows you to download books from preconfigured and personal sources, easily manage your book library, tracks reading progress , and more.

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One of the biggest features of this app is that you can easily transfer your whole library onto either an SD Card or to OneDrive. EpubReader is a great app to manage a large library of books without eating any storage on your Windows PC. Readium Readium is an open source Epub reader made for all your web reading needs. Redium is a browser extension which allows you to read Epubs online.

You can even upload your own books to Readium and read them there. Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Download: One of the best parts about using Epub readers for reading ebooks is that you get thousands of classic titles for free. Do check these apps out and let us know which is your favorite Windows Epub reader. LOG IN.

Better navigation Use navigation scrollbar to browse pages faster. What else makes Icecream Ebook Reader so special?

Bookmarks Use bookmarks to revisit the most memorable parts of your book. Night mode Read in low light or no lighting at all.

Top 10 Best Epub Readers for Windows

Book mode Transform your entire screen into a real book for maximum comfort. EPUB reader Main window.

Do you still have questions about the Icecream Ebook Reader?Loud Sound in a Tiny Package 8. Remember Me?

Multiple pages and embedded graphics are distributed along with metadata as a single compressed file. Hanttula, D. You have irritated me.