An Introduction to Computer Networks archive of html files, format, and in other formats as may prove useful. . Progress Notes. COMPUTER NETWORKS. Lecture Notes. DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING. SHRI VISHNU ENGINEERING COLLEGE FOR WOMEN. Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols, and Practice was written by Dr. Olivier Bonaventure of the. Université catholique de Louvain for teaching Local Area.

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Introduction. -A network can be defined as a group of computers and other devices connected in some ways so as to be able to exchange data. -Each of the . Data Communication and Computer Network i. About the Tutorial. This tutorial gives very good understanding on Data Communication and Computer. Networks. A computer network is a system in which multiple computers are Computer networks provide internet service over the entire network.

Physical Medium- Through which actual communication occurs. Iterface-The interface defines which primitive operations and services the lower layer makes available to the upper one. Protocol stack - A list of protocol used by a system, one protocol per layer. Too much data arriving before a device can handle it causes data overflow, meaning the data is either lost or must be retransmitted.

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Part of this process involves analyzing a routing table to determine the best path. Three steps are followed in connection oriented.

They are, -. Terminate the connection.

Coectioless- There is no establishment of connection between the source and destination. These primitives tell the service to perform some action or report on an action taken by a peer entity. A Protocol is a set of rules governing the format and meaning of the pocket. Principles that were applied to arrive at the seven Layers can be summarized here, A Layer should be created where a different abstraction is needed.

The function of each layer should be chosen with an eye toward defining internationally standardized protocols. The layer boundaries should be chosen to minimize the information flow across the interface.

The design issue deal with mechanical, electrical and timing interface etc. This layer is concerned with! To acknowledge which frame was received.

The frames may be damaged, lost or duplicated leading to errors. Therefore, we may say that internetworking is a scheme for interconnecting multiple networks of dissimilar technologies.

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To interconnect multiple networks of dissimilar technologies use both additional hardware and software. This additional hardware is positioned between networks and software on each attached computer.

Thus, system of interconnected networks is called an inter network or an Internet. The operating system facilitates communications and resource sharing, thereby providing the basic framework for the operation of the LAN. The operating system consists of modules that are distributed throughout the LAN environment.

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Some NOS modules reside in servers, while other modules reside in the clients. By adopting these rules, two devices can communicate with each other and can interchange information. We can't even think of using the Internet without Protocols. Each protocol is defined in different terms and different use with unique name. Message travel from sender to reciever via a medium The medium is the physical path over which a message travels using a protocol. This single point is called as a central node, hub, or switch, to which all other devices are attached directly, generally via UTP or STP.

This topology is frequently used for networks in which control of the network is located in the central node.

This method is optimal when the bulk of communication is between the central and outlying nodes. If traffic is high between outlying nodes, an undue switching burden is placed on the central node.

Figure shows a network laid out in a physical ring, or closed loop, configuration. Transmitted messages travel from node to node around the ring. Each node must be able to recognize its own address in order to accept messages.

Data transmission is bidirectional, with the attached devices transmitting in both directions. While generally operating at a raw data rate of 10 Mbps, actual throughput is much less.Java is less closely integrated into HTML and the browser however it is musch more general purpose language than Javascript making it better for more complicated applications.

Divya Vijayakumar. M and sends it to Bob.

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For example. To access a support, use an access interface. This is medium dependent and will be different for different network types.

T P "is a reliable connection oriented protocol that allows a byte stream originating on a one machine to deliver without a error on an any other machine in internet. Note that on an internet a system has one IP address for each network it is connected to.